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Rolley Coaster Mutt

100_4384.JPG"HI! *pant* *Pant*. Lookit what I GOT! *pant* It's a FAKE FLYING DISC. *pant* *pant* You can THROW IT TO ME if I let YOU, and I will DO THAT because it's FUN. *pant* But I will maybe catch it OR MAYBE I WILL NOT! *pant* *pant. MAYBE I will be all like YOU FETCH IT, I AM TOO BUSY!  I have ANOTHER TOY which I have now but you can THROW IT TO ME if I let you! *pant* Who is FETCHING for WHO? *pant *pant. When is food? Give me food. I want FOOD. Will there be FOOOD soon? *lick* OH NO I DROPPED IT and you THREW IT! GOTTA GO GO CATCH......."


Ugh.  Wait, I thought you were going to focus on what the cheap stuffed toy with a famous rolly coaster park advertisement was thinking and saying? I thought this post was going to be a fun whimsical look in the lives of stuffed dogs! I thought this junk blog was about why an idiot like me has them laying all around his house because they all have some special meaning?  Now you show us what looks to be a famous doggie party hat? What did you used to play PHOTON In this hat? (Yes a callback to an earlier post on this blog.) Get on with it!

100_4387.JPG"HI! *pant* *pant* I've GOT the toy! It's MY toy! Now if you want to THROW my toy, you'll have to TAKE IT FROM ME and you can do that by FOOD. Gimmie FOOD. No, wait *pant* *pant* Why do I have this STRANGE PIECE OF S*IT sitting ON TOP OF ME? *Pant* OH YES! You got it from the DOLLAR STORE where everything smells like PLASTIC FOOD *pant pant* Even the WATER smalls like PLASTIC! *pant* I want WATER! Oh yeah. GIVE ME WATER in this thing on my HEAD! No DONT! I dropped my TOY. I will chase it after I have a a nice DOGGY MARTINI, shaken not stirred you ASSWIPE!"

100_4383.JPGCedar Point. Every Clevelander had Cedar Point to brag about when we had nothing else. The river caught fire in the 70's but come to Cleveland because we have CEDAR POINT. Actually, we had Geauga Lake and Sea World in the summer. Did they keep those big whales in small tanks when it was 1978's Blizzard here in the East? Think of the cruelty! Nah, lets think what any disco era swinger was thinking in 1978.... Got any COKE? Let's go have lots of SEX in the back of my rusty Vega!

Now, you think of Cleveland, it's the RNR Fame thingy, that food guy, oh yeah the 2016 World Champ Cavs And 2016 American League Champ Injuns and 2016 Calder Cup Minor League Hockey winners the MONSTIRZ, most of you think "Rock Hall" and Cedar Point: The Amazement Money Suck.

I started going with a batch of co-workers from McDonalds. They liked the sky ride, gondolas that rode across the park on a steel cable, because it was the only place you could get really really high in private while being really really high. It was a giant carnival when I started going which had just added the most unexciting ride and my first "coaster" .  "Toboggan Run. " It was as advertised. A huge car that took you down a large track through various turns and was thrilling if you were 7 years old. Then we went on a real challenge. "The Corkscrew". That one gave me nerves, but after I flipped upside down and twisted and didn't throw up, I was good. Bring on that burlap sack you sat on while going down that big slide! I saw it on the Banana Splits and I always wanted to do that. Hey, maybe I'll fall flat on my face trying to run up the slide. Now that's a thrill! 

It changed after that. Now they began a "war" to add the latest and greatest rolly coaster dealies and well, because "Americas Roller Coast" or what have you. I went back several times but as I got "serious" about my crappy gigs and then found radio and didn't have time and then moved away and came back...and added a few pounds... lemmie repeat I won't...

A few years back, one of my good friends started telling me about how he was a member of "American Coaster Enthusiasts" and knew a lot of details on who made said coaster, what "cars" said coaster used and in other words, a coaster geek. We went to said POINT and  Busch Gardens in Tampa where I was more interested in the YUENGLING plant just a stones throw away.  So I became a coaster geek by extension was hooked on coasters again. That year, I got a seasons pass to all the parks associated with Cedar Point which meant I could go to Cleveland's GEAUGA LAKE virtually every day because it was on the way to work my third shift gig. Perfect. Seasons Pass, free parking, free rides, a few hours, grab some Subway for dinner, go to work. Thrilling summer. Geauga Lake closed after that year. (BITCH)

