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Summer Recovery Post

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I wanted to do another entry after almost two months of being away. I got lots to talk about and then I'll get back to the regular junk offerings. That's what a blog is all about right? RIGHT? Right Right Really Really Right.

RIP Jay Thomas

Early Jay On Sirius.jpg
(Image copyright to the owner of it, since I don't own any pics of Jay, I thought this was the best one that sums up how I would best remember him.) He's "that guy from television that is in everything". He's "that guy from Mork And Mindy". He's "that guy from that movie, you know, the one with the Jaws guy".  All I knew about Jay was he was good on Letterman and I liked to see him every now and then on TV. Turns out, he was a radio guy. He started as a radio guy and continued to be a radio guy until the end. I did something crazy in 2006 and subscribed to Sirius Satellite radio. Pay for radio? Was I nuts? No, it was the only way to hear Howard Stern.  I found some other channels on there as well, but Howard is why I had it.

Well, Howards channels evolved, and when Bubba The Love Sponge stopped doing his Friday "Live" show, Howard needed a new show. He had heard Jay Thomas all the way back before Howard Stern became Howard Stern and admired the fact that a disk jockey could transition to an acting career. Sirius hired Jay just before they made a deal with Howard.  Jay was doing his show Monday through Thursday so Howard asked if he wanted to join his channel on Fridays.  That's where I started listening to Jay Thomas. I'd only hear that Friday show, but pretty soon, I was so hooked on Jay's style of radio, I sampled his weekday shows and was hooked again. He was incredibly talented for doing a show with minimal support. He turned on the mike, interviewed odd and unusual guests, had fun with callers, and did a show that was compelling and funny with none of that goofy radio "s*it". The first time he was sick, he made us believe it was from an old football injury that was making it tough to swallow. (He had throat cancer.)  He recovered and blamed the length of his recovery on an infection from the operation. I believed it. Unfortunately, another type of cancer came and silenced his voice. He never let us as listeners know. He took more days off but I thought he was doing things for his acting career. He blamed his weakening voice on the CA wildfires and squirting eye cleaner in his throat rather than throat spray. He just didn't want his show to become a pity party.

On his last day on the air, he bitched at us for complaining for all the repeats that were airing when he took days off. He said he hadn't begun to get all his vacation days on his contract and that we should just enjoy the reruns. That was it. He never came back. Nearly two weeks later when going back to work from lunch, I saw that he had passed.  Still missing what felt like a familiar friend spending two hours a day letting me in on his world. He'd probably call me an idiot and "Get Rid Of Em" if I called and told him that. Goodbye Jay.


So, besides that hole in my day, my Sunday nights also changed forever as the Funday Pawpet Show ended it's 18 year run. I have Yappy Slyfox to thank as he put my Radiolawn show "on the air" with a Real Audio broadcast. It was streaming audio/video in it's infancy and most home users were lucky to have just a 56K modem to bring them internet goodness. Well, when he had to start working Sundays, he couldn't keep running my show and it went over to Romeo Rabbit's "Rabbit Hole" show stream where it continues to air. Romeo had some hurricane damage but decided to keep entertaining us all on Sunday nights. So, Radiolawn #250 will likely air this weekend Oct. 1st/2nd.

Leon is getting LARGER, as I went to Kentucky Kingdom and found that the new rolling stock roller coaster cars that they have installed on the existing coasters are not built for anybody of larger carriage. At least at Cedar Point, larger people get ONE SEAT on every roller coaster where we can at least enjoy the park. Believe me, there's a lot of shame involved when you sit in a tester seat and can't get it to close. LOSE WEIGHT BEEYOTCH!

Believe it or not, I finally got me a "smart phone". My old phone with the model number "K9" had never seen me type a text to anyone and I used it only as an emergency phone. A good friend of mine convinced me that I really couldn't avoid the smart phone TXT'ing goodness and after burning off $120 credit by Hex/Dec typing text messages, I got one. I don't think it takes the best pics, but there is nothing better than texting someone standing across the grill from me at BDs Mongolian. Maybe that K9 phone will be a future post here. It plays TETRIS.

