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Christmas Junk #15 - Fake Kanky Canes

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100_3875.JPGI just noticed it. How much would these canes cost if you bought then at a participating TJMaxx along with your leaky coffee maker and slightly irregular sheets with the stitches missing. The green marker has gotten old enough to reveal. Awww, what do I care. These were gifted to me as two sets combined. Half and half. Half Injuns and Half Brownies. Since I don't put candy canes on my tree, these make a good substitution and take up some unadorned branches on the tree. Hence the brand name "Forever". Wow. See, they can last forever, so, they are "Forever". See. Thank you Mr. Obvious.

 100_3879.JPG They look very tasty. I wonder what officially licensed NFL canes taste like? Failure? Misery? Foam? Likely the latter. Yes, as our Cleveland Browns go down with the worst season as long as I've been watching, I still hang these canes with pride as they weigh down each branch in hopes that a victory, any victory, in more than a year, can come to the city of champeens. Minor League Hockey? Check. 2016 NBA CHAMPION CAVALIERS? Check. Yeah, I parrot that a little too much.

100_3880.JPGSee, we had our Injuns go all the way this year. Extra innings in the 7th game of the big show. All that really meant when we lost the big one is that I got some extended listening to Tom Hamilton, who is the best baseball guy ever! Gee, that's just like your baseball play by play guy. Everybody's play by play guy is the best play by play guy to them. Hammy is the best! Come On! Hammy is is nickname. Hammy! He's not Harry Steak or Jerry Fish or Larry Assmuccio...

In Lebron We Trust. I have always been a fan of the Browns. I'm even wearing their sweatshirt as I type this in anticipation of a Saturday loss. Go team! The Injuns I kind of became a fan of when I could at least hear every game, so I'm a late comer. 2002 or so. When we were jamming in the mid 90's, I was all about building a radio thing so blah blah blah. So, I got Injuns and Browns candy canes to hang on the tree. Which one do you think is going to keep being champeens? Come on CAVS, you can make it happen!

DISCLAIMER: If you're from somewhere else, you don't care. There's a whole lot more junk to see here in past posts. Just had to do a little home team Christmas blah blah blah. Merry Christmas to all and to all GOOD BOOZE! (Skitch! Mike O' Meara Podcast! Thanks.)


Spent Wallet And Booble Two

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100_3109.JPGNobody keeps crap like this right? That's what I keep asking myself. Yes, I've said before that I carry Velcro wallets. I have been since I don't know when. They don't wear out much, but when they do, they look like something in the bottom of the clutch housing when the clutch in your 1988 Grand Am "Parmavagen" blew up.

100_3110.JPGYes, I know. Those plastic things that hold credit cards can be purchased from Wally for a buck. No, I like to pile several layers of clear tape over each one and never buy anything new if I can help it. Cheap. Frugal? Nope. Cheap. This one has pen marks on it, so maybe that's why I've kept it. Maybe this was the wallet I carried in high school. "Hey, is that a big red Velcro wallet in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" "Why yes Mrs. Miller, it is a red wallet in my pocket and I'm always happy to see your smiling face here in remedial English. "

100_3111.JPGI remember where I got this one now! I bought it at a new outlet mall called Aurora Farms. It was quaint when it opened, little buildings around a lake. It was very nice. When two huge strip centers went in a few miles away, the place started to fade, so they added a huge U shaped strip center of their own with the parking lot in the center. It's pretty full, but not a lot of fun. ROLFS was the brand, I liked that because I always admired the piano playing of Rowlf on the Muppets. Who knew dogs could rock on the 88's. This also has a Velcro secured change purse. I liked that as well. I wasn't carrying much more than change for a $20, so this was handy. My current wallet change thingy was sealed by a zipper that broke.

100_3113.JPGThere is the guts of it. Again, layers of tape tried to hold this thing together for a really long time. Through many of my crappy jobs that I've featured on this blog, I had this smelly piece of fabric protecting my money, cards, license and pictures of Jerry Lewis.  Hey! Beer, wine, chips and BIC CIGARETTE LIGHTERS! We're Super America.

100_3112.JPGICK! Indeed. When the wallet starts to look like this, you have two more years to use it! I could have gone duct tape commando on this and used it for even a few more years, but I got a green one, and well, I put this one to rest. Of course I didn't throw it out. If this wallet could talk... "Bathe me BI*CH!" "You should get netting to keep those moths from flying away when you open me." "Invest in tape!"