100_4388.JPGIn the every changing winds for the "Roller Coast", for many years they had a "challenge park" where after you left the park and were walking to your on site hotel, they could challenge you to part with more of your money on go-karts or a big bungee jump or some other crap. They also had an 80's "Arcade" which was a shadow of it's 80's self. Inside they had a claw machine and it was filled with the above. I professed that I was good at these said machines, especially the ones that aren't "rigged so good." (Yes, every claw machine you see has settings for how much OOMPH is on the claw. You can't pick up a brick with a plastic spork unless KFC has deemed you to get the LYSLAW on the buffet. Then if it's not cemented in with every other less than $5 piece of crap, you'll WIN after you spent $10. YAY!)

However these machines didn't have any tricky stuff, everyone with any aiming skill was a WINNNNEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" I guessed these were last years toys and they needed to get rid of them. I got one right away, my friend got one on his first try. Instinct was to clean the machine out and sell these on FLEA BAY, but these didn't fall out of riders pockets only to get a phone call from the person who bought your "lost"  phone asking for the key to unlock it. (Yes, on another trip, this happened to my friend..)

Oh, and the Snoopy thing on top of the claw machine "memory" is a dog dish. You pour water in it when you're on the hiking trail and then fold it up when your pooch isn't drinking. It was purchased from a dollar store near you, then when I took it out of the bag and realized I'd just spent a dollar on nothing, I thought it looked like a party hat for canines. LEGION!  I got the base! Oh that F-IN Predator scored off of me while I was laying there in leg cramp pain! SCORBOCHECK wins the game during the $10 all you can play from 9 to noon on Sundays. OOOPS! Friday night at 11... Time to go to the Avante Garde show! Lets get into character! Dennys aftershow. "No NO Ya Spatula Head!" JANDEK IS GOD! Morey Amsterdam sandwiches all around. DECADENCE for DESSERT! Hey, lets tip the pregnant waitress ALL YOU HAVE IN YOUR POCKET!  *whew* Well thank you 1987.  


Alt Studio

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100_4347.JPGMan. If mixing boards could talk. "Hey mate, do you know you have the F-IN BEATLES in there?" ""This could be the best Rock And Roll I've ever mixed from a band made of LED" "OHMIGOSH Just spike me with 220, this Hendrix Guy...""Roll me another "J" for this song "Truckin"" "I'm GAGA over this LADY" "I'm really DOWN for this SYSTEM" Okay, I'll stop. This board is more like... "Why are you wearing that spaghetti pot on your head?" "Why would I want Breakfast at Uncle Louies?" "OH! You're EM1 and He's EM2 so you're BOTH OF 'EM...hahaha.." "Olson NWS, who? Lubin? Get out of my store!" "Awwww Ricochet, not another Radiolawn show..."

Gemini's finest. A basic "Disco Mixer", that was my main mixing board for years and years. Way back when I got an actual "band" called "Unedible Two", I started recording by having a tape recorder and plugging the outputs of musical devices directly into the recorder. Okay if you wanted to record it directly, bad if you then wanted to add vocals while you were recording said musical devices. The audible "click" as you plugged in the microphones to your dual input jacks just didn't make it a "good" recording. Enter this mixer. $100 from your local Olson NWS store next to Leathers Deli in the Fairview Park Shopping Center. See Walt for photos.

Who knows why these were carried. Gemini was at the time making "pro" stuff that ranged from okay to "check those speakers before they leave to make sure they work." I got this mixer and was off to the recording races. A Sanyo tape deck, Gemini condenser microphones, tons of adapters and connectors, and we were a band.  Plus, I recorded my solo stuff "Singin Inside A Bucket" was the aforementioned song where I used my mom's big spaghetti pot over my head as an unusual way to alter my voice. Want to hear it? Nahhhh. It's in the vault.  It was used as an alt-board when I had my real chance at obscurity "Spudlok", but my band mate had a better consumer board that had separate stereo selectors for two of his channels, which was high tech to me. 

Later this board became the workhorse to recording my "Radiolawn" show. At least 150 shows were banged out on this board. I do remember when Boomer and I tried to run a pirate station at a convention we were at how BAD this board was. Take a FM transmitter and run it through the cheese cloth that is this board and you have more HUMMMMMM than Pigpen's harmonica. (Okay Dead Heads, I'm sorry for that one.)