Smash Greywolf called me out of the blue and invited me to a concert by "VNV Nation". He was the first fur I met ever, and we became fast friends because we had so much in common. Turns out he moved into a best friend's home after that friend left Avon Lake. I even asked if he remembered the pulleys that were nailed to his trees in the back yard, as my friend and I had a pulley system for getting stuff up to our tree forts. Here we were in Toledo and we went to my first con and he introduced me to lots of early furries, so I'm forever grateful. Well, I didn't know "VNV Nation" but I did like "industrial" music in my past, so I treated it like I was seeing an opening band that I've never heard of. I bought two albums at the show, and that was that. I'm part of the Nation. I want to collect em all.

Well, sorry for being lax about the posting. Live Journal says I need to agree to "Russian Law"  and I'm no Russian law scholar so I'm not going to agree. So, occasionally I'll break from the Junk Blog format for a post like this. When silly things may happen, like Cleveland sports or someone famous that means so much to me passes or I lose 100 pounds on the Pabst diet, you'll know.

ARF! -Ric

It's A Mental Lunch Box , I Must Say

100_4291.JPGHi. How you? It's been a long time. Just a blip in productivity. We're in "Ashyebeeoh" mode, emphasis on B.O.! 8 episodes, now that's a season. That's not content.... Ahhh, don't worry. We're still here and I got a whole mess of crap to bring to you. I'll make time. I'm doing it for the Radiolawn show.  I loves me some web space and the dog that provides it. Now, here's Ed Grimley. 

He was a thing on SCTV. Martin Short's quirky (slightly drain bramaged) character who had a thing for playing triangle, dancing oddly and paprika. I really didn't see him on SCTV. I guess I never liked it. It was a "Kids In The Hall" kind of show. Oddball Canadian comedy   When Doug and Bob were so popular, I guess I watched a bit, but humor like that when I was younger was over my head. It wasn't until the summer of 1986 where David Letterman really opened my head. Of course, there was that one "inbetween" season of Saturday Night Live where they had experienced "name" talents like Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, and Martin Short. They captured lightning in a bottle. Even though they had an into to their show that was cartoonish like countless beer ads and CARS videos, it still is what I believe the best season.  Well, Ed Grimley had a few sketches during that season, and Pat Sajack would be proud.

100_4293.JPGI carried a lunch box for a year or so. It was made by Coleman I believe, and it was a large metal "Space 1999" lunch box. Eventually, the cheap metal got rusty and was either taken or tossed and I brown bagged or school lunched since. Of course they got smaller and plastic and of course they came with whatever they think they could sell. When it was announced that Ed Grimley  was coming to EnnBeeCee in a Saturday morning cartoon form, I was very much anticipating. It would be a fun show. Thirteen eps on Saturday morning. Most really quirky and funny. I had to go an get the lunch box. I think it was purchased from K-Mart along with 2 for three subs with linoleum lunch meats. 

100_4294.JPGYes girls, that arm and hand are single. So sexy yes? I guess the flash isn't that friendly to arm hair is it? The drinking jug that came with lunch boxes. I think my Space 1999 jug suffered from a lack of cleaning and fell to the mold. This never got the Kool Aid treatment. The Ed Grimley cartoon had a few supporting characters, including a fish and a rat. It was for kids, but was pretty adult. My favorite episode was the one with Martin Short playing a Vaudeville singer/songwriter Irving Cohen. "Dah Dah Dah, Dee Dee Dee and whatever the hell else you want to put in there".

100_4296.JPGI was a huge fan of the "Jewish Deli" sketch where Irving Cohen shot the home town with other "old Jewish performers" as they argued about what was on a Morey Amsterdam sandwich. Every week after my friends and I did our thing on "Evan Ford's Avante Garde Show" on WBWC radio, we would go to Dennys and "perform" the sketch out loud. I worked my way in as Brad Hall's "disgruntled waiter" character from the sketch and we performed it EXACTLY as it appeared with gaffs and all. Audio tapes of the sketch are all we had. I wish I would have taped our performance of it. Ahh, the memories.

