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Summer Recovery Post

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I wanted to do another entry after almost two months of being away. I got lots to talk about and then I'll get back to the regular junk offerings. That's what a blog is all about right? RIGHT? Right Right Really Really Right.

RIP Jay Thomas

Early Jay On Sirius.jpg
(Image copyright to the owner of it, since I don't own any pics of Jay, I thought this was the best one that sums up how I would best remember him.) He's "that guy from television that is in everything". He's "that guy from Mork And Mindy". He's "that guy from that movie, you know, the one with the Jaws guy".  All I knew about Jay was he was good on Letterman and I liked to see him every now and then on TV. Turns out, he was a radio guy. He started as a radio guy and continued to be a radio guy until the end. I did something crazy in 2006 and subscribed to Sirius Satellite radio. Pay for radio? Was I nuts? No, it was the only way to hear Howard Stern.  I found some other channels on there as well, but Howard is why I had it.

Well, Howards channels evolved, and when Bubba The Love Sponge stopped doing his Friday "Live" show, Howard needed a new show. He had heard Jay Thomas all the way back before Howard Stern became Howard Stern and admired the fact that a disk jockey could transition to an acting career. Sirius hired Jay just before they made a deal with Howard.  Jay was doing his show Monday through Thursday so Howard asked if he wanted to join his channel on Fridays.  That's where I started listening to Jay Thomas. I'd only hear that Friday show, but pretty soon, I was so hooked on Jay's style of radio, I sampled his weekday shows and was hooked again. He was incredibly talented for doing a show with minimal support. He turned on the mike, interviewed odd and unusual guests, had fun with callers, and did a show that was compelling and funny with none of that goofy radio "s*it". The first time he was sick, he made us believe it was from an old football injury that was making it tough to swallow. (He had throat cancer.)  He recovered and blamed the length of his recovery on an infection from the operation. I believed it. Unfortunately, another type of cancer came and silenced his voice. He never let us as listeners know. He took more days off but I thought he was doing things for his acting career. He blamed his weakening voice on the CA wildfires and squirting eye cleaner in his throat rather than throat spray. He just didn't want his show to become a pity party.

On his last day on the air, he bitched at us for complaining for all the repeats that were airing when he took days off. He said he hadn't begun to get all his vacation days on his contract and that we should just enjoy the reruns. That was it. He never came back. Nearly two weeks later when going back to work from lunch, I saw that he had passed.  Still missing what felt like a familiar friend spending two hours a day letting me in on his world. He'd probably call me an idiot and "Get Rid Of Em" if I called and told him that. Goodbye Jay.


So, besides that hole in my day, my Sunday nights also changed forever as the Funday Pawpet Show ended it's 18 year run. I have Yappy Slyfox to thank as he put my Radiolawn show "on the air" with a Real Audio broadcast. It was streaming audio/video in it's infancy and most home users were lucky to have just a 56K modem to bring them internet goodness. Well, when he had to start working Sundays, he couldn't keep running my show and it went over to Romeo Rabbit's "Rabbit Hole" show stream where it continues to air. Romeo had some hurricane damage but decided to keep entertaining us all on Sunday nights. So, Radiolawn #250 will likely air this weekend Oct. 1st/2nd.

Leon is getting LARGER, as I went to Kentucky Kingdom and found that the new rolling stock roller coaster cars that they have installed on the existing coasters are not built for anybody of larger carriage. At least at Cedar Point, larger people get ONE SEAT on every roller coaster where we can at least enjoy the park. Believe me, there's a lot of shame involved when you sit in a tester seat and can't get it to close. LOSE WEIGHT BEEYOTCH!

Believe it or not, I finally got me a "smart phone". My old phone with the model number "K9" had never seen me type a text to anyone and I used it only as an emergency phone. A good friend of mine convinced me that I really couldn't avoid the smart phone TXT'ing goodness and after burning off $120 credit by Hex/Dec typing text messages, I got one. I don't think it takes the best pics, but there is nothing better than texting someone standing across the grill from me at BDs Mongolian. Maybe that K9 phone will be a future post here. It plays TETRIS.