In bad need of some rewiring and maybe some shielding, I got a new board that had all the fancy bells and whistles and this was relegated to my turntable pre-amp. That was until I went alt-Windows and my studio went "HOOWEE". You see, the new computer didn't play too well with what I was used too, and that meant it became very tough to record in that state. Causing me to go old school and set up an old style "Alt Studio".

100_4348.JPGGee, that was two computers ago. Look at the size of that BOX! A man BUILT THIS, it's Winners EXPEE.  It's a NON USB WHEEL MOUSE! GASP! Do you know how much that antique is WORTH? You mean that computer only has THREE USB Ports and they are ALL ON THE BACK OF THE MACHINE? Where is the rock you got this from under? Didn't they bury these in the desert like Atari E.T. Cartridges? Wait! Under that BOX! Hiding in PLAIN SIGHT! Is that a cheap scanner so obscure that ALT WINNERS never heard of a DRIVER? It hooks in with what? A Serial Port???? You talkin' CHEERIOS Here?  PS2 all the way on that keyboard and mouse. Way to score quality!

Well, the picture doesn't say all of that, but I had to go back a few generations of computer and set it up in the basement to make my "Alt Studio". Why? Because IT WORKED! I remember getting this computer from Boomer because it was faster and could show video like the early You Toobs. I watched the live internet only broadcasts from Hurricane Katrina on this computer. More important, when I turned it on, set up to record, I recorded and the show came out like I wanted. No "that's not what I wanted" or "why won't this work?" or "why is it doing that" or 'work...damn you..just WORK..."

100_4349.JPGYes, while people floated on the boxes of "Spap Ooop" from the flooded A&P down Bourbon street, I watched it all unfold with this computer from the comfort of my Yuengling fuelled central nervous system using "Alt -" Samsung's finest 17" viewing device. It was only my second monitor, first being a Packard Bell 12" "orphan"  monitor. ("Orphan" because it was broken away from an entire system so it didn't have an official model number.  I found out later from an FCC registry site that it was made by our good friends at TATUNG.) Ahhh, the memories of how Yuengling used to come in 22oz "Bomber" bottles and how you could peel off the clear plastic labels and put them on other things. This one lasted the longest. "Samtron" brand was Samsung's attempt to make cheaper stuff to sell to suckers like me. Isn't that what Samsung was about anyway back when?  My monitor never blew up....

100_4346.JPGSo there it was save for the portable CD player I hooked into the alt board to play the Radiolawn intro/outro and other junk like background music. Yes, I know, I was using a system capable of multi tracking but that takes TIME. I always try to do my shows as live as they possibly can be with a minimal amount of post production. What? Am I going to save that really good belch or me freaking out "work you piece of S*IT! WORK!" for future generations to realize I was a lazy ass buffoon with a microphone that smelled like a Yuengling? Yeah. Of course I used my beer boxes to help me set this mess up. I even recorded three episodes down here before Boomer game me a really small desktop computer with Winners XP on it. I was able to have an alt computer in my studio again so I didn't have to drag mikes and equipment down to my basement and endure seconds of extra processing time while the computer was "saving data".  Wahhhhhhhh! You could use the exercise.

Oh yeah, Christmas is coming... So good you didn't pack away those Christmas lights. You can just pick them up off the floor and hang them back where they were outside in just a few weeks. Dumb-ass. -Ric

Beer Boxes Make Good Junk Storage

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100_4343.JPG"Hey, can I take your last beer?"


"We'll SPLIT IT!" 

Ahhh, a great line from the movie STRIPES. I thought I would take a minute to say, yes, I drink beer. Yes, for a time, I was saving the cartons the beer came in. When you bought bottles in a case format, you got one hell of a carton. It could hold that precious 24 pack of soldiers with care. I bought a lot of one particular brand. Sorry California and most of the Western United States. Yuengling is still a regional brew. Coors used to be right? That's what Smokey and the Bandit was about right?

 You see it all began when the Pittsburgh brewing company had a brewing glitch. I was back in Cleveland from Louisville. I still liked "Falls City Lager" which you could only get in Louisville, so I'd always bring back 4-5 cases when I went down south. Brewed by? Pitt brewing. Then, I would go to see Boomer The Dog about once a month and a beer store near his place (back when you could only buy beer in Pitt by the CASE and only from a distributor) had a beer called J.J.Wainwright's Evil Eye Honey Brown that they sold for 8.99 a case! It actually was a good beer! I'd buy two or three cases from there. I also sort of liked Pitt Brewing's amber beer beverage in the aluminium bottles Augustiner.