100_4300.JPGI found a few extras that I stashed in the lunch box. It's one of those generally worthless baseball cards stashed in a box of corn flakes. We used to buy JUMBO boxes of corn flakes and I'd make an after school "Toilet Bowl" sized bowl of flakes with sugar on top. Believe it or not, it was my favorite snack as I latch keyed myself and waited for Mom to come home from work. I'm not a collector, but this "animated" card must be worth 3.00 or so. Maybe not. I'd give $20 for a collection of 7-11 Slurpee Cup puffy "space" stickers. They used to be a thing, but then "Big Gulp" used to be a HUGE 32oz it's 177 ounces.

100_4299.JPGFinally and totally 80's, these were another thing that was extremely popular in the late 80's early 90's. Everything came in day glo colors As I worked for a number of deceased electronics retailers , I got a lot of debris and promo crap. Harmon Kardon and JBL were one and the same. HK had the absolute best tape decks other than professional stuff. I bought one and many a show was recorded on it. JBL speakers were "meh" in the bass department, but they had the crispest and nicest treble response with their tweeters, but they had some of the best studio monitor speakers. Then there was Japanese stripper "Sony Tape" and her wonderful glasses. I bought about ten packs of Sony chrome tape from my gig at Tokyo Shapiro and they came with a free pair of these glasses. More than likely, I put these away to preserve history. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. My HK tape deck needs to be rebuilt. Boomer's garage can help. Fans, computers, transmitters, LED TVs and Monitors, even old AM only five transistor radios, Boomer makes it right. Just throw him a milk bone :)


Alt Studio

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100_4347.JPGMan. If mixing boards could talk. "Hey mate, do you know you have the F-IN BEATLES in there?" ""This could be the best Rock And Roll I've ever mixed from a band made of LED" "OHMIGOSH Just spike me with 220, this Hendrix Guy...""Roll me another "J" for this song "Truckin"" "I'm GAGA over this LADY" "I'm really DOWN for this SYSTEM" Okay, I'll stop. This board is more like... "Why are you wearing that spaghetti pot on your head?" "Why would I want Breakfast at Uncle Louies?" "OH! You're EM1 and He's EM2 so you're BOTH OF 'EM...hahaha.." "Olson NWS, who? Lubin? Get out of my store!" "Awwww Ricochet, not another Radiolawn show..."

Gemini's finest. A basic "Disco Mixer", that was my main mixing board for years and years. Way back when I got an actual "band" called "Unedible Two", I started recording by having a tape recorder and plugging the outputs of musical devices directly into the recorder. Okay if you wanted to record it directly, bad if you then wanted to add vocals while you were recording said musical devices. The audible "click" as you plugged in the microphones to your dual input jacks just didn't make it a "good" recording. Enter this mixer. $100 from your local Olson NWS store next to Leathers Deli in the Fairview Park Shopping Center. See Walt for photos.

Who knows why these were carried. Gemini was at the time making "pro" stuff that ranged from okay to "check those speakers before they leave to make sure they work." I got this mixer and was off to the recording races. A Sanyo tape deck, Gemini condenser microphones, tons of adapters and connectors, and we were a band.  Plus, I recorded my solo stuff "Singin Inside A Bucket" was the aforementioned song where I used my mom's big spaghetti pot over my head as an unusual way to alter my voice. Want to hear it? Nahhhh. It's in the vault.  It was used as an alt-board when I had my real chance at obscurity "Spudlok", but my band mate had a better consumer board that had separate stereo selectors for two of his channels, which was high tech to me. 

Later this board became the workhorse to recording my "Radiolawn" show. At least 150 shows were banged out on this board. I do remember when Boomer and I tried to run a pirate station at a convention we were at how BAD this board was. Take a FM transmitter and run it through the cheese cloth that is this board and you have more HUMMMMMM than Pigpen's harmonica. (Okay Dead Heads, I'm sorry for that one.)