Smash Greywolf called me out of the blue and invited me to a concert by "VNV Nation". He was the first fur I met ever, and we became fast friends because we had so much in common. Turns out he moved into a best friend's home after that friend left Avon Lake. I even asked if he remembered the pulleys that were nailed to his trees in the back yard, as my friend and I had a pulley system for getting stuff up to our tree forts. Here we were in Toledo and we went to my first con and he introduced me to lots of early furries, so I'm forever grateful. Well, I didn't know "VNV Nation" but I did like "industrial" music in my past, so I treated it like I was seeing an opening band that I've never heard of. I bought two albums at the show, and that was that. I'm part of the Nation. I want to collect em all.

Well, sorry for being lax about the posting. Live Journal says I need to agree to "Russian Law"  and I'm no Russian law scholar so I'm not going to agree. So, occasionally I'll break from the Junk Blog format for a post like this. When silly things may happen, like Cleveland sports or someone famous that means so much to me passes or I lose 100 pounds on the Pabst diet, you'll know.

ARF! -Ric

Small Bag O Junk - Junky

100_4661.JPGJust like a 30 cent "Data Center Deluxe" , this is the first of my smaller junk that I put randomly in a bag for, well I don't know why. But, it makes for a good post about small crap in my junk box. Come along with me on this post to the junk blog wary junk blog readers. Ahhh, but I know what is peeking all your interests. First up....

100_4662.JPGPOT WALLET! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Meh. You see I was a member of this very union. Had to leave because they caught me making a pair of jeans out of the crop. This was a flea market find, or could you tell? I like these kind of wallets as mentioned before on this blog, but this one I couldn't bear to carry. Nowadays, maybe if I lived in WA or Vegas... But here in Ohio... Yes Officer, here's my license... no I haven't been using, honest...okay I'll turn down the Grateful Dead and wait while you use SCMOTTS (or whatever the hell they called it in the Blues Brothers.)

100_4663.JPGI have a sealed deck of the kind of cards they would give you if you ask for it when you flew in the 80's. You know, when they didn't charge you for everything including the pay toilet. I'll get to those in another blog entry. Now, I gotta focus on the "TV Magic Cards". They sold the crap out of these on television as UHF started to take off and become rerun heaven. Funny how they don't advertise these on the new digital rerun happy sub channels. Everything old is new again.

100_4680.JPGI guess "Marshall Brodien" was some sort of famous magician. Hmmm. I don't remember him being able to make the Washington Monument disappear. Maybe he had something to do with making Al Capone's vault contents disappear in front of a hope filled Jeraldo. I think he showed Rocky how to pull a rabbit out of a hat but it was a lion. Personally I thought that was a better trick than the rabbit. That wacky Bullwinkle. No, I don't know if he was really popular although he seemed very smart dressed in that cape. He sold these cheap decks by the millions and I thought I could be a skilled magician if I got a set. Yes, I wanted to be a magician for a minute, but only if I could suddenly be rich and famous and make money appear.

100_4664.JPGAhhh, but to be a good magician, you had to be a good bullsh*tter. I wasn't. Was your card the 9 of spades? Funny, there's seems to be a mix up with the deck. Maybe they sent me a bad one. Of course, if you like the Howard Stern show... My professional life is at a NOIN! (Skitch, Baba Booey and Sour Shoes, Thanks.)

100_4665.JPGWashington DC. One of the best trips I ever took. When I was a shaver, I survived a car accident and when healed, my mom took a piece of the settlement  money and took us to Washington DC. We got to see where Lincoln was shot, had a delicious Caesar salad made fresh right in front of us, drove around in a smelly tour bus for two stops until my mom hired a private driver to take us around and see the real sights. We had lunch in the belly of congress and rode the underground tram. My brother met John Glenn. We stayed in two separate hotels that had the fire alarm pulled. The limo had backwards facing jump seats. I remember the carpets in congress on the steps were great for giving static shocks to whomever touched me if I was touching the railings. This was the beautiful photo book we got as a memory of our trip. That is the memory dump. It's why I remember the trip, my first and the best. Oh yes, and the Cleveland airport was under construction back then and never seems to be NOT under construction. Do not spill your little pearl like candies on the tile airport floor, mom won't let you pick them up and eat them.