It was the perfect storm when I had cases of all three beers at my house and all three of them started having a "spoiled" flavor, and all shared the same sour taste that got worse as time went on.  I wrote to the brewery and their response was "likely caused by storage at different retailers". Hmmmm. Three different beers bought in two separate places that may have been brewed in the same unclean tanks causing all to have the same "odd" sour flavor. What was a Beer Advocate like me to do. 67 beers down the drain!!!! *sob**sob*

100_4345.JPGEnter the Yuengling beer company. They had been around forever and it looked like the beer store in Pitt sold tons and tons of it. We couldn't get it here in Ohio, so I "imported" my beer beverages once I tried all their beers. Granted, they are nothing really spectacular. The difference is, it's different. The Amber Lager is their biggest seller and well, I think it kicks the beer butt of any of the other non craft beers save for Pabst. I have a friend that says it's too sweet but he also thinks since Bud was bought out, their quality has gone downhill. I'll have to agree with that. Yuengling also is one of the only beer companies to keep brewing a Porter beer all this time. They also have a Black and Tan, a "Miller" like Premium, and good ol' Lord Chets. It's also a rare throwback ale not unlike Ballantine. It's more expensive, but I like it.

You know, I never would have switched to Y! (as I call it) if Pitt brewing would have given me a little good will. Even if they would have said "we'll check into the problem." They didn't. A few years later, they closed the brewery  and now, are brewed under contract at the old Rolling Rock plant owned by a Wisconsin brewer. Yes, the Rolling Rock waters of Old Latrobe helped Iron City go from a slightly metallic tasting beer to a cheap brew that is much better than Bud, Miller and Coors offerings, but the damage was done. I was sold on the Y! and have been consuming it since. Once I moved into a house, I had a whole lot of basement space available and these boxes started building.

100_4344.JPGI always liked the BOCK beers. Nothing better than asking for a beer by saying what a Chicken says. Of course, this was one of Y!'s seasonal offerings that I started seeing a few years ago. They bought the Strohs brewery in Tampa, Florida and increased their output to meet growing demand. When I was on vacation in Florida, I took the Y! beer tour with two free beers, one before and one after the tour. It was neat to see how the beer I was drinking was brewed. I learned a few things about Yuengling. At least at that brewery, they've never had a bad batch. Quality. I learned the namesake, owner Dick Yuengling hated shipping his beer in cans. Then the tour guide came to the "any questions" portion of the tour and I asked "When are you coming to Ohio? " She replied sternly "Never. Not a chance."  2011? Imported from PA no more.

Meanwhile, I have a ton of these boxes, but you know, those plastic keepers you can buy from any place for about $5 bucks apiece can hold a lot more and don't get stinky or damp if exposed to a bit of water. It's a matter now of, I have a lot of basement and I'm too lazy to tear these up for the recycling bin. I'll get to them. Eventually. Except for the plain boxes that held 22 ounce "bomber" bottles. Yuengling gave up on these when 24 ounce cans became so popular. That means those empty boxes are worth something right? RIGHT?


100_3900.JPGOn my itty bitty kwitzmas twee, I have a lot of debris of favorite things from my past and present. This one was a on-going treat for me every year. It's a beer coaster turned ornament from Cumberland Brews in Lousiville, KY. I've always liked beer beverage but what I drank for beer beverage could hardly be called BEER. It was more CORN SODA. Yes, but the term "Craft Beer" came along and we had a place to go to get bombed with class!I'd been to one or two micros before, but this was my first "home town" "gotta have it". They announced it was opening somewhere in the "Highlands" area of Louisville , but I drove by it several times and didn't see it. One day I looked up and saw images of hops, and thought, that's it!

It is a real small place, bar of about 12 seats and about 7 tables. The head brewer was brewing a batch of beer right in the front window in a large stainless steel cooker and steam was filling the air. It was that cool of a place. A former ice creamery, so the tile needed to have a kitchen where beer could be brewed was perfect. 4 stainless holding tanks were right there as well and then the refrigerator was at the end, all closed in with glass and there was a Mr. Hankey key chain hanging from a valve. (Christmas poo at a beer joint?)  I met the brewer, the owner and the manager all that day as I drank the best beer I'd had. It wasn't that cheap, but pretty cheap for a micro brew of such taste and quality. I went there at least twice a week. When I moved to Cleveland, I always make a point to go back at least once a year.  The place has changed in that they sell more beer and now brew off site, plus the manager and head brewer are no longer there...but the bison burgers are still the same. Cheers.