In bad need of some rewiring and maybe some shielding, I got a new board that had all the fancy bells and whistles and this was relegated to my turntable pre-amp. That was until I went alt-Windows and my studio went "HOOWEE". You see, the new computer didn't play too well with what I was used too, and that meant it became very tough to record in that state. Causing me to go old school and set up an old style "Alt Studio".

100_4348.JPGGee, that was two computers ago. Look at the size of that BOX! A man BUILT THIS, it's Winners EXPEE.  It's a NON USB WHEEL MOUSE! GASP! Do you know how much that antique is WORTH? You mean that computer only has THREE USB Ports and they are ALL ON THE BACK OF THE MACHINE? Where is the rock you got this from under? Didn't they bury these in the desert like Atari E.T. Cartridges? Wait! Under that BOX! Hiding in PLAIN SIGHT! Is that a cheap scanner so obscure that ALT WINNERS never heard of a DRIVER? It hooks in with what? A Serial Port???? You talkin' CHEERIOS Here?  PS2 all the way on that keyboard and mouse. Way to score quality!

Well, the picture doesn't say all of that, but I had to go back a few generations of computer and set it up in the basement to make my "Alt Studio". Why? Because IT WORKED! I remember getting this computer from Boomer because it was faster and could show video like the early You Toobs. I watched the live internet only broadcasts from Hurricane Katrina on this computer. More important, when I turned it on, set up to record, I recorded and the show came out like I wanted. No "that's not what I wanted" or "why won't this work?" or "why is it doing that" or 'work...damn you..just WORK..."

100_4349.JPGYes, while people floated on the boxes of "Spap Ooop" from the flooded A&P down Bourbon street, I watched it all unfold with this computer from the comfort of my Yuengling fuelled central nervous system using "Alt -" Samsung's finest 17" viewing device. It was only my second monitor, first being a Packard Bell 12" "orphan"  monitor. ("Orphan" because it was broken away from an entire system so it didn't have an official model number.  I found out later from an FCC registry site that it was made by our good friends at TATUNG.) Ahhh, the memories of how Yuengling used to come in 22oz "Bomber" bottles and how you could peel off the clear plastic labels and put them on other things. This one lasted the longest. "Samtron" brand was Samsung's attempt to make cheaper stuff to sell to suckers like me. Isn't that what Samsung was about anyway back when?  My monitor never blew up....

100_4346.JPGSo there it was save for the portable CD player I hooked into the alt board to play the Radiolawn intro/outro and other junk like background music. Yes, I know, I was using a system capable of multi tracking but that takes TIME. I always try to do my shows as live as they possibly can be with a minimal amount of post production. What? Am I going to save that really good belch or me freaking out "work you piece of S*IT! WORK!" for future generations to realize I was a lazy ass buffoon with a microphone that smelled like a Yuengling? Yeah. Of course I used my beer boxes to help me set this mess up. I even recorded three episodes down here before Boomer game me a really small desktop computer with Winners XP on it. I was able to have an alt computer in my studio again so I didn't have to drag mikes and equipment down to my basement and endure seconds of extra processing time while the computer was "saving data".  Wahhhhhhhh! You could use the exercise.

Oh yeah, Christmas is coming... So good you didn't pack away those Christmas lights. You can just pick them up off the floor and hang them back where they were outside in just a few weeks. Dumb-ass. -Ric

100_3961.JPGAhhh, the Villain. It was a roller coaster of unquestioned roughness but a hell of a ride nonetheless. I only knew it, my steel/wood hybrid friend, for a short time. A summer. Then, it was torn down and laid waste by a bigger source. We'll get to that fact in a moment.