100_4668.JPG"Hey Group! Cool It Ova Dey"

100_4667.JPGHe's the one, the only, Ernie Anderson. For three years in Cleveland, he was TV's Ghoulardi. When televisions were becoming more of a regular entertainment value, the time was right for a late night movie host to capture all of Cleveland. There was an 80% drop in crime when he was on. I never saw him, but I knew of him because he started a late night Friday tradition that became the longest running local show in the history of TV. He was but the beginning, and Big Chuck and Little John ended it. He became more "famous" as the guy with the biggest line in the history of television.. "Tonight, on a very special LOOOOOVEEEE BOAT"" This was the gathering around a Cleveland tradition. A con that lasted a few years. They showed a simulated "Ghoulardi" show with "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" with cut ins of the only footage saved of Ghoulardi caught on film. It was too damn expensive back then to film/tape every show. When I was working in Louisville, they brought in a new boss. I heard he was from Cleveland. To break the ice, I asked him if he knew what "Hey Group, Cool It Ova Dey" meant. That began a great friendship. 

100_4669.JPGBuilders Square Sku Pads. When we sold the customer a bit of lumber or a flat of flowers, if the customer wanted to keep shopping, we would write down the "Stock Keeping Unit" on a SKU pad and give it to the customer. We had tons of these things laying around. I used the backs of them to write write write and keep myself from going insane from boredom while working in that tiny garden center register building. At least they didn't make me stock the plants or fertilizer. Next to it was the literature they gave us when we began offering "GE" extended warranty at Northeast Appliance. Actually, it was the best program we had. It didn't pay much, but the plans were complete and reasonably priced. They didn't have a 10 year tube warranty parts only for $9.99 or other "shifty" offers. Ahhh, but I didn't like selling the crap anyway. One funny thing I found written in this book. My manager would always ask me if I also got this with every sale I made.....

100_4670.JPG"Did You get the BEEF on that washer/dryer set?" "Did you know I flew copters in NAM?" "I see you're eating some chippie dippies"  

100_4671.JPGHere was something a bored kid in junior high school did to try and pass the time. With scrap paper he cut and stapled himself a stupid little note keeper. I did a lot of these and put "many" features into these. Mostly they were meant to mimic spy stuff. I had communicators and flash lights and chemical sets and self destruct computers and transformation spells. It all cost thirty cents. Who's buying?

100_4675.JPGFinally, a blast from the past. There used to be a video playing device called a "Laserdisc" player. These were huge mirrored record sized discs that played on newly designed "Laser" players. They didn't wear out, but they could only hold 45 minutes a side so you had to "flip" your movie half way through. They had great analog video and amazing "digital" like sound. Yes, these were around a year or two when someone said "Hey, we'll miniaturize these and put 66 minutes of digital audio on it, and it will never wear out." They called it a "compact disc". The rest is blooper giggling history.   I was a big "They Might Be Giants" fan before their "Flood" album brought them to a more mainstream audience. My friend Bill was a HUGE fan and the guy that got me into Laserdiscs. He had one of the first VCRS and has the FIRST commercially available Sony CD players. So, for him , for Christmas, I ordered a mini LD of "They Might Be Giants" from the biggest Laserdisc reseller in the country, Ken Cranes. It was so big for a few years, it was their name. I guess Ken Crane sold electronics but they cornered the market on Laserdisc software. Of course, I could have purchased "Termiantor 2" on LD, but it was probably a porn parody of Terminator 2. Ahhhhh, the days of analog, catalog based  ordering just seems so quaint. Junk Blog. -Ric

Sirius Junk

100_4100.JPGThe title of this entry of the junk blog is well, about Sirius radio junk. What is Sirius radio junk? The stuff I have in this bag is all junk. It's all for Sirius radio. It's my junk collection in 11+ years of subscribing to RADIO. Oh sure, I used to brag that I didn't have cable television, I had the internet. That worked fine and dandy for the first 7 years or so, but then, when it got cheaper, it wasn't such a good thing to say anymore. Sirius radio and XM radio came out about the same time. They were competing services. XM had the upper hand. Better services, more stars. I never thought I'd have Satellite radio. If I did get it, I'd pick the one I thought was best, so XM. Then, Howard Stern signed with Sirius. Game over. I was a Sirius subscriber.

