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It's A Mental Lunch Box , I Must Say

100_4291.JPGHi. How you? It's been a long time. Just a blip in productivity. We're in "Ashyebeeoh" mode, emphasis on B.O.! 8 episodes, now that's a season. That's not content.... Ahhh, don't worry. We're still here and I got a whole mess of crap to bring to you. I'll make time. I'm doing it for the Radiolawn show.  I loves me some web space and the dog that provides it. Now, here's Ed Grimley. 

He was a thing on SCTV. Martin Short's quirky (slightly drain bramaged) character who had a thing for playing triangle, dancing oddly and paprika. I really didn't see him on SCTV. I guess I never liked it. It was a "Kids In The Hall" kind of show. Oddball Canadian comedy   When Doug and Bob were so popular, I guess I watched a bit, but humor like that when I was younger was over my head. It wasn't until the summer of 1986 where David Letterman really opened my head. Of course, there was that one "inbetween" season of Saturday Night Live where they had experienced "name" talents like Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, and Martin Short. They captured lightning in a bottle. Even though they had an into to their show that was cartoonish like countless beer ads and CARS videos, it still is what I believe the best season.  Well, Ed Grimley had a few sketches during that season, and Pat Sajack would be proud.

100_4293.JPGI carried a lunch box for a year or so. It was made by Coleman I believe, and it was a large metal "Space 1999" lunch box. Eventually, the cheap metal got rusty and was either taken or tossed and I brown bagged or school lunched since. Of course they got smaller and plastic and of course they came with whatever they think they could sell. When it was announced that Ed Grimley  was coming to EnnBeeCee in a Saturday morning cartoon form, I was very much anticipating. It would be a fun show. Thirteen eps on Saturday morning. Most really quirky and funny. I had to go an get the lunch box. I think it was purchased from K-Mart along with 2 for three subs with linoleum lunch meats. 

100_4294.JPGYes girls, that arm and hand are single. So sexy yes? I guess the flash isn't that friendly to arm hair is it? The drinking jug that came with lunch boxes. I think my Space 1999 jug suffered from a lack of cleaning and fell to the mold. This never got the Kool Aid treatment. The Ed Grimley cartoon had a few supporting characters, including a fish and a rat. It was for kids, but was pretty adult. My favorite episode was the one with Martin Short playing a Vaudeville singer/songwriter Irving Cohen. "Dah Dah Dah, Dee Dee Dee and whatever the hell else you want to put in there".

100_4296.JPGI was a huge fan of the "Jewish Deli" sketch where Irving Cohen shot the home town with other "old Jewish performers" as they argued about what was on a Morey Amsterdam sandwich. Every week after my friends and I did our thing on "Evan Ford's Avante Garde Show" on WBWC radio, we would go to Dennys and "perform" the sketch out loud. I worked my way in as Brad Hall's "disgruntled waiter" character from the sketch and we performed it EXACTLY as it appeared with gaffs and all. Audio tapes of the sketch are all we had. I wish I would have taped our performance of it. Ahh, the memories.

100_4300.JPGI found a few extras that I stashed in the lunch box. It's one of those generally worthless baseball cards stashed in a box of corn flakes. We used to buy JUMBO boxes of corn flakes and I'd make an after school "Toilet Bowl" sized bowl of flakes with sugar on top. Believe it or not, it was my favorite snack as I latch keyed myself and waited for Mom to come home from work. I'm not a collector, but this "animated" card must be worth 3.00 or so. Maybe not. I'd give $20 for a collection of 7-11 Slurpee Cup puffy "space" stickers. They used to be a thing, but then "Big Gulp" used to be a HUGE 32oz it's 177 ounces.