100_3114.JPGBONUS! It's the next one waiting in the wings. Yes, it has a cruddy zipper for a change purse. I give that maybe two years. I've actually got a couple. None of them say "Bad Mother F**Ker" . I do have a dollar store wallet that says "sport". Hmmm, what "sport" am I involved in? The hunt and peckers team? The eating is fundamental group?

100_3116.JPGMr Fathanz and special guest star, Army Irving and uncredited cameo, cheap banz man, Casio McGee.  This could be the ugliest picture ever to be posted on this blog. No card thingy to tape. Looks as flimsy as the cardboard behind it. A man built this! It's a WALLET. Junk that will eventually get the call from the bullpen. I don't know, I have that nice leather one I posted about earlier... OH! The Browns for the win kick a field goal and it's BLOCKED and the Ravens get the live ball and...TOUCHDOWN. I think I'll flush this turd of misery down the terlit. *waves* Junk. -Ric


It's why it's called the BUTTON BOX

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100_3138.JPGI guess I'm pretty much half way through the interesting stuff in my Button Box, I thought I would actually show some BUTTONS before I actually go to the final Button Extravaganza junk blog. My BB(TM) has always been a junk pile with special junk, a little too small or nice enough to keep with other like junk. I've waxed poetic about NOFEAST APPIANNCE, and well, this was going out in the trash as I helped close my branch. I had to take them. They are history to retail grunts everywhere.

100_3139.JPGThese were from an advertising campaign that ran for a month or two. The commercial featured a bull in a field and the announcer said  Northeast was the store with the lowest everyday prices. That was NO BULL. Now of course, you could always "dicker on the sticker". When the product was a "Nail" tThe lowest priced whatever in the category where there was no dicker to the sticker), we'd still get folks that  tried. They would say "You Make Lower" or "What My Price" or "Name's Stash, I'll take two." Some smart- as*ed sales guys would take the tag off the product and drop it to the floor and say, "now it's lower".  We had to wear these while the advertising was on the air.  I think we got a gross and were supposed to give them out. I got the rest of them.  Now you see what this blog is all about. Junk.  I'm the Fred Sanford of Angus. I'm the Lamont Sanford of "YOU BIG DUMMY! " I'm the Grady of...aww forget it.

100_3140.JPG"Cheap Thrills at the back of my car" FZ from the album "Reuben and the Jets." (It was FZ's take on 50's greaser music, and even fooled some of the deejays that thought it was a throwback band.) Toke was the joint I closed before I closed Northeast. I don't remember an advertising campaign behind this one. In fact, there was a pretty good pile of them in a nook and/or cranny. I took a lot of them. We really couldn't give them out as they had a long pin that stuck out from the side and did not have a latch. Cheap thrill indeed.

100_3141.JPGHere's a piece of real retail BULL! I was working as a cashier at home improvement store "Handy Andy". (They were the big box home improvement store that was the area leader before the final fight played out to Lowes and Home Depot.) This particular tour as a cashier was I remember, a sad affair. I stood at the counter all day and waited. Unless my manager said to clean the front or help in some department, I stood all day. The count room was a hell. I tried to be perfect. Telecheck machines ringing away. Skus that didn't match. Credit cards declined. I did this kind of "turn off your mind" job several times for several companies before and after I put three electronics chains out of business. All those years wasted just stumbling around. Adam Carolla was pushed. I had an apron and on it, I wore this. I think the "month long sale" was actually any time we were open. Had to keep the button. I think I may have the apron someplace.

100_3144.JPGNothing to see here. I got it from 3WE while I worked there and we made fun of the fact that the competition was running the Cleveland Browns games with no commercials. They went to weather and news reports at half time. Dog Gone was a slogan for the "Modell Sux and "Taglia-BOO"  crowd. (Cleveland Browns left Cleveland for Baltimore for those junk blog readers that may not know. We've been pissed ever since. )


Yet more buttons! There's a couple of repeats here, so we'll delete those and get to the rest. This was "Collection #2". Duplicate buttons. See? Junk. I keep lots of it. I'm drowning in it.

