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Button Panel #4

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100_3498.JPGI had just a few more buttons to show, and one of them was, well, a little too off color for this blog, so I'm starting with the close ups of a few more buttons, and then I'll be out of buttons, except more buttons. This one is a nonsense one to promote our band Spudlok. When we did our radio show Under The Shelf, Bill and I said it was produced in "Spudlok Stereo" which doesn't mean anything. However we came up with a nifty logo, likely created on my Atart 800XL computer. Just a line with two asterisks. Get it. Like headphones. Get it? I said, GET IT? I think Bill made a few of these so we could pass them out at our hundreds of concerts we performed. GET IT?

100_3499.JPGNow at the top is another novelty pin purchased from the Wacky Pins R US store at the dead mall near you. It says "What if the whole world farted at once?" Well, that's a stupid question. We'd all have world peace. Ahhhh. Whirled peas? Hmmm. No, we'd probably all suffocate from the methane right? Hey, did Einstein ask such questions? Aristotle? Aeropostale?

Then, who are you going to call? Price Busters! If there's a store that is advertising what they will never have, who are you going to call? Price Busters! I don't remember what store this came from, but I'm assuming Northeast. It was like when a cardboard robot advertised that we're crushing our foam dollar signs. Electronika. What a mess of a promotion that was.

Meanwhile, it was more fun with the button maker at the radio station. Worf's head on , well I'm not sure whose body. This is what we did before they had Photo...sheop. Another one we created was for a gentleman, we'll call him John. See, John wasn't a fan of the type of radio we were doing and he was a bit on the shaky side. Natch, we had to have a one off novelty pin. There was a song written by Spudlok about the whole crew at the radio station when they converted to a "more commercial" sound. We were rebels. We were anarchists. We were hungry for the decadence fudge cake at a participating Denny's after the Friday avante garde  show. Ahhh, memmmmorieeees.  Plus, the Cindarelly pin you've already seen on this blog makes a full, rich, closeup pic.

100_3496.JPG...and finally... Excuse the bad photo effect. Hey, some of the crap just needs an edit because I's not smart to leave them out. At the bottom is a pin I wish I knew where I got it. It's for one of the worst songs ever. Aruba, Jamaica is another one. Geeze, "Who Let The Dogs Out " is another that I barf when I hear.  Why couldn't Spudlok have had the big hit lke the Baha Men? With songs like "Udder Football" or "Rad Motorbike Chick", it baffles the barf bag. The "Gift Counselor" buttons were likely from Tokyo Shapiro. Again, we didn't wear them. 

Nofeast and toke buttons you've seen. Another "Discover" button from a home improvement store. A Pioneer car CD player pin that looks really really late 80's early '90's "In Living Color" script. I do remember that Pioneer made bulletproof car stereo, except when you hooked them backwards and blew out the whole thing. Not under warranty. "It just didn't work!"

 The "Make It Happen" pins were from a promo at one of the joints I worked for when I lived in Louisville.  It was a bunch of rah-rah that I never was "rah rah" about. When you're not making much and paying off crushing credit card debt and you live behind a hourly motel, again, "rah rah".  Another Maximum Money Spend pin, and then a Depressed Modem pin. I never was a big fan of the Mode and I remember going to our music center to see them. Why? A band mentioned in the last blog entry, Nitzer Ebb, was appearing as their opening band. There wasn't that much excitement for Nitzer Ebb. They were largely a drum beat  and samples band. I loved em. So, I came for the Nitzer Ebb and stayed for the Depeche. Every teeny bopper pushed to the stage, we just sat on the lawn to "Enjoy The Silence." Hahahahahahaha. Ick. Junk Blog.


Button Panel #1

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100_3485.JPGWelcome to the near end of my button box junk posts. This is the panel of buttons I put together to make it easier to finish doing these button box junk posts. I have too many to tell stories about on an individual basis. It's just stupid stuff anyway. Again I had to use black dots of pain to cover up the guilty. On that button at the bottom, it was an "in memoriam" pin. I don't remember who the person was or why I came into possession of it. I could have left it out this picture, but I don't think so good. So, "black dots of pain" is that button. Dupe buttons are all over like "Dawg Gone". Not worth repeating.  Otherwise, here goes. 