100_4299.JPGFinally and totally 80's, these were another thing that was extremely popular in the late 80's early 90's. Everything came in day glo colors As I worked for a number of deceased electronics retailers , I got a lot of debris and promo crap. Harmon Kardon and JBL were one and the same. HK had the absolute best tape decks other than professional stuff. I bought one and many a show was recorded on it. JBL speakers were "meh" in the bass department, but they had the crispest and nicest treble response with their tweeters, but they had some of the best studio monitor speakers. Then there was Japanese stripper "Sony Tape" and her wonderful glasses. I bought about ten packs of Sony chrome tape from my gig at Tokyo Shapiro and they came with a free pair of these glasses. More than likely, I put these away to preserve history. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. My HK tape deck needs to be rebuilt. Boomer's garage can help. Fans, computers, transmitters, LED TVs and Monitors, even old AM only five transistor radios, Boomer makes it right. Just throw him a milk bone :)


Paper Caper

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100_4199.JPGDoes anybody still read Archie comics? Are they still making NEW Archie comics or are they reprinting the old ones in another "digest". Last time I saw they were still making Archie comics I was at a Borders superstore and it was a mini magazine in a giant stack of magazine debris on a table in their "Seattle's Best" coffee shop. I never understood why they allowed that to happen. It wasn't a library. They expected you to BUY what you are reading and getting stained with your double latte mocha fappisneezeass chimo and getting crumbs with your nutcheese danish, No, most Borders had stacks of books and magazines laying there as if nobody cared. Hmmm. Maybe part of the reason why they don't exist anymore?

So, If you read any Archie digest in the past few years, they would always name the short jokey features with some quick rhyming title. "Hooker Looker" or "Incontinence Matt Cat" or "Antidisestablishmentarianism Jizzm" . It was all fun to see what that wacky Jughead was up too. Yeah, I know, there was Hot Dog. Yes I know he had his own comic book series that I bought when his magic house turned Archie into a dog. Yes, I know I was a sucker for such shenanigans. Meanwhile, what the hell is this?

100_4200.JPGOH! Toilet Paper! It looks like the stuff you get at turnpike rest stops and gas stations and stadiums. Cheap, does what it's intended for, and you can clog a toilet with it with one mighty beefsteak. Nah. Why would they need to run ink at the end of the roll to let you know your roll is almost out? In most public rest rooms, to pardon the pun, you were S*IT OUT OF LUCK if you ran out during a particularly messy Taco Bell visit. You scrounged around for the sports page or better yet, used the sink as a bidet. I never did that. Really.

So here was the paper I had just mentioned in my last blog. It was printer plotter paper for Radio Shack's CGP-115 Printer Plotter. It used the exact same size of paper that Atari released for their computers. It was a little printer that actually DREW each word out with tiny little pens. If you wanted to print a "document", it would take forever... I'd imagine these were used as point of sale printers as that seems like all they were good for. Yes, you could make doodles and other crap, and I'd imagine now, with backwards technology, somebody somewhere has a way to make these print pictures. Wanna look? Alls I found was it's the Atari 1020 and it looks like it prints out a fancy Spirograph. It was more fun with a ballpoint pen and those plastic gear rings that somehow all got lost like Lite Brite pegs. Wow. Dating myself. Moving on.

100_4197.JPGWow! Value priced! It doesn't seem like much but to someone who was famous for "dime's worth of gas up his ass"  when I was working for 3.35 an hour and couldn't take one of my co-workers home in a snow storm because I didn't have the gas was a lot. Yes, I know. You've got to be kidding right? Well, my Monza got about 25 miles to the gallon....but I was rich enough to do doughnuts in the parking lot the next morning on a snow covered lot... The sins of the past. 4.95 for a box of paper? Yes, this was an investment for me.  I had to miss a late night salad or decadence dessert at a participating Dennys or two boxes of Mister Doughnut doughnut holes which could be left in a frozen Cleveland winter's Monza back seat and taste OH SO GOOD with all that FROSTING! I think this was just before I got the CD habit and started wasting my ka$h on the "Boing Boom Tschak"