I had only been to Geauga Lake once in my whole life. There were countless commercials for it through the years including ones with "Geauga Dog", the parks fursuited mascot. I went the year they opened a coaster called "Raging Wolf Bobs" and rode it a few times. I hadn't ridden very may coasters at that point, so I didn't know how fun it was. Whenever a wooden roller coaster is new, it's pretty fast because they haven't dumbed it down to make the ride smoother. I went for a company picnic from believe it or not, McDonalds. The previous year it was Sea World which was across the tiny lake Geauga. Only 1/4 the fun. At this party, we had a ton of free food and shhhhhhh...all the beer we could swill. Nobody carding the kids. We took a rented bus there anyway. 

My only opinion of the park was just what I've heard. Rumors were spot on. It seemed like a vomitorium. It was grubby. Landscaping was nice and all, but it seemed like every surface hadn't been cleaned in years. The building where our party was held was the cleanest place in the park.

So, for years after, I only went to Cedar Point in Sandusky. If I was going to spend a day at the park, might as well have a real park and a clean park.  My first "coaster" was a toboggan coaster that was slow as a kids ride. Then I got on the "Corkscrew" and went upside down and I was all in. Then, I fell out of going to thrill parks and lost interest. I didn't want to fly or ride a coaster. More of a chance of getting wiped out driving a car, I know, but ... Heh.

100_3962.JPGHerbie Bearclaw got me out of my drought. He invited me down to appear on the Sunday Pawpet show. (Every Sunday at 6PM EST on the intrawebs near you. ) My Radiolawn show used to air before it, so I figured I could go on live with video included. While I was down dey, Herbie took me the Busch Gardens in Tampa. Two free beers while I rode roller coasters? Start puking. What was ignited in me was a love for all things coaster. Plus, when I went up on one of the coasters at the back of the park, I could see Yuengling Tampa :) I had to get back for the tour, and oh yes, I'd ride the coasters again. (Herbie is a member of ACE and rides the coasters all over the states. It just so happened I had Cedar Point, Geauga Lake and Kings Island in my state. He'd be back.)

So, when the opening days came to the season, I spent my bucks on a season pass to all the Cedar Fair parks. I could park free and ride all day for one investment. I went to Geauga Lake and bought the pass and told the person who sold it too me that I would be using it mostly at the point. Yes, but since I was getting into coasters, I tried what was left at Geauga Lake.

Geauga Lake had cleaned up it's act when it was sold to Six Flags. It became "Worlds Of Adventure" and they combined what was once Sea World into a massive play place. Since they were the competition with the point, they went on a building spree and soon had some world class roller coasters. I don't know if all that $$$ spent really could keep up with Geauga Lake's soiled reputation and five years later they sold the whole sheebang guessed it, Cedar Fair.

Renaming all the rides to which they didn't have the rights (DC comics), Cedar Fair gave it a go. I'll argue they never had any intention of keeping it running. Cedar Point is where the money was made. Again, it was attendance, Most people come to Ohio to go to Sandusky or Cincinnati. Mmmm, but Geauga Lake had lots of land and fancy roller coasters to pillage. By the time I was there, they had lost two coasters as they were sent to other Cedar Fair parks. I had no lay flat coaster, that was moved to the King and had too much of a wait when I went there with my pass. The other went to some other park, a out-and back spiral inverted launch blah blah blah. There's one at Cedar point with spirals on both ends, the only one in the country to do so. It's one of my favorite rides.

100_3964.JPGGot a six shooter on my drink glass pardner. Don't move while I swill this whiskey or I'll put a BB in your bonnet. Ahhhh yes, the summer of 2007. You see, Geauga Lake was a hop skip and a jump off the freeway from where I worked. That year, I was working overnights, beginning my shift at 9:30. Geauga Lake would close at 9PM Monday thru Thurday, so it became a regular trip at least one a week, sometimes three times a week, when I would drive to the park, ride roller coasters for a few hours, leave, get food and then go to work. For that summer, I couldn't wait to go to work. If I went an hour earlier, I could get more rides on my favorite coaster, a B&M floorless coaster called the Dominator. I believe I rode that coaster 150+ times or so.