100_3487.JPG A lot of these pins and in the following pin posts were created when a bunch of us were sitting around our college radio station WBWC with a pile of magazines and a button maker. If I get another Appliance Store button, I'll sic the black dots on them. The monkey was just one of those created at the radio station. The 70's equipment and microphone was a upgrade from the 50's radio crap we used to use. Hell, we thought it was bonus that we had a , what did they call them, a "compact disc" player? I think we got it when record labels started sending CD Singles to promote.  WCSB was another one of the radio stations I provided "content" for with our "Under The Shelf" show. 

You should know the story of Maximum Compact. Get it? Those are the dots and dashes that make up a digital signal. Bwa ha ha ha. Speaking of Nofeast, towards the end of my Parma store and the end of the company's tenure in Cleveland, we had a fly by night extended warranty company that sold coverages for your big screen about $200 less than other warranties at the time. They paid us pretty well too. Trouble was , they went under and guess who was left holding the debt? Lesson learned. We then had GE Financial backing our warranty. They cost more, but GE wasn't going anywhere right? As a company, we were, but not GE Warranty!  You know the handmade badge. It's for an obscure band called "Spudlok". Who would name their radio show "Under The Shelf" and their band "Spudlok"? Hmmmmmm.

100_3488.JPGNow, don't be shocked by the Nazi propaganda up on top. That's a button for the band "The Residents" and I believe that's a likeness of TV's Bill Shatner. I was a minor fan of The Residents, and we called them the "Kings Of The Avante Garde" over on the WBWC hosted by Evan Ford. My friend Bill was all in and knew every nook and cranny about the band that's most famous for appearing as four giant eyeballs. I just couldn't get too much of a groove for these guys. The button is from "Third Reich and Roll" which I wish I could say was a good album, but too odd for my tastes. Therefore I listened to Negativland! "Negativland Is Stupid" with the little Monopoly house was a symbol from their "Big 10-8 Place" album.  I really became a fan when they released "Escape From Noise" album. I covered the boys and their inspirations on me in this post: -- The mice button was from  a McPromo for some Dipsney feature that I don't know and don't remember. Maybe it was Cinderelly? Never saw it. "We're you anywhere near Chernobyl comrade?" "I don't remember." (Letterman, summer of '86.)

100_3486.JPGNow we're almost cooking with gas. I think we're cooking with Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagermeister. I made it into the liquor preferred by Bill Clinton. I think I got this button when I got throw uppity from drinking the stuff. I also have a steel stamped ashtray that says Whirlpool from the same night.  What did I do? What did I say? Did I really puke in the buckets used to hold up our radio station's tent? Did we really stop at a quick wash place to rinse the buckets out? 

There's a Zappa button. I like Zappa. I actually had a ton of Zappa and came close to having everything. Then, no job, no future, no rent money, hmmm, these Zappa discs over here gotta be worth something... Then of course, the famous Miami Vice pair of cops, Crockett and Geordi La Forge. Never mind they were a few centuries apart. Then, a self made Kraftwerk "Electric Cafe" pin. Being as this was the first CD I ever bought, it has become the most listened too CD that I own. Why not have a cheap B&W pin created with a xerox and Scotch tape? The Amelia Earhart button was from a previous post. More crap from Curtis Mathes. Well, it's cut off here, but it seems Dolly Parton needs a breast reduction and Nitzer Ebb is on a 10K run. ....and scene.  Button Panel #1, roll away,  adieu. 


Are We Not Men? We Are SOLO.

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100_3127.JPGHere's a great idea. Compact discs were all the rage, vinyl was dying it's slow death, and the only way to record and playback music or not worry about damaging/having stolen your CD collection was, the glorious tape cassette. This little device rocked my car for many hours and kept my "Kneedeep In The Hoopla Is The S*IT" recording off the radio music tastes rolling.  A few years later, I had a dealer. My friend Bill has his CD store and he had access to wholesalers that could get imports.   He came across this. I spent my didn't have money on it.  What is it? Why did I buy something that I've kept wrapped? Why did I buy the special edition "Unfinished" version of Beauty And The Beast on LASERDISC for $100 and proceeded to watch it only 3 times? WHY? WHY?

100_3129.JPG..for ART man. Yeah. That's it. Story is, Mark Mothersbaugh is one of the front man of a tiny little band from Akron, Ohio that nobody has heard of called DEVO. In the late 80's to early 90's DEVO wasn't all that. They were yesterday's bunny bitch. Tossed away from the brothers Warner as Devo's final album from the original line up, "Shout", landed like a drunken binge turd in a jail toilet.  "No No Devo".