100_4198.JPG  I was a HIPSTER even at 16 years old man. Hey man, I was like COOL man. Driving around in a "little brown nugget" with no tailpipe and lots of McD's wrappers in the back seat and aforementioned Mister Doughnut hole boxes. I was "one cool dood."  Mr. Fat Hanz is showing some of Mr. Gross Arm Hair to get all you female viewers hot and disgusted.  Since I had bought these, I just set them on my desk because the box was heavy. So, I made it into a "The Writer Is IN" or "The Writer Is Out" or "The Writer Is Away" or "The Writer is giving himself way too much credit for calling himself a writer and he's really a dumbass for putting a sign like this up because nobody but himself will see it. " Yeah, the stuff we did before the internet. In a few days it will be my 20th year on the net. "Mommas don't let your babies grow up using smartphones..." Oh, too late. It's funny that I still have these and the sign is still in tact. Like I'd ever get through all this paper? Like there was a market for a time for worthless accessory printer plotters? Like, really man. *cues TRUCKIN and packs a SHHHH Check it!*

100_4447.jpgAnd in the grand tradition of this junk blog, aiming to talk about one thing but digressing into another, here's the "Writer Biter" or "Blogger Vagina" or "Alternative Taco Bell Paper" I talked about. Yes, one of the many Archie comics spin offs, the short lived "Jughead's Pal Hot Dog". Imagine a nard like me going into "Collectors Warehouse and Poster Pit" at the corner of Ridge and Pearl in PARMA looking for the latest "Married With Children" issue and stumbling across this in the comic book stand.  OMIGOSH! Became part of the lexicon! The weird ray turned Arch and Reggie into pooches that looked like their human counterparts! Wow. They also grew collars! Amazing that ray!  A dog with a Reggie pompadour! Meanwhile DOGS into HUMANS! Mysteriously Hot Dog's friend didn't change with his collar. Does anybody care? Hot Dog has albino hair. See, the "RAY" made it happen so Archie and Reggie would be legal and that the DOGS see, knew how to speak the queens English! OMIGOSH! Add a few more pounds and a few more years and the human Hot Dog bears a sticking resemblance to.... SHHHHHH! *check it* (Thanks Beastie Boys.)  

100_4445.jpg GET SOME!!!!!!!!



100_4444.jpgJust like Columbo, "Just One More Thing Sir..." I'm sure if you're interested in seeing this exciting comic book for yourself, you can go to a collectors blah blah blah and blah blah. "Hart Doug. Er.. Doug Hartley" Gee, maybe if I wore a collar I'd have Betty come over and introduce herself to me and think I'm the cute bashful tongue tied type. Not a chance. Ahhh, the simplicity of Riverdale.  If you read comics, no doubt you wanted to draw them so you sent in your drawing to one of these mail order schools. This was in comic books for years. They also had pamphlets they gave away in supermarkets. I never hoped to draw "Cubby." I did however get "Tipsy" many times in my youth. Hey! I wonder if the Pirate was an inspiration for Johnny Depp? It looks like his nasal passage could hold many doubloons. No, I didn't have any hope of drawing back but I was just as stupid as the next Hart Doug so I enrolled in a mail order writing course. They sent me a book called "Writing for Children" which made the point of taking a course MOOT. It had all the instruction I needed.  Plus, my "instructor" didn't send back an assignment for six months and by that time I was writing every day on my first "Hack" radio gig on WBWC. OMIGOSH! Like what time is it man? *Koo Koo Koo Koo Ka Chew*


(Not So) Briefcase

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100_4433.JPG"What's the secret code to open the lock?" "Who knows, but there are only 999 possibilities on each tumbler, so get tumbling." "Couldn't we just break the cheap fiberboard skin of this damn case and see what exciting and top secret crap he's got in this case?" "No, that would be cheating, and then he'd know we were in this top secret high security case." "It's probably something uninteresting anyway, like the Col"s secret or McD's proprietary blue bin juice or maybe the nuke codes."

Briefcase. I used to carry one. Got it from Mom for Christmas. I was a real pro carrying this real leather case into electronics stores to go to work at close to minimum wage. I had this thing with me everywhere. It was my MURSE.   All my writing materials were in here. It doubled as a spot I could fit my fat ass and use as a seat. The Briefcase. The End. Junk Blog -Ric

100_4434.JPGOh. That old Junk Blog exit plan again. Try to escape with the easy out, but there's more pictures to show and pay tribute to this uninteresting but wonderful real leather smelling piece of crap. Yes, there's one thing to be said about the leather this was wrapped with, it still smelled of leather even after sitting in my attic or storage cabinet for 20 years.