100_3908.JPGMr. Fat Hanz is showing off his BALLS! Oh? Only ONE BALL?  It's an Indians baseball team ornament with a fat pudgy MF head with some serious eyebrows. For years I put this junk on my tree and not get anything out of the "root root root for the home team." At least this year, we've got something going on. Do baseball players wear toilet seats? Is that the new safety gear? We're All Devo!

100_3898.JPG...and the most debris of the debris I put on my tree every year... I put this in the back of my tree, but I do put this on the tree. Every year.  You know that symbol. Well, I look at it like, I found all this world of wonder from those punks over at the corporate and their operating system for my computer barely powerful enough to microwave a burrito. It was when the net was getting going, and e-mail was becoming a thing. I got a Internet Service Provider and the software they gave me...they told me to use the Internet Explorer program to download Netscape if I wanted to get my e-mails from their Microsoft servers. Microsoft's own server products, not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Still, I'd still be using Win95, but time marches on. Gee, that's a PEN-GOO-WIN right next to it. Hmmmmm. Hehehehehehehehe.

100_3896.JPGThe MONEY SHOT (TM)  The full rest of the ornaments for this entry. Of course, there's a PEN-GOO-WIN. It's for my favorite hockey team. Really. It's for my favorite computer operating system. Really. It was a premium strapped to a box of Christmas Lifesavers.  The rest are just duplicates of other key chains you've seen from my button box posts. The "SCION" key chain was a really nice and heavy promo given out at the Cleveland auto show for the new and amazing cars from China. Er...Japan? Yep. Toyota's different trendy brand. It had a good run. Do you know anyone that bought one?  There is also a Yuengling key chain bought at the Tampa former Strohs plant on the only beer plant tour I've been on. Free beers. Clearance crap. Plus, everybody's favorite Japanese stripper, Sony Tape. She wore these to cover up her *Shhhhhhh! Check it!*

100_3902.JPGLast but yes last, is the bumper sticker from my beloved Cumberland Brews. I sort of got the vibe that they liked jam music. They always would be playing anything funky or rasta or noodling. I didn't get any reference in the place until I became a fan of the Grateful Dead. Gee, that bumper sticker is a lyric from the song "Ripple". The poster from the 1995 tour still hangs there. Bears. Jerry. Volkswagen Busses. The owner is a DEAD HEAD. Cumberland Blues is a song by the Grateful Dead. Jerry would love the place. Oh, and RIP Ear X-Tacy. The greatest media store in the 'Ville. Okay. Nuff.  -Ricochet

Junk Cameras Three (Vivicheese)

DSCI0526.JPGThe box of crap cameras comes to a close with three of the crappiest pieces of crap ever minted in the name of discount photography. Vivatar products in the 80's and 90's was the bottom of the cheese barrel in point and shoot cameras. I mean, they had a name, were sold by everybody, were cheap and at least those cheapy point and shoot FILM cams managed to take acceptable photos. Ahh, but all you needed was LIGHT. If you got a decent quality film, had decent processing and were in light, even the cheapest cameras could produce at least "acceptable" photos. Hell, I used a Vivitar camera for years. (...or was that Ansco? It may have been. I think it's an earlier blog.) Anyhell, Vivitar graduated into the digital world and well, with some sharpening, these would make "acceptable" photos. But when you can get a used Kodak for $3 that takes incredibly sharp pics with no post processing needed. Get the Picture? (Thanks Hawkeye. Just saw him say that on the MeeeeeTeeeeveeee.)


Actually, this camera does not seem so bad for it's age. It seems better than my old Cintar camera. It has a view finder. It has a separate LCD readout for status. I got this one from a thrift shop with a SD card in it. The door was broken, but a little tape helped.  It seemed like the terminals may have been dirty because I couldn't get this to fire up in the car. I tried putting the chip in another camera, but it didn't seem to work. So, It would wait until I got home.

IMG_0143.JPGSee, all the features on this. Of course, with the LCD display and only 2 AA battery power, it was likely a power hog. So, I put it in my cleaning machine and it powered up and I managed to take a few blurry pics with it. A clunky interface and I'm not sure that if batteries had leaked into it, the camera itself wasn't affected by it. You could set this for "Super Fine" which I'm sure helped out when this was new. It shut off by itself a few times, and after resetting and trying again, I gave up.

