Christmas Junk #4: Speedway

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100_3955.JPGWhat's this? A warm and fuzzy post on this junk blog? Is it a pup sniffing this blog to see if that Milkbone I posted a few days ago is still there? Wait, dog's noses aren't brown and covered with fuzz. I know, it's another Christmas hat! Yeah that's it! Truth be told, part of what Christmas is to me is this goofy character I bought in an unlikely place. What is it? Here's the reveal:

100_3950.JPGIt's an extremely floppy no backbone "stuffie". Iddn't it Keyooooote? It sits on my shelf the whole year so maybe this really isn't junk, but then, all my Christmas...hell, do I need to go through this crap again? It's a post. No big whoop. Here's why I have this floppy mutt in a floppy hat and a scarf. It's CHRISTMAS--sy.

100_3954.JPGI guess I'm really sentimental. Whenever I see something that is all alone in retail, I always have to restock or move to clearance. Okay. Keep telling myself that. I have a Charlie Brown thing where I think that the last broken down tree can be made into something great. Isn't he KEYOOOTE? A little skritch behind the ear. It's so fuzzy. Get ON with it.

100_3957.JPGIt was the cheery Christmas season and I stopped at the high traffic Speedway gas station for some coffee and lunch stuffs. I was on the way to my gig and noticed this fuzzy creature sitting at the bottom of a chip clip (merchandising speak for a single bar full of clips meant to hold potato chips or other stuff.) It was $10 and obviously meant for some parent to grab off the clip and throw into his purchase of gas and butts and a Bic cigarette lighter. I looked at it as a lonely mutt, forgotten by the masses, left to the bottom of the rack to eventually fall off into the mop water. I didn't buy it. I mean, despite being KEYOOOOOTE and all, I didn't buy it. But, the Charlie Brown in me... I'm such a blockhead.

100_3951.JPGAs the day went on at work, well, I thought it was only $10 and would make a great Christmas junk blog entry in 10 years when I get a junk blog. I hoped it wouldn't sell but it would be no big deal if it did sell. When my day was over, I went back to the gas station, and sure enough, it was still there, untouched by the disinterested minimum wage employees. I yoinked that pup off that now empty chip clip and replaced it with a sold out sign and left with my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Good Grief. Somewhere snow is falling. Is it time to watch my Christmas episode of Jeremy Piven in Cupid and see the original Marshall Fields store on State Street? I need a beverage.  Junk Blog. -Ric

P.S.- In true tradition, I couldn't think of a name for this so, it became Speedway. He's Speedway the Christmas pooch. Doesn't that just warm your potted meat product with a tea light?