So I'm guessing Mom wanted me to be a lawyer, so she thought if she bought me a briefcase, I would be inspired to fill it with briefs. No, no. I filled it with uninteresting writings and a mini shrine to Jerry Lewis.  Geeze, will you look how there was a oversized screw to hold the handle in? Plus, the dials on the lock mechanism were so fudged, it would have been impossible to try and dial in the combination, so a little prying with a screw driver got me into this "time capsule."

100_4435.JPG"Now we have access to Ric Cornpones secret briefcase vault, let's see what is doin' in here..." "Ha! You lose Geraldo! There ain't nuffin in there, but MMMM the wonderful smell of FART leather and dried masking tape." "No! No! There's so much more! You can feel the spirit of broken dreams and 99 cent SNAPPS cheeseburgers. Plus I believe there is a little essence of burning conveyor belt, Maalox, chippie dippies, 2.00 videotape,  Frank sweat, CB38 and p*ss trough..." "Wow, that Ric Cornpone lived a Parma life didn't he?" "Where's juvy?"

This is part of the reason why this was retired, but only partially true. It had become a mess. The outside LOOK of the case was still fine, but besides losing a handle pin, years of fat ass sitting on this had separated the bottom of the case. What? Use glue to fix it? You were into model air planes when you were really young, why not run a bead of plane glue across it and hit it with the Zip Kicker (TM)? Nope. Use masking tape. Everything was masking tape for those few years. I used to make cheap costumes out of masking tape. Never mind that it dries out pretty quick and leaves a mess when you take it off. The tape that is.

100_4437.JPG"Dude, we tried to gimmick the system, but we could have gotten access through the hole in the fuselage!" "Can we stop now, this is silly. Retire this POS, it's done.""NO! We make fix! Not Fubar!" "What are you SONY trying to fix a STRAV-970 receiver for the fourth time?""Man the references just keep getting deeper and deeper. The writer of this blog must want us to go anywhere else until this blathering is over.""Hey, you know, if we hit that counter just right with a roll of tape, we can knock the personal tape cassette stereos off, and keep score who gets the most hits.""Okay, let's do it. No customers and only Peoples Court to watch...."

Yes, this happened from fat ass damage. You can't sit on these. Eventually they will give in and then get more damaged each time you open them. Duh. Indeed I used this case a lot. When it started to age I added stickers to the inside. I used to carry my "Browns" collars locked away in here. (Gee, that's right, we're the DAWGS right?) Finally, I was given a new soft sided "Secret" briefcase by the station I worked for. (We all got one as a Merry Christmas bonus. Har Har Har.) I resisted using it. But, when the damage above got too severe to Mr. Briefcase...

100_4436.JPGSo, the end time stickers. The first was for an industrial band called "Front 242". I was only a fan in passing, preferring the Ministry band of merry heroin consumers. I believe "Front By Front" is the only album I own by them as well as a few singles. I couldn't get a groove on with them. The sticker came free either from Maximum Compact or WBWC, and I put it here rather than sequestering it in my "pain" archives.

The "Mask" sticker, I have no idea where that came from. I'm guessing from a give away pile at a video store. Maybe Citrus Methoski? I  didn't see any of the early Jim Carrey films, no Pet Detective and no "The Mask". I believe the first movie I saw in the theater with Jim Carrey was "The Truman Show", which was a good flick and "Man On The Moon" which was an even better performance. So, sticker off it's backing, and on to the briefcase. No big whoop.

100_4438.JPGIn 1994, I bought a Saturn SL. It was their base model. It did come with window cranks. Suddenly I was part of a "USA Pride" club. I hadn't owned a foreign car yet, and now I had a new small car that stood up to Toyota and Honda and Nissan and said "Look, we're still  not as good as you, but we're working on it...and we don't RUST." I loved mine. No air conditioning and stick. It was NEW. It didn't feel like the proletariat tractor that my Dodge Omni was.  Best feature was the plastic body panels. My car could look old, but look old without a speck of rust. YAY! I got the pin with the car. So, the pin became a permanent part of my briefcase, and suffered as much damage as my car did, but it still showed Saturn pride. Never mind that after a few years, they couldn't compete, introduced cheap cars based on Opels and then turned the namesake small car into the ION with the speedometer in the center. Good bye Saturn.

