The Meat Of The Junk

100_4449.JPGWhen I started this junk blog two years ago, I knew I'd eventually get to this. The real reason for this blog. This box of smaller junk. Each piece saved for some kind of meaning to me that I think is memorable or funny. Actually, most of it is recent years with very few things from my childhood. That number selector that you see or those binoculars there are pretty old additions, but the Fisher Price Music Box dates back to my consciousness as a human bean. Still, the memories within this box, some surprised even me as I haven't looked through this crap in years. I did have to move it into the plastic box when the cardboard box I had in the basement took on a bit of moisture. All was pretty much well.

100_4450.JPGSomething to be said about these plastic keepers of crap. Yes, they repel "moisture" but in a flood, they begin to float, tip over and ruin all your stuff anyway. They are a little less resistant to spontaneous combustion, but you're better off buying a better one as these have a tendency to "dry" out and crack very easy.  I have the Sierra Nevada Torpedo boxes filled with junk just as spacers to all the junk this beast contains. This is a cheaper one of course, and clear. It's probably a cracker. The glow in the dark dolphins do look cool when you turn out the lights.

100_4451.JPGI'm no idiot. I didn't throw my graduation hat to the sky only to pick up someone else's sweaty achievement. I can still remember kissing my principal on graduation. Why did this matter? I hated my school and my principal and I felt because a few others who were brave gave her a smack on the mush and a pat on the ass, why shouldn't I get my pound of flesh? Rather than buying computers of equipment we could use, she spent $5000 on a school colors banner to go down the main hallway. I'm sure it likely cost more. She also clamped down on the rules and regs. It was a far cry from when we had a stoner chopping a line in study hall and a principal that slept in his office. 

100_4452.JPG Booze and beer seem to be big things in this junk box. I haven't even got to the long post about the beer cans that I hang on my little Christmas tree. Of course, there are more boxes of business cards likely when I was a sales hack for many dying electronics stores. Lots of coasters. Boy, I bet you all just can't wait for me to reveal this crap. I'm, all a TWITTER. No, I don't have a f-ing account.

100_4456.JPGLook in. See the goodness inside. Is that a gun? Yes, a CAP GUN. Is that Mayor McCheese? Better yet, the Breakfast Birdy? What's the deal with that TI1200 Calc with LED red readout? Does it still work? Is that a radio cart? What the hell is a radio cart? A radio in a cart? An 8-Track tape? Where's the tape? Do you have a radio cart tape player? Is that an original Zenith TV remote? Gosh! I could S*IT A BRICK!

100_4455.JPGAnd just like Bill Madlock said to me as I was taking pictures of all this junk. "Hey, what about this smaller box of small junk?" Well, I worked all night taking photos of everything, and then stopped because this box contains even smaller debris, all with it's own story. There are Fast Macs and Radar glasses and Incredible Hulk Pez dispenser. A Honeycomb cereal multiplication calculator, a sewing kit from TWA???? Junk Blog! -Ric