100_3406.JPGSpeedee! I started my working career at a McDonalds near you. Believe it or not, it was more a "clubhouse" than a job. We had a African American store manager who was really funny and gave a damn. He had to deal with the then "upper middle class white bread" suburbanite kiddies that we all were. He tolerated our shenanigans and to this day, one of the managers I remember the most fondly.  I wanted to work at Mickey Macs and become a manager and go to "Hamburger U". I think this button came later in my tour. I must have quit and been re-hired at the same Mickey Macs several times. I still would go to work there. Yeah, now they don't make everything (I mean EVERYTHING, including MEAT) fresh to order. No, it sits in trays. It's "microwaved fresh" to kill off all the "odd bacteria". When I worked there for the microwave stint, the weird "blue liquid" inside the steamers that kept the meat warm was ..well... CENSORED. (Can't tell what it was as it was a secret according to the hazardous materials manual.) I digress. They had a nostalgic run and we had these buttons. Don't mean nothing to us kitchen grubs or drive thru schmucks. (More on Mickey Macs in another post. I have name tags to go through.)

100_3415.JPGHere's a button I'm a little baffled as to where it came from. I assume it was from yet another home improvement center that no longer exists. I think it's from my tour at Builder's Square as a cashier. I do remember that taking a Discover card was different from Visa/MC. It required a longer 300 baud modem powered approval process and a bit of a wait to take it. We had to wear these on our SMOCKS. I actually had a Discover card for a short time. I forget why I cut it the hell up. It may have had something to do with their bitchy collections people. I ran it to it's limit while working in Toledo and didn't have the funds to pay it off. I was a "scumbag", I know.  However Discover had the bulldogs of collections. Worse than the others. Bye bye worthless card.

100_3417.JPGThis is one I remember fondly. Maximum Compact! It's been mentioned before on this Junk Blog that my friend Bill was a genuine store owner. He had the first "CD Exclusive" store in the Cleveland area. His store had two "listening booths" where you could hear before you bought. CD's were pretty new and he was the ultimate knowledge in music. I gotta say some of my favorite bands/artists were introduced to me through Bill's knowledge and he became my "dealer". "Hey, here's a sampler cassette of Frank Zappa. I'll get what you like from it..." "Hey, here's the newest CD release from a band called Negativland. It's called "Escape From Noise". "Hey, they are releasing TRAFFIC on CD!"  "Hey, Todd Rundgren has..."  "It's really XTC, but they play authentic 60's music as The Dukes Of Stratosphere"  "This is Nitzer Ebb's That Total Age album..."  I thought it was so cool that I had a friend that opened a store! I even worked there for a few months until I realized that I had no musical skill and couldn't tell anybody about anything. However, our friendship didn't suffer. It should have, but to Bill's credit, he didn't resent the employee that stiffed him by not showing up on a few shifts. (Friends should never work for friends for a paycheck.)  Great logo eh? Digital bits.

100_3414.JPGYeah, I know. I should have blocked out this button but I couldn't. There was a flea market that I've mentioned on this Junk blog before. I bought this as my first "wacky" button from a vender that sold a whole lot of wacky buttons. This might be considered the first addition to my button box. Wow. This is when I was driving a Monza and working at the above McDonalds and didn't have a pot to piss in. Ahhh, but the message was important enough to me to fork over a 2 dollar bill for such a positive and yet sarcastic message. Doesn't he look a little like Speedee? I wonder if that's why I bought this? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Arf! -Ric

Fart On Art

100_3102.JPGI pretty much gave away the surprise when I titled this entry the same as the item. Don't get me wrong, I don't like making fun of the dead. I will make fun of latex flatulence delivery devices. Then, I'll make fun of the dead. Please keep history in context. So, I had one of these when I was a kid. I've added a few to my collection over the years, but they come and go because they do wear out. The always popular gag gift, the Whoopie Cushion. This was the front of mine and countless others. It must be clip art of a 40's looking "chub" and otherwise stuck up high brow rooty tooty, sitting on the chair and making it BURP. Hey, she just sat on a FROG. All frogs love the song "That's Amore" "NO THEY DON'T!"

I mean, this will not die. You can still get this image with the freakout dog Cocker Spaniel with ears splayed while the fat lady burps not through her mouth. Of course, it's called a BRONX CHEER to make it past the censors. Think the noise made by Carrol O'Connor on All In The Family when Meathead showed his meat to Sammy Davis Jr. Also "Do not inflate too heavily". Has anybody actually popped one of these by blowing it up? I can see if you used a mechanical device...