Of course, I retrieved the pin before I trashed this case and decided to tell it's tale on this blog. I have been keeping it for so many years when it was taking up space in my attic, and wasn't really the type of junk worthy of keeping for some obscure reason. Somewhere in a landfill, Jim Carrey is "Ssssmoookin".


Button Panel #1

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100_3485.JPGWelcome to the near end of my button box junk posts. This is the panel of buttons I put together to make it easier to finish doing these button box junk posts. I have too many to tell stories about on an individual basis. It's just stupid stuff anyway. Again I had to use black dots of pain to cover up the guilty. On that button at the bottom, it was an "in memoriam" pin. I don't remember who the person was or why I came into possession of it. I could have left it out this picture, but I don't think so good. So, "black dots of pain" is that button. Dupe buttons are all over like "Dawg Gone". Not worth repeating.  Otherwise, here goes. 

100_3487.JPG A lot of these pins and in the following pin posts were created when a bunch of us were sitting around our college radio station WBWC with a pile of magazines and a button maker. If I get another Appliance Store button, I'll sic the black dots on them. The monkey was just one of those created at the radio station. The 70's equipment and microphone was a upgrade from the 50's radio crap we used to use. Hell, we thought it was bonus that we had a , what did they call them, a "compact disc" player? I think we got it when record labels started sending CD Singles to promote.  WCSB was another one of the radio stations I provided "content" for with our "Under The Shelf" show. 

You should know the story of Maximum Compact. Get it? Those are the dots and dashes that make up a digital signal. Bwa ha ha ha. Speaking of Nofeast, towards the end of my Parma store and the end of the company's tenure in Cleveland, we had a fly by night extended warranty company that sold coverages for your big screen about $200 less than other warranties at the time. They paid us pretty well too. Trouble was , they went under and guess who was left holding the debt? Lesson learned. We then had GE Financial backing our warranty. They cost more, but GE wasn't going anywhere right? As a company, we were, but not GE Warranty!  You know the handmade badge. It's for an obscure band called "Spudlok". Who would name their radio show "Under The Shelf" and their band "Spudlok"? Hmmmmmm.

100_3488.JPGNow, don't be shocked by the Nazi propaganda up on top. That's a button for the band "The Residents" and I believe that's a likeness of TV's Bill Shatner. I was a minor fan of The Residents, and we called them the "Kings Of The Avante Garde" over on the WBWC hosted by Evan Ford. My friend Bill was all in and knew every nook and cranny about the band that's most famous for appearing as four giant eyeballs. I just couldn't get too much of a groove for these guys. The button is from "Third Reich and Roll" which I wish I could say was a good album, but too odd for my tastes. Therefore I listened to Negativland! "Negativland Is Stupid" with the little Monopoly house was a symbol from their "Big 10-8 Place" album.  I really became a fan when they released "Escape From Noise" album. I covered the boys and their inspirations on me in this post: -- The mice button was from  a McPromo for some Dipsney feature that I don't know and don't remember. Maybe it was Cinderelly? Never saw it. "We're you anywhere near Chernobyl comrade?" "I don't remember." (Letterman, summer of '86.)

100_3486.JPGNow we're almost cooking with gas. I think we're cooking with Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagermeister. I made it into the liquor preferred by Bill Clinton. I think I got this button when I got throw uppity from drinking the stuff. I also have a steel stamped ashtray that says Whirlpool from the same night.  What did I do? What did I say? Did I really puke in the buckets used to hold up our radio station's tent? Did we really stop at a quick wash place to rinse the buckets out? 

