A String Of Poloponies (Ed Norton-The Honeymooners)

100_4005.JPGI just felt like quoting one of the all time best comedies. Actually, Poloponies is almost pillow pets, or copies there of. So, I like the dogs. Big ones , small ones, even little yappy ones, I'm a fan of the pups. I also like DAWGS. That means, Browns fans. Wow, I'm a DAWG! Yay! Woof woof new manager new owner many many many many many new quarterbacks, only one over 500 recordĀ  since 1999. Tough to be a Browns fan. Easy to be a Browns stuffed "pillow pet esque" toy stuffed dog fan. Or something.

100_4006.JPGSee? It's the Cleveland football team. Big orange helmet with stripes. No mascot. No logo. No advertising from a large AKRON utility. You can tell this is an authentic piece of crap by the authentic piece of crap silvery logo on the tag. It has to have that for NFL purposes. I assume. I could go look...but who cares. Is this truly junk? It does have use. Dust collector. Umm.... Dust mop.... Umm..... I need some help here....

100_4008.JPGOh! It really is an official "Pillow Pet"! He's got a little docked tail. Of course, why assign a gender to this? Women like football as well. They might even drink beer, fart, burp and hope for that field goal in the last seconds. So okay, this pillopet of no fixed hair style has only one purpose. Look like a stuffed dog wrapped up in a Browns blanket given as a Christmas gift to someone who likes Browns and Dogs. Simple.

100_4007.JPGSo, this would be a great gift for kids. It's not exactly an adult sized pillow. It's not an overstuffed pillow. I question even calling it a "pillow". It rolls up and the Velcro closes it. You can use it as a door stop or a mailbox or a lounge singer. Why do they make this junk? Browns fans love to see their canine loving kids with a pretty much worthless comfort device that is better for how it looks than actual usefulness. Now, if you have a cat or a really small dog, I see it being used as a bed, otherwise, more Browns junk. Maybe it's a promising new quarterback. McMuttsters. Hey, he isn't going to beat anybody up or go on a drinking binge. Of course, his owner may throw up on him after drinking heavily and watching another losing season... Iddint he KeyOOOOte?