100_3103.JPGHere is the "back" which really is the supposed "front" of this "Bronx Cheer" noisemaker. WAAAAAYYYYYY back in 1994, Cleveland was all a flutter as the owner of the Cleveland Football Browns decided that he had been treated shabbily by the Cleveland elite and decided to tear the hearts out of thousands of rabid "Dawg Pound" denizens and move his team to Baltimore. He said this during the season and all hell broke loose. I was working at WWWE and it became an endless source of comedy as the HILLS department stores company decided to pull their advertising off of the stadium billboards and radio and every other advertiser followed suit.

It was odd hearing the Browns games with no advertising, It became a "news and PSA and weather" break. As our radio station didn't have the Browns at the time, it was all the more digging we could do to competing radio stations. I did a few bits for Cleveland's Mike Trivisonno's evening sports talk show. I made fun of someone else who was dead, Casey Coleman, a legendary sports broadcaster here in Cleveland. Hell, it was radio WAR! It was war against the NFL for letting this "ART" move the Cleveland Football Browns. I think that's how I came in possession of such a device.

I used this and a Art Modell urinal screen as decorations for our Christmas tree that year. Of course, we got to keep "the name" and we were magically granted a "expansion" team and we were playing our half-assed brand of half-assed foobah in our half-assed new stadium by 1999. It was no treat to see Baltimore's Football Former Browns win the SuperDooperGame, but it was nice to see Art Modell look terrified when the dropped confetti on the winning....oh hell... *Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrp* There. Time warp Bronx cheer.  He was still around when that fart was released in 1994.

ARF! -Ricochet

What Can BROWNS Do For You?

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100_2971.JPGYay! It's FOOBAH season! As Sunday Sept 13 will kick off the 2015 campaign of the Cleveland Browns, I figured, why not feature this supreme crap collection. It will even have a few extras tossed in for good measure. When I'm crying in my beer in these old cups when we end up 3-13, feel giddy that I have a plastic cup from 1999 while whiffing the farts in the Tim Couch there from the NERF(TM) EFFECT. (C)

100_2972.JPG1999 Was the return to Cleveland of FOOBAH taken from us when Art Modell didn't get his new digs while the Injuns and Cavs did. We here thought, the Browns never could leave Cleveland. It's what we ate, drank, slept and fornicated too. "Oh yeah, Oh Yeah, Here it comes , here it comes... BERNIE BERNIE! OH BAYYYYYBEEEE!" It's nice that I have these saved. I think I have two hundred saved drinking vessels. Someday this blog will catalog them all. I know I have a Roger Rabbit plastic cup and a Samuel L. Jackson Star Wars drink topper cup  from Taco Bell.

100_2974.JPGThis one is actually pretty nice. Of course it's from 1999 before all the BPA hype. You're nuts will shrivel while you enjoy midland coffee drinks in this travel tankard from "I Love This Place." At least it's the newer logo. I never used it. I put it away so it will be worth a quarter in 2019 when it's the 20th year losing. I'm from Cleveland. Did I mention that?

100_2973.JPGPretty complex for a 25 cent piece of history huh? It's almost a cheap cup holder ashtray. That's it. Burn up the BPA. Mmmmm. Dig it man. I gotta drop some BPA and listen to Phish. Mawwwwww doooooood.

100_2975.JPGHere's the cups they actually gave out with a $8 p*ss beer at the new stadium. It was an incredibly unremarkable stadium. The new "Gund" arena was pretty decent for bad basketball.  Jacob's Field hosted 455 sell out games until the choking set in. It was a baseball palace as the old line stadiums across the country were coming down slowly. Surely a few new stadiums were inspired by how good it was. Meanwhile, I watched on the web while "Cleveland Stadium" took shape. I got to see a crappy expansion team playing like a bunch of beat down third string rookies in a totally sterile football bowl. At least I got to see the first touchdown of the new Browns scored into the "Dawgpound"  while I was sitting in said pound. I must have taken about 15 of these used spew laden cups from the stadium as people threw them everywhere and didn't see the collectors value. 10 cents each in 2019.

100_2982.JPGThere's yer damn proof. I was THERE! Of course, now the season tickets for 8 games in section 320 is $600, but 1999 was before we had a real team that was a real winner inspiring confidence in... hell, WTF am I yammering about. Let's chage topics for just a moment...

