101st Entry (Big Deal.) Lets Pretend To Damage Stuff

100_3968.JPGHey! My 100th Junk Blog entry just passed and I had a Pabst, watched some Boston Legal and saw the Rockford Files episode where Jim goes to his trailer and somebody bad comes over and then he talks with his dad and gets involved with a bombshell guest star. Of course Boston Legal followed a formula, Denny shoots something, Alan has intercourse, Odo looks frustrated, Murphy Brown wonders what she's doing on the show. It all comes together in scotch and cigars on the fake balcony on a Fox sound stage in Cali. It was such a great show. Denny Crane. Name on the door.

On with the blogging madness. It looks like a chip/drink holder but it was re-invented by putting little stuffed footballs in it. GOODNIGHT!




Shucks. That's not what this blog is about. It's a worthless document of why I have worthless junk and what it means to me. It also means I have lots of pictures I have to show of this worthless junk. Therefore, on with the show.

100_3967.JPGSee? Nacho cheese in the little portion, and nacho chips in the big portion. Oh, wait, I've got a better idea. You know  how you watch your favorite team blow the game at the very end or get slaughtered all game while you swill beer and eat stuff? How many times have you worked up such anger at your team that you've wanted to throw a piece of misc. concrete that you have laying around in your MANCAVE(TM) at the television? You think twice and then you end up dumping in your drawers as you pass out and your best friend steals your framed Jim Bibby Indians baseball card.  There should be a better way to take out aggression over your team or a lousy episode of "7 Brides For 7 Brothers".

100_3971.JPGYou think I'd take the advice of the tag and clean this damn thing. You see the layers of dust on it. The " big football" is a bean bag that is designed to rest on the arm of your favorite football watchin' chair. Ooops! Where is the official NUFFEL tag that would indicate this is for my favorite NUFFEL team?

100_3965.JPGYay! The Hoboken Television Blitzers.  No, not an official NUFFELL product. Makes it worth a lot less to TV Blitzers collectors. You have to go to a TV Blitzers convention to get one of the official NUFFELL TV Blitzers.  Of course, the pocket hangs down from the side and is designed for remotes, TV look up thingys and condoms. If you put in a quarter, it turns on the vibrating chair because ...well...you use that chair for other things in front of that 50" big screen don't you. DON'T YOU???? You're so VEIN. You prolly think this BLOG is about you... Sorry. Broke into song two blog entries in a row. This should be a MANLY blog about manly things like MANLY stuffed footballs that are fluffy and cuddly and you want to snuggle with them and...

100_3970.JPGOkay. Here's what they are for if you haven't guessed. You throw them at your TV when you are angry at what is happening. Simple.  I'd assume most of these ended up like a Connect Four checker that rolled under the fridge. What MANLY MAN actually can move his fat ass off the couch and actually get a vacuum and clean up the years of dust, chips, game pieces, Jim Bibby cards and Bic(TM) cigarette lighters to retrieve a damn TV Blitzer? 10 to 1, these did get used for the nacho thing and then were ousted at the end of another losing season like various managers of the losing team. Go Hoboken Television Blitzers!!!