There's a Zappa button. I like Zappa. I actually had a ton of Zappa and came close to having everything. Then, no job, no future, no rent money, hmmm, these Zappa discs over here gotta be worth something... Then of course, the famous Miami Vice pair of cops, Crockett and Geordi La Forge. Never mind they were a few centuries apart. Then, a self made Kraftwerk "Electric Cafe" pin. Being as this was the first CD I ever bought, it has become the most listened too CD that I own. Why not have a cheap B&W pin created with a xerox and Scotch tape? The Amelia Earhart button was from a previous post. More crap from Curtis Mathes. Well, it's cut off here, but it seems Dolly Parton needs a breast reduction and Nitzer Ebb is on a 10K run. ....and scene.  Button Panel #1, roll away,  adieu. 



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Choc-O-Jet! The band was No Trend. (Junk Blog infraction-- ) Actually, Choc-O-Jet, as I remembered was a device for dispensing a chocolate flavored beverage. It seemed like it was for hot cocoa but I remembered maybe for a chocolate drink like a YooHoo? Funny thing was, it was a brand I saw everywhere but never meant anything to me. Hell, it was only a few years back when the ice makers in hotels and bars started meaning something to me. I'm funny that way. Hoshizaki has pretty much run away with the hotel ice maker business. I'm still a fan of Manitowoc. Them's good ice makers.

Meanwhile, technically I got my earliest start on radio at a college station. WBWC. A friend had a radio show called "Evan Ford's Avant Garde Show"  (EFAGS for short) and my friend Pete and I, when we formed a band called "The Unedible Two" , would take our stuff up to his show, he'd interview us and we'd play our tune.  It was a tradition when my friend Bill and I had formed "Spudlok", and did the same thing. Record song that night, put it on Evan's show later in the night, then go to Dennys. Repeat. Perform the "old Jewish stars at a restaurant when in walks Gumby" sketch from SNL over burgers and "Decadence" cake. Good Times. Good Times.  I sorta had my foot in the door and then started helping the guy who said "Wait, WBWC signs on at 10am? Why is there no morning show?" Therefore I was on my way to radio obscurity.  Meanwhile "Choc-O-Jet" by No Trend was one of the songs Evan played on one of the tapes I made. How's that for obscure. I remember the tune plain as day.

So what the hell? It's Thanksgiving 2015 and I must have the Turkey DT's. Actually, the above object is a nice tin, given to me by someone that had gone to Germany and brought back like $100 worth of these. Because it's in a tin, and I like them tins, I've kept it. Nothing in it, but what was in it was a great help to me. Made in Germany. Kraftwerk. Um... Kraftwerk. Um... ahh.. VOLKSWAGEN.  Daka Daka in your German car? SCHO-KA-KOLA!

100_3117.JPGWell well. They can't sell this in America. It's a dark chocolate but it has caffeine added. Lots of caffeine. Of course, you look on the 'Zon and you can buy a tin for $7, so have a Hershey bar and a Starbuxx coffee and you'll get the same thrill and save some change. Of course, to say Hershey's is as good as the flavor of this chocolate would be to say "Bud tastes the same as Paulaner." Um, German purity law? Strike 17 for Bud. "Excuse me Klaus Roeder, where is the men's room?" "Eeet ees de vun mit Bud un ze door" 

My friend gave this too me when I was working in morning radio and yet, using my weekends to drive from Toledo to Memphis, TN to party with friends I had met on the net. I'd have to leave at 4PM Memphis time to get home for a 5am start time at the radio station. Needless to say, many a Dew and drumming acrobatics with the window down would keep me awake for the ride home. I was younger. I could drive 11 hours and still be ready to rage. Um, well,  I would fake that I was ready to rage. I didn't drink coffee back then, so I had the next best thing. A slice of this dark chocolate.

Yeah, I wasn't getting that much of an effect from it, but I considered it a real help those times when I was less than awake. By the time the tin was done, that was about the time I moved to Louisville and cut 6 hours out of my trip. Nuff said. I suppose they don't want this sold in America because of the protests about it being marketed for kids. They are getting a hard time about caffeine in peanut butter. They had a hard time with it being in cheap fruity beer-booze. Peeps can OD on caffeine and die from it. Boy, it should be ILLEGAL because WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? (Stossell Sux)  -Ric

Negativland: RIP Don Joyce

This blog is to feature my junk box but sometimes it will feature tributes when I feel like it's needed and when I can tie it in to the junk theme.  First and foremost, I learned about the recent passing of a MAJOR influence on the "fun" side of my musical/radio career. Negativland has been on my radar since my friend Evan Ford played a piece called "Big 10-8 Place" on his avante garde show on WBWC. I made sure to get a copy of it. It was the most unusual piece I'd heard and it sent me down the rabbit hole. Within a few months we were emulating Negativland. We were performing free-form jams on the radio. Sound collage. We got better at it. My friends got in on it. Negativland came out with their "Escape From Noise" album and we were all in.

