All right! All Right! All Right! Space Marbles!

100_4365.JPGNo, not Spring Break. Not Lincoln advertising. Not what's his face the actor. Almost a song, the real tune is Space Truckin' by some classic rock staple with the new version I like a lot by master Thespian and rock star Crane operator of the starship Bakula. Yes, William Shatner's version of Space Truckin' is almost as good as Spock's version of some Beatles song.  What am I talking about? I don't know what I'm talking about. Just making conversation because I have not much about this piece of junk. We call it "padding for time." In television, it's the director giving the "stretch" signal. Ahh, I got the pictures, why not make a blog entry about it. I could combine it...Hmmmmm...

100_4367.JPGIt's a well worn water bottle filled with those glass chips you use in crafts or putting at the bottom of a fish tank. It's also "clearies" , only smaller marbles, again used for fish tanks. Most likely, the original top to this water bottle was lost and replaced it looks to be with a Dr. Drink bottle cap. I think it actually came from a Save A Lot generic "Dr.". Honest, silly, how do I remember that? Why didn't I clean the damn thing. Maybe it was leak or not. *finger on lips* "B-B-B-B-B-". I don't know when the "clearies" got added. Likely because it made too much noise half filled with "lookin for a blue one."

100_4369.JPGWHYYYYYYYYY ARE YOU SHOWING US THIS CRAP?  Shhhh. Quiet now. I'll splain. Bought car. Car didn't have cup holders. Not every car came with cup holders back in the day. Car had big trough at the back of the transmission tunnel. It wasn't much of a transmission tunnel by that time because it was a front wheel drive superdoopercar. You couldn't set a soda or coffee in the big trough because it would move and make a sewer. So, I bought said glass, filled said water bottle and done and done. Space Marbles. Get it? Marbles I used for space.

Spaced out so that I could set a 20oz Bucks in there and it wouldn't make a coffee and old Rallys French fry soup. Mmmm. Rallys French Fry Soup. Bucks, 3 week old Rally's fry, and years of broken dreams. I should have thrown this away when I finally got a car with a standard cup holder. I figure I had it for three cars, save for the year I had the Hydookie or the 6 months I had the Parmavagen, this went through 15 years. I can't throw that history away. Junk blog. You know, JUNK BLOG. I threw away the Scene magazine with Lebron on the cover that I kept in my trunk for those five years hoping he would bring us the win, but he left and I tossed it. I do throw out some things. These marbles never left my car to bring their glass talents to South Beach. Maybe, Toledo, but never South Beach. You see, because Toledo is the "glass city". Yep.