The Villain, was another story, but I rode it every time I was there as it was never very busy. It was rough as hell. The now out of business coaster designer Custom Coasters International would make hybrid coasters, wood track and steel structure. They would be fine for two or three years, but after awhile the trains would chew up the track making them incredibly rough which would then make the coasters less exciting as the park "toned down" the ride to make it less teeth jarring. Sometimes however, they let it fly and it was terribly fun getting banged around. Hence, this is a fading the Arrow steel coasters (another company that went belly up) they are decreasing in number each year.

Meanwhile, after my summer of good times good times, about 5 visits to the Point and one to the Island, there were rumors that Cedar Fair would close Geauga Lake at the end of the season and keep the water park (former Sea World) open. I did see the CEO of Cedar Fair on the next to the last day Geauga Lake was open, it was Octoberfest and he was walking around with a group of guys in suits, talking to the patrons, it seemed encouraging.

A few days later, it was announced that we all had ridden our last rides ever at the lake. It sucked. I'd still have a yearly Cedar Fair membership if Geauga Lake was still around. No, the CEO's name was Dick. That's what anybody who enjoyed Geauga Lake was after than year. Dicked.

100_3960.JPGA darker image. A sadder thought. When the water park opened sans the amusement park, I just went to the gift shop that was there. Yes, I did get another season pass, long story (there would be several trips to Cedar Point that year, I couldn't stay away because I had the coaster bug.) At the gift shop, they had a ton of old stuff from the park so I bought a few things and one was this shot glass. There were a few other things including a Charlie Brown and Snoopy fridge magnet overlooking a night time Geauga Lake....when it still had EVERY roller coaster including the two that were removed before the final season. If anything, seeing just the head of Geauga Dog, filthy and on sale for $450....was worth the price of admission.  So, this may be junk, but it's also a memory of a coaster I had the chance to enjoy and then see pictures of it's destruction as it was sold for $2500 for scrap.

Bummer. Junk Blog. -Ric

P.S. Yes this post was pretty much an expanded retelling of:

I don't care. I still miss the place.

Keychains Of Fingers

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100_3429x.JPGThe title I gave to this entry is another band from the 60's that I discovered but a few weeks ago. Boomer The Dog has a legal carrier current AM radio station and we were listening to it a few weeks back. A song that was really psychedelic came on and I had to ask what it was. Turns out it's a tune by The Pretty Things called "Bracelets Of Fingers" from the album "S.F.Sorrow". If you like all kinds of music and want to groove to the truly first concept album, you should buy it now. Of course, EMI didn't care and screwed the release. "Tommy" gets the credit as the first story telling album. Let's just say I'm a Pretty Things convert. First GD and then TPT. What's next? Arthur Brown? "I'm the GOD of JUNK"

Okay. I had to give these numbers. Rather than taking a picture of every key chain, in the interest of "that's too much work", I put a bulk picture.

1. Code A Phone- This was likely a premium to sell these wonderfully 70's and 80's devices, the tape drive answering machine. I don't recall that this was the best brand. I don't think it was. They key chain premium helped us crappy salespeople really push those pucks. 2. WIOT - More freebees from my finest radio gig. We gave these away whenever we did radio remotes. Woohoo! Cheap crap to hopefully gain you as a listener. 4. Charter- Yet another freebee. I actually had this bank for a few years for their free checking and the GE clock radio I got when I opened said checking account. This bank had branches in Louisville, so when I moved, I stuck with them. I believe I switched when they changed or closed my branch or I moved home. It's one of those. Who cares. 5. Pentastar- Yeaaaaahhhh Buddy. One to use, one to backup. This was for my 1989 Dodge Omni. The extra one with the extra key. I wonder if it would open the pancake of metal the car likely is by now.

Misnumbered... Well, you've seen this "flashlight" key chain in a previous post. It glows red. I've blocked the name to protect, well, I just blocked the name.