100_4108.JPGLook at that junk. Power adaptors. Mounts. Cigarette lighter power jacks. Lots of junk. I got my first Sirius radio as a Christmas gift and it came with a boombox for home use. The radio itself had an antenna for car use and the boombox came with an antenna for home use. You plugged a power adapter into the base of home mount to use it at home without the boombox. With the boombox, you could use it at home, and use the car adapter to take it on the road. It worked swell for the first and second years. Sometimes I would even take the boombox in the car with me. I would load up the 600 "D" cells it needed to be "portable", but you would still need to place the antenna outside and facing the world.

100_4102.JPGThere is the receiver part of the antenna. It was huge, and well, if it wasn't outside, forget picking up the radio by having this beast indoors. Now, I live in Cleveland. Sirius has a lot of "terrestrial" repeaters in larger cities and Howard Stern radio strongholds. Once Howard made it to #1 in Cleveland radio, he never left, until he left. Damn skippy Sirius wanted to make it fairly easy to hear their radios for everybody. Still, the apartment I lived in was full of interference that made reception a little challenging. Did I mention these antennas weren't very good? I had to stick mine in between the window screen to get anything. A plus is that Sirius radios had a FM transmitter built in that were "outside" FCC guidelines, meaning antennas that did better than what was allowed. It meant one radio could be heard on all FM radios in my apartment. So, find a location where it could receive the signal and bingo. Sirius through the house.

100_4106.JPGI just love that logo. It was the dog radio. Familiar. This was the stand that I used when I took my Sirius radio to other places besides my car. I worked out a way to mount the radio in a temp way so that I could hear Howard and Area 33 and Classic Vinyl in other peoples homes or hotel rooms. Just another piece of junk that I used for a short time until...

100_4103.JPGYep. I bought a second radio. I was getting tired of unplugging my radio to rig to my car, then unplugging all of that to take into where I was. Plus, certain radios were now a lot cheaper. So, I bought this Sirius radio from the company that was the first to manufacture Sirius radios, It was simple, no frills, and cost me a little less than a full subscription.

100_4104.JPGIt was small. It came with a really small magnet mount antenna that picked up way better than the older or bulkier antennas. It was also equipped with an FM transmitter that "sort of" worked. I found a way to hard wire this to my old car radio and I was in business. Plus it was easier to take out of the car and use in home locations. However I needed another antenna. I bought another. Getting the picture? Lots of extras....


Hidden in my glove compartment. It was a great radio until I plugged it in at home but accidentally put the power into the headphone jack. It was MONO after that (one channel was bad), but since I primarily listened to Howard, what the hell did I need stereo for?


So, here were the bummer things about being a Sirius radio owner. Artie Lange left the Howard Stern show and tried to cap himself shortly thereafter. That was a major bummer. He recovered. Sirius antennas are not mean for constant movement or sliding in between windows. As you can see by the wads of electrical tape on the antenna wire, they are flimsy. Plus, where the antenna fits into the radio is as flimsy as a 99 cent headphone jack. My main radio's display started losing it's glow after about 4 years and it's been completely dark at 6 years old. I fixed that by having a flash light near the radio. At about 9 years, the buttons on the front stopped working, but with the remote, works fine that way. 11 years and still chugging along, not bad at all. Then there was the repeaters. A few years back, I had moved to a new home and my antenna picked up the signal with it next to my bed. Then after a snow storm, it stopped. For good. Three days I lived with spotty reception, but the only way to hear it was, antenna outside. Pain in the ass, but haven't had spotty reception since. They did eventually fix the repeater.

100_4109.JPGNow this remote is for the XACT radio which is truly junk now. Why? Sirius merged with XM and changes started thereafter, The radios switched to a 5V system rather than a 12V system meaning all the power adaptors would no longer work with new equipment. I got a new car with XM pre-installed and a free trial. Trouble was, XM had a decreased sound quality compared with Sirius. Head to head of my original Sirius radio VS. my XM car radio, and well, there was no comparison. So, I bought a new, cheap 5V Sirius radio and all the stuff to run it. I didn't by the AC adapter, but rather bought a cigarette lighter to ac adaptor, It works very well, but I don't leave it set up in the car all the time. Still, the sound difference is worth the investment AND....