So what was Marky to do? Cartoon soundtracks. He formed "Mutato Music" and was taking calls from the knuckleheads at NICK and douches at Dipsney and suddenly everyone was bopping to the solo sounds of "O Soy" or whatever the track was. We all bounced to the soundtrack of the Howie Mandel vehicle with the fat kid that talked like a baby and his exploits. This was hot rockin DEVO Non Gratis music. I bought into it. I bought two CD's volumes called "Musik For Insomniaks"  I'll admit to listening to them a whopping TWICE, but you know, they were music by the guy in DEVO! I mean, come on! I liked the disc of "Muzak" versions of Devo hits that was released earlier. Used a track or two for my crappy morning show.  Yes, being in radio, these were good songs for background musiK. Our parody of PeeWee's Playhouse would have been less good had we not had access to finer hits like "Xp137". (We did it for Under The Shelf and it was called Pewet's Outhouse and the secret word was "BLOW*OB" AHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

100_3130.JPGAhhh, very good Mr. Fat Hanz (TM) Show that I didn't open this to this day. I thought maybe I'd get my money back tenfold. You can look around on the intrawebs to see what the inside contains. You get the tape in cheesy ABS Gold, recorded on a Certron (TM) cassette. (See the orange swoop on the page? It's genuine Certron. Any nudnik that had a tape recorder in the 70's and 80's know this was the best of the worst, the cream of the crap, the 3 for $1 tape choice because we were kids. We had that quarter for allowance. ) There was also a deck of cards with pictures of the DEVO guy holding up his artwork. Japanese folk ate this crap up. Right? It was imported for poot heads that thought they were cool. It's the golden turd in my junk. But hey, it's worth MUCH. Accepting offers, minimum bid, ONE MEELION DOLLARS.

Of course, Devo came back in the 90's and MarkiePOO did the soundtrack to "The Shaggy Dog" (TV Version with the Whoa! Kid and Ed Begley Jr. and the chick who schtupped the fat guy on NYPD Blue.) I even got to see them live at Peabodys. A venue for bands going up, on the way down, or just gasping for air trying to make a buck. A few weeks earlier a then little known band called "Warrant" was opening for other hair metal bands. A scant 4 months later, they ate all the CHERRY PIE they could eat.  Meanwhile this tape and cards skyrocketed in value. Hahahahahahhahhahhahh *cough* Junk Blog.


Cheap Copier

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100_3015.JPGI'm sure they still make this stuff, or maybe they don't? Sure they do. Hell, youngsters would say, "whazzit" and "howzzit"  and even think it was for wrapping foodstuffs. No, even in the 80's, when I couldn't afford a DIME for COPIES, I got me some PRIMO MEAD CARBON PAPER. Black gold as Klinger called it when he denied Major Winchester a few slices to do his taxes.

See, at one time, the "photostat" (a copy of something) was the thing of fairy tales for non commercial users. If we wanted a copy of something, while we were typing it on typewriters (keyboards not on a screen) we would have to double what we were writing with a piece of carbon paper and a second sheet in the "typewriter." Oh yeah, if you made a mistake and were lucky to have an erasable "ribbon" on your "typewriter" or even an eraser WHEEL or eraser PENCIL , it still meant that your "carbon copy" was going to have that error. Back in my day...

Of course, times changed. Personal copiers became affordable, but anybody with the need to maybe run 15 copies a year would be nuts to spend that $300-500 on a copier. Of course, there was always 10 cents at the local drug store to whip out a copy, but "Dimes worth of gas, up my ass" was the saying. I was a cheapdog.

100_3013.JPGI needed to make copies of a script I was writing for the show I worked on called "Under The Shelf". A few folks from the college radio station I worked for agreed to read my horrible scripts, so I wrote a parody of either "Quantum Leap" or "Peewee's Playhouse" or some other inane attempt to be funny and hip. Could I run down the street to Drug Mart or the post office or Office Max copy center to make the extra copies I needed? Nahhh. Cheapdog.

100_3011.JPGI can see what I done writted! It's my tried and true "parody within a parody" scripting technique. (Hack) Actually, this technique is popular now with all the fancy TV shows and cartoons so maybe I was a pioneer. I had written "Stephen and Elyese" from Family Ties a part within my Under The Shelf parody. It appears Alex liked eggs and came home from school sick? Comedy ensued.

