Pen TAY! (Games Junk Series #9)

100_4172.JPGAhhh. Here is a game that I actually had a friend that enjoyed playing it with me when I was younger. It was simple. Put your half plastic marbles on the board and eventually someone wins the game. That's it. Good night!

100_4181.JPGOh! There's rules to this game of skill and luck and half marbles made of plastic that are used for fish tank decorations. Yep. Pente. Accent on the "E" and too lazy to look it up on my computer. I'm too lazy to learn how this game was played. I assumed it was a "Tic Tac Toe" thing, with a little checkers thrown in to make it less classy than Chess but more classy that Connect Four. (I eats Monopoly and sh*t Pente. Hmmm. Just not the same. ) I did have the energy to look this up on the Wickiwickiwack and it didn't give any details on how the game was played either. However it was invented in 1977 by a guy in a pizza parlour and is loosely based on a Japanese game. WTF? There's Greek stuff around the board, and I thought this was a game of the gods! Nope. Guy prolly had a sloppy pizza and a few Schlitzes  and dropped sausage and pepperoni on the table cloth and that gave him the idea.

100_4182.JPGHere are the aforementioned plastic "glass" beans used to play. I believe this set is from 1982 or so, and the beans are showing their age. Those "greenish" beans used to be the blue seen on the cover of the game. Really, I think this would be simple to re-learn this game and then a little tougher to find an interested party to play it with me. There's no excitement in it. I've only recently started enjoying an on-line quiz game that I play with others were everybody tries to be funny. "What's a new name for Madonna's douche?" "Stank Stop" or "New Kooch". That's not nice, but neither is the game. :) Ahhh, the days of simplicity when the whole family would gather around and play a game. You could play this in teams of two. Hey, there's a happy family on the back of the box. Let's play "what the hell were they thinking?"


Son: "Relax dad, it's only the flash from this picture."

Dad: "Oh. Maybe the people wont be able to see this nice knit tunic I'm wearing. See the stitching?"

Mom: "Oh my GOSH! I didn't know you could have an orgasm while playing this?"

Dad: "It would be the first time in months..."

Grandma: " I guess it should come out in the open, you're my daughter and you should know. You're husband and I are having sex."

Mom: "I'm going to have an abortion!"

Dad: "It's really the only sensible thing to do... "

Son: "I'm really an alien, you're all going to be under our Tarzishian control. To serve man you know?"

Grandma: "Awwww Hell, let's get loose. Who wants to rip a wheel?"


100_4183.JPGHe he he he. Moron at work. Junk Blog.