SiriusXM decided to place Jay Thomas on a channel that my new portable Sirius could receive, but my older Sirius radios do not. To solve this, I took the antenna from my old car and stuck it out another window and rigged it up so that I could hear Jay. It does not have a real robust FM transmitter so it's only hooked up to my stereo. WHEW!  I know, you're asking, so what is so funny about this junk entry? I did all of this and spent all the $$$ just to hear Howard Stern, Bubba The Love Sponge, Scotty Ferrell, Jackie The Joke Man's Joke Hunt, Greg Fitzimmons, and Jay Thomas. Then I found podcasts and almost everybody I mentioned left Sirius. But you know, there was the other stuff, like Area for deep house, Deep Tracks for obscure vinyl and then The Grateful Dead channel.... $13 a month for radio? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Priceless.

ARF! -Ric

100_3670.JPGI have a few board games which at one time got played, or not, otherwise, they went into my closet. I used to want some of these games in hopes that my family would have a game night. Nope. I even had a game company and I'd paper over original games and make my own cards. I was a game TYKE-ooon. These are the few that didn't get thrown away. I kept them in a Curtis Mathes 20" television box and they were sitting in my basement. Trouble was, I didn't notice the bit of water that was wicking off the floor. Humid in the summer. When I went to get something from the box, surprise! Mildew... Thankfully only slight and only the games that were at the bottom. I went out and bought a plastic box and stuffed them all in there. I do have a friend that likes games a lot, but I don't. I can't give these away.... someday... nahhh. Lets play poker.

100_3672.JPGThis is the bitchin edition (TM) of the game for spelling lovers. I never had a scrabble game as I was growing up. I preferred the simple games or flashy games or electronic games or video games. This is SCRABBLE! It's a DELUXE EDITION. In the great film "Roger And Me", they showed a national Scrabble convention at the downtown Flint hotel. They used these boards which swivel so that every player can see the front view of the board. Kind of makes traditional Scrabble boards seem silly. Plus, they each have a place on the board where you place the tiles, in case there is a hurricane or earthquake. Really, Roger and Me is the only reason why I bought this version.

100_3673.JPGI can't even quote anything funny about this game. Triple word score for "Dey"? Hahahahaha. Really, I never played this version. I did play the regular Scrabble at my friend's house that loves games. He keeps the tiles in a Crown Royal bag. We might have played 1/2 or 3/4 of a game, or he beat me and then the poker chips came out and pizza was ordered. Can you tell I really don't like the game much? However, when this deluxe edition was at a thrift store in nearly mint condition, why not buy it? One less fizzy pop drink or 2M Kodak camera...

100_3674.JPGYep. I knew this would be useful. Lookit that. Of course, JUNK BLOG shares no letters so I couldn't make it cross over. Hell, you get the idea. Truth be told, I was actually a fan of the Scrabble game show with the "Two and Two" guy. I think it was on before or after The Price Is Right so when I was a kid and had the summer to waste away watching television, it was what I watched. Then, after graduation, I watched it almost every day. I even remember when it came back in a revival. "We were away, and we're back now" was what I remember ol' Chuckles said in the first show of the revival. I always loved when they picked a letter and it made a noise while it scanned across the screen and the "stoppers" had a nasty moaning buzzer noise. Just look on Wiki for more info.  I just did and found out something I didn't know!  Howard Stern just did a tribute to Charlie Tuna on his Monday show. It seems that Charlie was a famous deejay that recently passed away. Turns out that he was also the announcer for most of the game show version of Scrabble.  A Koo-Inky-Dink that towards the end of this junk blog post, I looked up the Scabble game show on Wiki and found out this fact? Honest INJUN. Now it can be told.  What's the best tuna? NO. I won't go there.


