Door Bonger

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100_3637.JPGWith this junk blog, there will sometimes be something that looks like it may be useful. It's not junk is it? It has two perfectly good screws. It's an antique! Heath/Zenith made doorbell switches? Maybe this was from a pack with a doorbell you could put together yourself. Maybe the dirty linoleum counter it's on top of is older. Likely.

You see, I became a home owner. It that process, I learned all those pesky little things that need almost daily attention. Weeds to be pulled. Grass to be cut. Light bulbs to be changed. Toilets to be unclogged...and again...and again.... One of the things I needed to do was replace a door bell bonger on my side door. The plastic piece had given way and cracked and well, it was a natural mighty mini light and it was exposed to the world.

So, I went to my favorite blah blah blah and bought a door bonger and had to drill a new hole to make it fit, but then, it was good as new. I figured for the next 30 years, I wouldn't need to replace it.

Wouldn't you know it, pesky salesman, solicitors, and the occasional friend or relative like to push the door bell switch to hear that ever familiar "Bing Bong". Of course, when the doorbell is on the fritz, they think that they didn't push the fragile little switch designed to take 10,000 presses. I'm sure that some of the above used a HAMMER. Within 6 months, my new switch was in pieces. Meanwhile, my doorbell went DOA for good. Knock? Really? There's a switch to ring a bell. I gotta push it extra vigorously to make sure it's not my pushing. The bigger the pushin, the bigger the BONG. Or something like that. I found this spare a few years ago...

100_3639.JPGNeedless to say, both my front and side door bonger buttons fell pray to "Vote for me for mayor" or "Come to our church" or "buy some bongers from the thrift shop to support your local thrift shop."  With no doorbell and no good bongers, I used the old style worlds greatest duct tape made by Gorilla. It's really professional gaffers tape, but I'm not hooked up with those fancy Hollywood supply houses. Believe me, I think people still try to push the duct tape. Don't they know I have a 900 pound gorilla guarding my broken bongers? I'll call the landlord and have him replace the doorbell from one that goes "bing bong" to one that goes "drum solo from Caravan." 

ARF! -Ric