6. Can't Breathe! - This is a Panasonic key chain. When Panasonic was big into the VHS Camcorder market, they were losing sales to peeps that wanted a smaller camcorder. So, they came out with VHS-C.  People would buy these for compatability and yes they were smaller than their full sized camcorders. You took a mini VHS tape and recorded on it, then you had to load it into a battery powered adaptor and it spread the tape out to normal size.  Then you put it into a VCR and the sex juice from the porno that you just watched got on your VHS-C  tape so that when you put it back in the camera.... you came back to buy a VHS-C head cleaner. Did you remember the warranty? In order for Panasonic to sell more , they put tiny remotes in with the camera so that you could play it back without an adaptor or other VCR.  This is a key chain of that remote.  8MM from Sony was the winner of this match. BETA? Hahahaha.  7. HK- Promo for the Harmon Kardon company when they still made some of the best home electronics on the market. Many a Radiolawn was recorded on my TD302 which now has a shrunken faceplate and questionable play back. 8. Marlboro Country- one of the freebees you could get when you buy a carton of cigs before they stopped giving the promos. Cigs themselves are great right? Consider the blessing of having a cig and getting that Nicotine right in your system. HAHAHA. Don't smoke. Never will.  Someone must have given this to me. 

100_3430.JPG Here's 3. It's a  suggested promo item for my band Spudlok. I think I got two of these done at a car show. There was the possibility of making 500 of these so we could give them away at concerts. More things we could throw our no money away on. I don't think they'd let you put "F*CK YOU" on one of these. Well, you probably could. Have you seen the side show that sells junk like this at car shows? Brrrrrrrrrrr.

100_3434.JPG1. LOVE- I don't know why, but the same company with the gold plated flashlight thought it would be great to also give away this surplus 70's style key chain. It was retro. Something to be said about that right? RIGHT?  2. WNCX- See the WIOT entry from above. I loved glomming this cheap crap. 3. Gold Apostrophe- Yep. Another glom, from the company I worked for in Louisville. Nice and shiny. 5. WMMS - I really didn't like WMMS. They had the Buzzard Morning Zoo when I was growing up. Compared to Howie, it was mind numbing 70's and 80's HAHAHA MR. LEONARD crap radio.  However in the mid 80's, they were pretty much it to listen too while going to school. Don't know how I got this but likely it was from one of their remotes at a bar or a Browns game. 6. Lite- In case you're going to have a "cream of the crap" lite beverage and need to open it. Likely also yoinked at a bar. 7. 43 Nudes- This one was easy. It was given to me by my friend Bill who worked at 3WE, recommended me for the gig as he was leaving to work for a fledgling news broadcast at Ch. 43. We both earned next to nothing and it was fun as we never thought we'd get paid for doing something we enjoyed. 8. Ren and Stimpy- Even though I never had cable, my friend Bill did and we became big fans of the first two seasons of Ren and Stimpy. I bought this one. When those knuckleheads at Nick  fired the creator of the cartoon, it became one long fart joke and well, we bought our "George Liquor: American" elsewhere. His name was censored after that.

100_3436.JPGFinally, #4. This well worn, frequently masticated key chain was in use until the 1989 free key chain I got with my first NEW car the Dodge Omni. I can't even remember what symbol was in the center of this. I'm guessing it was a Chevrolet badge because that's what I owned until the new car. I also think it held the keys to the '73 Ford Gran Torino I owned. If this key chain could talk. It would say: "Wash your balls will ya." Maybe it would say: "Hey jackass, I'm not the key fob to a garbage scow, throw away some of that fast food debris." Or, it could say: "NO! Don't put me in the box because you got a new sexy bitch magnet like a powder blue Dodge Omni AMERICA. What does that key fob got that I haven't got? Besides, I have something going on with your Great Northern mall key chain for your house keys... please don't break US up..."