Howard, Temp Tab, Radio and Retail Debris

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100_3107.JPGI knew I had there somewhere. They were hiding in my Norrell Temp agency tablet in my button box. I had a nice story earlier in this blog about my experiences when Howard came to town and I got to be in the same strip club with him :)  Yes, I had All Access and a Press/Vip badge. It made me feel all important for an intern. Really, how the morning turned out, it was a big bowl of okay. But then, I didn't have a radio or a cell phone back then and had no way of knowing that the wires got sliced and someone was messing with Howie. I was supposed to be on his tour bus, but was sent back in the club to get Jackie The Joke Man's notes. It was probably BS. I do remember it was a good lookin chick who was something to someone that asked me to go back for them. When I came out, the bus was gone.

100_3108.JPGSo, I knew I was supposed to be on there. I wrangled around and finally got a cab/limo/jitney/ SOMEONE gave me a ride to the next stop. Howard was going to appear live on one of the TV morning shows so the driver dropped me off at the TV station and there I waited. I waited. Waited. Something was wrong. I went and checked at the front desk and they said there was a problem with the broadcast. So, I couldn't afford a cab... I walked 15 blocks to the home base. (I was a freakin' intern working part time at a Radio Shack. Broke as a MF'in joke.)  Home base was the radio station. It was closer than the flats and I could call my boss from there to explain. The board operator asked what I was doing there and filled me in on the madness.  Thankfully the program director of the AM station was going down to the outdoor stage show so he took me there.  I sat at the side of the stage as the show went on and the crowd roared. Again, I met the guys from America,  Mike Gange (no potato) and Joey Buttafuco! Yeah! THE Joey Buttafuco. Cross that one off my Awwww F*CKIT list. 

100_3104x.JPGI guess this company got bought out or whatever a few years after I finished my tenure there. I was washed out of radio in Toledo. I muddled in brokeness for 6 weeks and well, I was thinking about going back to Cleveland to see if I could get my old burger flipping gig back.  (Cue Winger's Depression Theme from "Stripes".)  Ahh, but I had new friends on the 100MHZ 14.4 internet.  I could start right away earning 8.50 and hour, full time, with about 10-20 hours overtime at least for the first month or two. All I need to do was move to Louisville. I did indeed. I cashed in my pennies to raise $42. I bought a "Ted Nugent Greatest Hits" tape which I said I'd be listening too the day I left Toledo.  (He and Bob Seger are gods in the Glass City. Go figure.) I figured I'd apply for radio gigs down Kentucky way and get back on my feet. Plus, live cheap with a room mate in a crappy apartment behind a "by the hour" motel. The road to financial security was a dark one, as well as working as a temp when the gig dried up and I went back to the temp pool. That's misery for another blog.


The only "benefit" I ever got from the temp job was, this cheap ass notebook. See our fabulous business cards? We wrote in our name and gave them to anybody that didn't care.  Again, I made some good paychecks while I was working admin (file work and phones) for "flood" claims for a national insurance agency. Lot of overtime, and at one point, my roommate and I were the only temps left. Yeah, we worked our asses off, but that was because we needed the money. They finally cancelled our order. I had a year and eight months working at the same place. The other business cards were some of the five hundred WIOT cards that were made for me. As a producer, I had to give them out for contacts. I may have 400 of them still. and then we got a new logo and I got another five hundred.


I don't know where I got the basketball card holder, but that's what it is. I think it came wrapped in plastic, free with a bottle of ALLSPORT. (Yes, ALLSPORT. It was Gatorade with a bit of fizz but damned if it wasn't a great hangover helper.) I also got a calendar from Northeast. Yay! Christmas bonus! Well, Our Christmas bonus usually came  in January when we got paid for the weeks after black Friday. I would make a ton, especially in the last week before Christmas when desperate people would come in and buy up everything that wasn't nailed down.  Finally, a piece of a plastic sign from Hills department stores.  It's debris that was being swept up from my department when we moved a display case. I couldn't let THAT go. Ahhhhh. Junk.

ARF! -Ric

Break For Emergencies

100_3156.JPGHey! I thought I'd open my Button Box (R) blog with a lively post about good ol' radio, novelty keychains, and proof to the world that I was there. Wayyyyyy back when, I had washed out of LIVE college radio and currently was living the life of a retail underpaid shrub. My desire to create funny stuff for radio was strong and I sunk $5000 in a radio school. They could teach me to do radio right? RIGHT? They also GAR-UN-TEED I'd have a paid job when I graduated. Wow. Someone would pay me to broadcast? I was all in.

