Games Junk Series #1 -- The Scrabble Game

100_3670.JPGI have a few board games which at one time got played, or not, otherwise, they went into my closet. I used to want some of these games in hopes that my family would have a game night. Nope. I even had a game company and I'd paper over original games and make my own cards. I was a game TYKE-ooon. These are the few that didn't get thrown away. I kept them in a Curtis Mathes 20" television box and they were sitting in my basement. Trouble was, I didn't notice the bit of water that was wicking off the floor. Humid in the summer. When I went to get something from the box, surprise! Mildew... Thankfully only slight and only the games that were at the bottom. I went out and bought a plastic box and stuffed them all in there. I do have a friend that likes games a lot, but I don't. I can't give these away.... someday... nahhh. Lets play poker.

100_3672.JPGThis is the bitchin edition (TM) of the game for spelling lovers. I never had a scrabble game as I was growing up. I preferred the simple games or flashy games or electronic games or video games. This is SCRABBLE! It's a DELUXE EDITION. In the great film "Roger And Me", they showed a national Scrabble convention at the downtown Flint hotel. They used these boards which swivel so that every player can see the front view of the board. Kind of makes traditional Scrabble boards seem silly. Plus, they each have a place on the board where you place the tiles, in case there is a hurricane or earthquake. Really, Roger and Me is the only reason why I bought this version.

100_3673.JPGI can't even quote anything funny about this game. Triple word score for "Dey"? Hahahahaha. Really, I never played this version. I did play the regular Scrabble at my friend's house that loves games. He keeps the tiles in a Crown Royal bag. We might have played 1/2 or 3/4 of a game, or he beat me and then the poker chips came out and pizza was ordered. Can you tell I really don't like the game much? However, when this deluxe edition was at a thrift store in nearly mint condition, why not buy it? One less fizzy pop drink or 2M Kodak camera...

100_3674.JPGYep. I knew this would be useful. Lookit that. Of course, JUNK BLOG shares no letters so I couldn't make it cross over. Hell, you get the idea. Truth be told, I was actually a fan of the Scrabble game show with the "Two and Two" guy. I think it was on before or after The Price Is Right so when I was a kid and had the summer to waste away watching television, it was what I watched. Then, after graduation, I watched it almost every day. I even remember when it came back in a revival. "We were away, and we're back now" was what I remember ol' Chuckles said in the first show of the revival. I always loved when they picked a letter and it made a noise while it scanned across the screen and the "stoppers" had a nasty moaning buzzer noise. Just look on Wiki for more info.  I just did and found out something I didn't know!  Howard Stern just did a tribute to Charlie Tuna on his Monday show. It seems that Charlie was a famous deejay that recently passed away. Turns out that he was also the announcer for most of the game show version of Scrabble.  A Koo-Inky-Dink that towards the end of this junk blog post, I looked up the Scabble game show on Wiki and found out this fact? Honest INJUN. Now it can be told.  What's the best tuna? NO. I won't go there.