100_2976.JPGGO TRIBE!  We have the slightest slightest chance of making it into the playoffs this year. Slight slight chance. Really really slight! Rained out tonight. Three games against the TIGS on Saturday and Sunday. Two on Sunday. Which team will I watch? A team with no promise that will go through QB's like a dog through Pabst cans...or a team with little chance, but a glimmer of hope. I'm yammering again. Where do I live? Cleveland. What do Cleveland's sports teams do? Disappoint their fans since 1965.

100_3016s.jpegBut shucks.... We LOVE our CLEVELAND BROWNS. So much so that we'll use these $1.99 license plate frames to tell the world that we're LOSERS that like the LOSING team. Isn't that creative however? The "O's" are FOOTBALLS. Get it? I of course, didn't put this on my Parmavagen because I go to Steelers country a lot, and they tend to damage Cleveland Browns fans' cars or at least use them as porta johns.

100_2978.JPG GO BROWNS! Of course, I hope I'm incorrect about my predictions for this year. I hope it's different. I hope we KICK ASS with no injuries and the same skilled QB having a career year and taking us to the promised land and winning us the sausage! (Trivisonno, Thanks. ) Oh, I'm sorry. Yammering again.


What is this disgusting stuff? It looks like TRIPE! It's Potted Meat Product! It's sheep's entrails. No, it's HAIRNETS. I keep them in my Browns collectors cups as a memory of going to Maryland to play the best lasertag ever, PHOTON. It was someone who opened an arena 10 years after they all had closed. It was using old equipment. We used to put these on so that we could wear disgusting Lysol coated helmets and run around aimlessly in the dark while Predator scored on you when you were lying in pain from a leg cramp. 

I had the fun of playing in that new arena on two occasions. I even wore my old Photon tee with my Photon nickname "Trapper" right on it. Jeeze I loved Photon. I really couldn't afford to play by game. At 6.50 a game on McDonalds money, it was a lot. Ahh, but Saturdays, when for $20 it was all you could play for 6 hours.

So, with old equipment and a bit longer game, it was, old school. I loved it. However, running old equipment with no way to replace other than surplus begged from private collections covered in mold, it got too much to run. They had "Photon Nights" for a few years. I don't even know if the joint is open anymore. I have pictures, and HAIRNETS!

ARF! -Ricochet

The Good Ol' Clickey No Focus Days

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100_2903.JPGSince I'm a huge fan of collecting digital cameras, there were times when I bought a camera but it didn't have the strap on the side. I was going to use the new digicam a few times after I got it to see how it performed. However I'd probably bounce it around and drop it like a hot pan and break it into 640x480 pieces. I needed that little hand strap. So, if there were other cameras, non digital, usually about a buck, but WITH the hand strap, I bought it, took the strap off and chucked these analog turds into my junk box. I just couldn't see throwing something out.

I don't even know what type of pictures these two cameras will take. Polaroid must have tried to be "not the instant cam" company, but I'm guessing this cam is cheese. The silver "Le Clic" cam was NOT one of the 80's pastel color cams they sold a ton of. However, I don't think it will ever see  film. What can I do, use these for planters? Ashtrays? They are even manual wind for film. The cheapest of the cheese.

100_2905.JPGIn the 80's, when I could afford the $10 for film and processing, I started down my photography road and went to BEST catalog house and got a Ansco 235 Cam. Note the ISO controls that I never used (but should have) and yes, it was not motorized. I think it was $30 which was really cheap at the time but when you're making 3.35 an hour for 20 hours a week, it was a ton for me.

100_2906.JPGHere's a better picture. It took really "okay" to "poor" pictures. I actually used my mom's Vivitar (another winner) to take photos when I took a senior trip to WA state. It was a motorized wind camera. It had a bit better lens. That was that. It likely cost $60. Ahhh, they didn't take flash bulbs!

Flint-UAW Autoworld.jpgIt so amazes me that these types of cameras were once called "point and shoot" cameras. Indeed this was the tech we dealt with until about 2002. Built in flashes came down in price about 1982. Before that we used flash cubes and flash bars. It was expensive to collect your own photos. It was a sweet spot for photography. Affordable to the masses. Then, the masses woke up. Even the earliest digital cameras could run circles around most of the point and shoot cheapies that the masses had. When the digicams fell down to $100 with advanced features you'd have to pay $500 or more to get in a film camera, well, pictures like this were forever forgotten until a scanner brings them to life.