The school was half assed. We went from 40+ to a class of 15 by the time the eight month, three nights a week ended. I had some pretty good training from respected disc jockeys around Cleveland. "More Music" Ken Morgan was my primary instructor and he taught me one thing and one thing only that helped me further my career. How to splice tape.

Yes, it was an art. Simple, neat, and efficient. It's how countless hours of every kind of recorded media was edited. You took a coffee pot grease pencil, put marks on the tape where you would like to cut out the "F" word. Then using a razor blade and a special angled splice block , you cut the tape. Then you used a sticky tape to "spice" the two sections of tape together. If you were good at it, you had a perfect edit. Prior to this instruction, I couldn't do it correctly. Funny thing about this process, as digital editors were making tape obsolete and schools started training on computers, mooks like us that new how to cut tape could get minimum wage board op gigs at the 500 watt light bulb AM. Computer editing wouldn't be cheap for another 10 years and most radio stations when you were starting had equipment from the 50's.

100_3157.JPGI do credit the school for getting me in the door at WNCX, Cleveland. It's "Cleveland's Classic Rock" and it was pretty much the dregs of Cleveland radio in the mornings until they brought in a deejay from New York named Howard Stern. My "mistake" was asking for an "internship" where I could run downtown Cleveland three days a week to pile up commercial tapes for the music director that ran the show. Plus, I could go get breakfast for him. I could walk into the pee smelling lobby of McDonalds and bring back eats and set up the commercials for the next hour.

I wanted more than anything to be a morning show deejay and the internship lording over the commercials was my foot in the door to the wonders of syndication. My "mistake" soon became, and I mean SOON, the best gig I've ever worked for no money. Before WNCX, I was a college deejay still doing radio the old way. Howard changed everything. Howard did something that taught me that to be funny on the radio. Be yourself and be honest.

When Howard became #1 in Cleveland, I was working my first job down the hall as a PAID radio board op and I was still interning mornings because I'd be damned if I'd give up such a fun morning. I was rewarded with being a flunkie at the "funeral" that Howard held in Cleveland. I picked up such luminaries from the airport as "Gange" and "two guys from the band America" and "a hatin hat" parody guy. (You figure it out.) I had to clean the cheeseburger wrappers and Taco Bell bags from my Saturn SL. Imagine me picking up rock stars in my un-air conditioned stick Saturn SL. I did it, and I was thrilled to do it. Nobody ever said there was a budget for radio. It went into the show.

Gange.JPGFor what it's worth, I saved the signs. I went to the event, had a fairly good time despite the wires getting cut and crossed signals  leaving me off the Howard Stern bus. Oh well. The pre show took place inside the above place. A strip club. Yep. It was Howard Stern. I was inches away from a ton of mammories and that was just Robin Quivers. There were plenty of other mammories to see not feel. I met Baba Booey and Joey Buttafuco and got the notes and pens for Jackie the joke man. I got some passes. I got a keychain. Above shows the key chain. Simple logo on the front, blank on the back. And a suprise inside!

100_3159.JPGA festive balloon! That's right! It's a keychain with a festive balloon! How thoughtful was the management to provide thousands of the keychains so the people that came for Howard Stern's victory party could blow them up and bounce them around. Wheeeeeeeee! Party time fun. 

100_3161.JPGHmmm. I've never  seen a balloon with such a large nozzle to fill with air. Hmmm what a really odd thing. It's looks like it's packed in it's own baloon jelly. What's more, why would they have an expiration date on a balloon? Is that so once it's filled up, you'll know how long until it breaks? Oh, maybe it's a "freshness" date. Like beer. A "born on" date. What a festive yellow color....

Hey... wait a minute...

That's a "balloon" all right...but it's not intended for festive Howard Stern parties nor to be filled with's what John Lennon wanted to put Yoko Ono inside when jamming on stage in New York with Frank Zappa...

100_3158.JPGA  SCUMBAG!!!!!!!