Seriously though, this is the kind of stuff we went through to make a copy. You see copiers now that are few and far between since everybody just takes a picture of it and sends it out. Simpler times and dirtier fingers. Anybody need some low mileage "Black Gold"?

Arf! -Ricochet

Negativland: RIP Don Joyce

This blog is to feature my junk box but sometimes it will feature tributes when I feel like it's needed and when I can tie it in to the junk theme.  First and foremost, I learned about the recent passing of a MAJOR influence on the "fun" side of my musical/radio career. Negativland has been on my radar since my friend Evan Ford played a piece called "Big 10-8 Place" on his avante garde show on WBWC. I made sure to get a copy of it. It was the most unusual piece I'd heard and it sent me down the rabbit hole. Within a few months we were emulating Negativland. We were performing free-form jams on the radio. Sound collage. We got better at it. My friends got in on it. Negativland came out with their "Escape From Noise" album and we were all in.

Don Joyce had a radio show at KPFA and met the Negativland guys when they were two guys that released an album while still in high school. (It was unusual to have a record in the early 80's because it was so damn expensive. Even more that it was an album of noise rather than rock and roll or new wave.) They charmed Don and he began performing sound collage and began working with Negativland, and from there became the unofficial voice of the band. He created so many characters and scenarios and "Over The Edge" became the longest running free form radio show.

IMGP0216.JPGHere's why I thought to post on the junk blog. They are hardly junk, but they don't get used because they have all been since released on CD. They are tape cassette releases on an edited "Over The Edge" show. The first two spotlighted "The Weatherman", David Wills and the next two spotlighted "Dick Vaughn" and "Pastor Dick" played by Richard Lyons. Endless catch phrases made it into our lexicon. "Jamcon" and "Moribund Music" were used on countless shows we did.

IMGP0217.JPGThere was no internet when these came out and Negativland "official" releases were all that was available on SST Records. "Escape From Noise" was a good cross of all members of the band. The follow up "Helter Stupid" was a true classic and was all about one of the media "hoaxes" Negativland pulled off. I remember listening to it VERY QUIETLY at work at Tokyo Shapiro when the reprise of "Christianity Is Stupid" came on and I raced to stop it. Too hip for the room. It wasn't until the new single from Negativland entitled "U2" created all sorts of fallout with SST and that became another chapter in the culture jamming world of Negativland. So, that they even released these tapes was an amazing feat and a great peek at the activity we couldn't hear every week. 

IMGP0218.JPGEnter "Spudlok". Bill Camarata and I put together a band where we played music in the back room of his CD store. When my tenure at WBWC was about over, we both thought we couldn't get enough of Negativland and their "jamming". We'd wet our whistle with the stuff we did with Evan Ford and by then, his predecessor Len Peralta's "Raw Nerve" show. We went into the studio at WBWC and did lots of what Negativland was doing. Connected odd sounds, disjointed comedy with sounds behind it and other nonsense. We created a 1/2 hour radio show and  called it "Under The Shelf"  Yep. Before the net. We'd make the noise ourselves.

IMGP0219.JPGWe did a few shows until we built up about 5 or 6 half hours. The idea was, we'd put the show on WBWC in it's own time slot. However, the station had changed and so did the format and the programmer. Our offers for a odd 1/2 hour show fell on disinterested ears. It was such an odd show that a formatted station playing hot rockin alternative "not a hit yet" music didn't think we could fit a nutty show. So, Bill had a connection with WCSB, the Cleveland State radio station.  Chas Smith (RIP) said he'd play our show on his "ESO Radio Network". The prime selling point is that our show had a specific INTRO and OUTTRO.  That's what got us on the air. What the hell did we care. We were on the air each week.

IMGP0220.JPGOf course, when WBWC management found out that we were producing a show  in their studios to air at WCSB, that meant bad things. We were asked to leave but by then, all of our friends were graduating or giving up on the station. I said goodbye to my first morning show. As you can see, we did almost 100 shows for WCSB. The majority of them were jamming and music and also some were features/replays of what we had done at WBWC. Most of the show was based on what Negativland was doing and Don Joyce was a huge part of the nonsense.  When we rebooted at WXUT in Toledo, a large part of what we did and what eventually got us all canned was jamming, parody and otherwise free form radio. My current tape show "Radiolawn" is largely made of the same free form radio, all brought to us by Don Joyce's "Over The Edge" and Negativland.

Farewell Don.  Keep talking. Keep Jamming.  ARF! -Ric