I only used the cheapest film I could buy, usually Fuji 100/200 35MM film. My friend Pete and I were big fans of the movie "Roger and Me". It's about how  in the 80's GM pretty much stopped making cars and trucks in FLINT, MI. It was a town that prospered and grew on the back of GM, only to fall into oblivion when GM decided to close the plants they had there. City officials had a big idea to build a huge hotel and a mall and a big indoor amusement park/museum/tribute to the American automobile industry. By the end of the movie, all of it was out of business or up for sale or sold to a college. It was a rainy, cool, overcast day when this picture was taken. Blurred and washed out. But, there it is in all it's fenced off glory. A man built this! It's a hugesueum. Autoworld did have a limited schedule a few months after the first failure but eventually, like many malls, was torn down. A white elephant. In a beat to hell town. We saw it in it's prime. Right after it was made famous by "Roger and Me".

Little Brown Nugget.jpg

Isn't she a beaut? A Sh*t brown 4 door Buick Century. GM's finest turds of the 80's. Next to it is my "Little Brown Nugget" which was the name dubbed onto it by a couple Christian girls that my friend Marc knew. Yeah, it wasn't much and filled with McDonalds cheeseburger and Taco Bell wrappers and it didn't have a muffler so it was loud, but it was humiliation I didn't need. I'm sure they both went on to happy Christian divorces to unhappy cheating Christian men. Bitter? Me? Come on, I worked at McDonalds and drove a "barely" car.  A 1979 Chvrolet Monza. It was an upgrade from my Chevette because at least this RAN.  I don't have too many photos of this car, but the above has  a wonderful blurry "sort of green" tree background. It looks kind of like a Lomograph.

Torino Rear Side.jpgNow this was a real treat. I had some money that was saved for me from the car accident I was in when I was a child. Somehow, I talked my mom into buying this piece of automotive history from my grandfather's estate.  A 1973 Ford Gran Torino. It was as you see it. Not the original wire wheels because they had been stolen years before, but otherwise primo cherry. Gramps has bought this new in 1973 for $3900. I remember driving around in this when I was but a shaver. He moved to Florida a few years later and kept it in pristine condition. Frankly, I'd have rather had the money. It drove like a boat. You turned by spinning the steering wheel and hoping for the best. I kept it for 10 years and tried to drive it more than I did, but it was always a "second car" when I didn't need a second car nor could really afford to have it. Gas was really cheap back then, which was a good thing on a Mickey Macs pay check.

I did use this to haul the McDonalds float one year. We needed to buy an adaptor for the trailer hitch. Where I stored this, it got vandalized a few times losing the trunk badge and hood ornament. They also swiped a $10 Crown car stereo which I had mounted to the transmission hump.

It had shoulder belts, but they were "add on" belts, meaning they were mounted to the roof of the car so when you wore them, you couldn't move. Needless to say, I never wore them. I attempted to drive this in the snow ONCE. On a four lane street, I couldn't keep the ass end from taking up the other lane. I washed it really good and decided it would be a summer car. When I moved to Toledo to work in radio, I didn't have the means to keep this car so I just "gave" it to my brother. I think I sold it to him for "$1" so we could change over the title. My brother was a little better off so I guessed he could keep this car in better shape than I could.

The camera fared a little better on this picture. I do have a picture of myself in a McDonalds uniform sitting in the massive trunk because I had to go to work after getting these pictures taken. Another overcast rotten day, but damn. 351 Cleveland under the hood. It went straight really fast. Turn the corner, not so much. 

Kitchen Lockerroom.jpeg Finally, one of the last pictures I took with the Ansco before upgrading to a cam with time date stamp. (Ohhhh! Technology!)  This may be a kitchen area of a 50's home? A cabinet showroom? A prison mess? You'd never guess. I'm a Browns fan, and since our team bailed on us in 1996, they decided it was time to take down Municipal Stadium. They held a "last play" so that folks who had lived or died by the Browns in this decrepit stadium used for Baseball and Football, a chance to come and say goodbye. We toured the whole place and I should tell you, for the athletes that came through these walls, they must have been like "what the hell is this sewer?"

This was the kitchen area of the training room. It looks like prison. The showers were truly prison like. The "locker room" was just a series of stalls. How much did these guys get paid? They had facilities like this? I mean, most of the players probably had cars better than this. I still shake my head when I see these pictures. Because it was a sunny day, this picture was a-ok.

Ahhhh, digital cams in cell phones and tablets made all this camera crap obsolete. Trash? Never!

ARF! -Ricochet