Don Joyce had a radio show at KPFA and met the Negativland guys when they were two guys that released an album while still in high school. (It was unusual to have a record in the early 80's because it was so damn expensive. Even more that it was an album of noise rather than rock and roll or new wave.) They charmed Don and he began performing sound collage and began working with Negativland, and from there became the unofficial voice of the band. He created so many characters and scenarios and "Over The Edge" became the longest running free form radio show.

IMGP0216.JPGHere's why I thought to post on the junk blog. They are hardly junk, but they don't get used because they have all been since released on CD. They are tape cassette releases on an edited "Over The Edge" show. The first two spotlighted "The Weatherman", David Wills and the next two spotlighted "Dick Vaughn" and "Pastor Dick" played by Richard Lyons. Endless catch phrases made it into our lexicon. "Jamcon" and "Moribund Music" were used on countless shows we did.

IMGP0217.JPGThere was no internet when these came out and Negativland "official" releases were all that was available on SST Records. "Escape From Noise" was a good cross of all members of the band. The follow up "Helter Stupid" was a true classic and was all about one of the media "hoaxes" Negativland pulled off. I remember listening to it VERY QUIETLY at work at Tokyo Shapiro when the reprise of "Christianity Is Stupid" came on and I raced to stop it. Too hip for the room. It wasn't until the new single from Negativland entitled "U2" created all sorts of fallout with SST and that became another chapter in the culture jamming world of Negativland. So, that they even released these tapes was an amazing feat and a great peek at the activity we couldn't hear every week. 

IMGP0218.JPGEnter "Spudlok". Bill Camarata and I put together a band where we played music in the back room of his CD store. When my tenure at WBWC was about over, we both thought we couldn't get enough of Negativland and their "jamming". We'd wet our whistle with the stuff we did with Evan Ford and by then, his predecessor Len Peralta's "Raw Nerve" show. We went into the studio at WBWC and did lots of what Negativland was doing. Connected odd sounds, disjointed comedy with sounds behind it and other nonsense. We created a 1/2 hour radio show and  called it "Under The Shelf"  Yep. Before the net. We'd make the noise ourselves.

IMGP0219.JPGWe did a few shows until we built up about 5 or 6 half hours. The idea was, we'd put the show on WBWC in it's own time slot. However, the station had changed and so did the format and the programmer. Our offers for a odd 1/2 hour show fell on disinterested ears. It was such an odd show that a formatted station playing hot rockin alternative "not a hit yet" music didn't think we could fit a nutty show. So, Bill had a connection with WCSB, the Cleveland State radio station.  Chas Smith (RIP) said he'd play our show on his "ESO Radio Network". The prime selling point is that our show had a specific INTRO and OUTTRO.  That's what got us on the air. What the hell did we care. We were on the air each week.

IMGP0220.JPGOf course, when WBWC management found out that we were producing a show  in their studios to air at WCSB, that meant bad things. We were asked to leave but by then, all of our friends were graduating or giving up on the station. I said goodbye to my first morning show. As you can see, we did almost 100 shows for WCSB. The majority of them were jamming and music and also some were features/replays of what we had done at WBWC. Most of the show was based on what Negativland was doing and Don Joyce was a huge part of the nonsense.  When we rebooted at WXUT in Toledo, a large part of what we did and what eventually got us all canned was jamming, parody and otherwise free form radio. My current tape show "Radiolawn" is largely made of the same free form radio, all brought to us by Don Joyce's "Over The Edge" and Negativland.

Farewell Don.  Keep talking. Keep Jamming.  ARF! -Ric