Negativland: RIP Don Joyce

This blog is to feature my junk box but sometimes it will feature tributes when I feel like it's needed and when I can tie it in to the junk theme.  First and foremost, I learned about the recent passing of a MAJOR influence on the "fun" side of my musical/radio career. Negativland has been on my radar since my friend Evan Ford played a piece called "Big 10-8 Place" on his avante garde show on WBWC. I made sure to get a copy of it. It was the most unusual piece I'd heard and it sent me down the rabbit hole. Within a few months we were emulating Negativland. We were performing free-form jams on the radio. Sound collage. We got better at it. My friends got in on it. Negativland came out with their "Escape From Noise" album and we were all in.

Don Joyce had a radio show at KPFA and met the Negativland guys when they were two guys that released an album while still in high school. (It was unusual to have a record in the early 80's because it was so damn expensive. Even more that it was an album of noise rather than rock and roll or new wave.) They charmed Don and he began performing sound collage and began working with Negativland, and from there became the unofficial voice of the band. He created so many characters and scenarios and "Over The Edge" became the longest running free form radio show.

IMGP0216.JPGHere's why I thought to post on the junk blog. They are hardly junk, but they don't get used because they have all been since released on CD. They are tape cassette releases on an edited "Over The Edge" show. The first two spotlighted "The Weatherman", David Wills and the next two spotlighted "Dick Vaughn" and "Pastor Dick" played by Richard Lyons. Endless catch phrases made it into our lexicon. "Jamcon" and "Moribund Music" were used on countless shows we did.

IMGP0217.JPGThere was no internet when these came out and Negativland "official" releases were all that was available on SST Records. "Escape From Noise" was a good cross of all members of the band. The follow up "Helter Stupid" was a true classic and was all about one of the media "hoaxes" Negativland pulled off. I remember listening to it VERY QUIETLY at work at Tokyo Shapiro when the reprise of "Christianity Is Stupid" came on and I raced to stop it. Too hip for the room. It wasn't until the new single from Negativland entitled "U2" created all sorts of fallout with SST and that became another chapter in the culture jamming world of Negativland. So, that they even released these tapes was an amazing feat and a great peek at the activity we couldn't hear every week. 

IMGP0218.JPGEnter "Spudlok". Bill Camarata and I put together a band where we played music in the back room of his CD store. When my tenure at WBWC was about over, we both thought we couldn't get enough of Negativland and their "jamming". We'd wet our whistle with the stuff we did with Evan Ford and by then, his predecessor Len Peralta's "Raw Nerve" show. We went into the studio at WBWC and did lots of what Negativland was doing. Connected odd sounds, disjointed comedy with sounds behind it and other nonsense. We created a 1/2 hour radio show and  called it "Under The Shelf"  Yep. Before the net. We'd make the noise ourselves.

IMGP0219.JPGWe did a few shows until we built up about 5 or 6 half hours. The idea was, we'd put the show on WBWC in it's own time slot. However, the station had changed and so did the format and the programmer. Our offers for a odd 1/2 hour show fell on disinterested ears. It was such an odd show that a formatted station playing hot rockin alternative "not a hit yet" music didn't think we could fit a nutty show. So, Bill had a connection with WCSB, the Cleveland State radio station.  Chas Smith (RIP) said he'd play our show on his "ESO Radio Network". The prime selling point is that our show had a specific INTRO and OUTTRO.  That's what got us on the air. What the hell did we care. We were on the air each week.

IMGP0220.JPGOf course, when WBWC management found out that we were producing a show  in their studios to air at WCSB, that meant bad things. We were asked to leave but by then, all of our friends were graduating or giving up on the station. I said goodbye to my first morning show. As you can see, we did almost 100 shows for WCSB. The majority of them were jamming and music and also some were features/replays of what we had done at WBWC. Most of the show was based on what Negativland was doing and Don Joyce was a huge part of the nonsense.  When we rebooted at WXUT in Toledo, a large part of what we did and what eventually got us all canned was jamming, parody and otherwise free form radio. My current tape show "Radiolawn" is largely made of the same free form radio, all brought to us by Don Joyce's "Over The Edge" and Negativland.

Farewell Don.  Keep talking. Keep Jamming.  ARF! -Ric