PICT1705.JPGHere is the best picture I could get. It's a picture of a picture I have on my wall of a Boomer The Dog original/parody of a free rag cover from Pittsburgh. The Vivicheese picture of the picture is just the cheese that this camera, in it's condition, could produce. Benefit of a doubt to age and treatment, but I'm bitter on... (Oh yes, and that SD card, an "8G" SDHC card was not that at all. It was an 8 MEG card. No wonder why I couldn't save squat to it. It would have worked if it was a Smart Media card and I wanted to take 640x480 pictures.)


The dung continues. This one looks like any number of cameras put out in the mid 00's . Slim profile, slide opening. Almost like several Olympus cams and other cameras of note. This one has a viewfinder that seems like something a pro camera would have. It's tinted so when looking into white, it appears purple-ish.  Because it's fixed focus, it's got a tiny switch on it to set for macro or long distance, whatever.

100_3515.JPGSee? It's the same as any other camera. I did think this would take pretty good photos. I did. Hopeful I am. The reviews of this camera vary from "okay" to "poo". The menus were easy to operate and as with all later cams, there was no LCD for data.

IM000005.JPGActually, maybe I could use this camera in a pinch. If I was at the beach where I would worry about getting sand in the lens or I wanted to take blur master at a cheaper cheese price. No, it's not very good. Decent enough colors on this, one of my typical "I gotta try this cam to see how the pictures stand up" pictures. Gee, I still use video tape? Here I am doing a blog about junk and...well...yes, I still use video tape. Leave me alone. You take pictures with your cell phone. Why should you care? The colors are good on this picture though right?


This was the first Vivicheese camera I added to my collection. It needed a HC SD card. It was a 3 "AAA" battery camera. Turns out the thin piece of paper that is the battery door was broken but managed to hold in the batteries so this could work. It is also fixed focus, so you can turn the lens to macro by a switch on the side. This really seemed like a perfect camera to keep in my car. It was so slim and would take bigger pics and if it got five-fingered from my glove box, I'd be out $3. All In.

100_3544.JPGNow, I think Vivitar had a good idea. A thin camera that took normal batteries. There was no rechargeable battery with a speciality charger to mess with.  Look at the size of the screen. Menus were easy to use. You could put this one in your pocket and snap pictures of your balls. I said it. Troubles set in when you breathe on the battery door, or at least sit the camera down with the slightest force. Then, all that screen needs a lot more power than can be delivered by AAA batteries. I bought a cheap set of AAAs when I was on the road so I could take some demo pictures. I may have gotten 15 when the batteries quit, and that's after I messed with this camera to even get it to take pictures. The SD card I put in it showed off pics taken with other cameras very nicely. I still thought of this camera as something for my car. But...

IM000010.JPGAnother demo picture. Yes, I have a stuffed sheepdog wearing a Cumberland Brews tee shirt with a blue beanie style dog next to it and a flipped over Yuengling beer cap while sitting in a directors chair. You see it every day on every blog. It may appear to be something of a picture, but it suffers from every other cheap cheap generic camera. Terrible over exposed or under exposed, blurry or washed out photos when taken inside. You know, when Boomer first got his netbook, the camera inside took pictures that were kind of like this, except they were completely washed out. He took the housing apart and lo and behold, the original plastic lens cover was still on it when it was assembled. I gotta think these were mass assembled and may have had same issue. Trouble is, this took a pretty decent outdoor picture. Still, couldn't take with if I was without a cam, so into the box it went. 3 AAA batteries is no way to power a camera. I've been there and done that and got the Cumberland Brews tee shirt.


Hat Ash Tray

100_3070.JPGIn my button box, I have a few oddities and collections. Mostly crap, but some of them are meant to protect the buttons in the box. Junk in the junk. This winter knit hat was one of the hats I've had forever, but it makes a wrapper in my button box. Now, you may think tho drop an ash on this hat as that's the title of this entry, but look underneath it's knit protective sheathing:

100_3071.JPGBada boom bada bing! Nothing. Filled with junk. Key chains. Buttons. Cards from cops. Even a Dillards name tag. I believe this is the ashtray that used to reside in my Saturn before it had a boom boom. I don't think I ever used this when it was in the car other than a change tray. The one time I had a friend smoke in my car, he ended up burning a hole in the seat. Nobody has smoked in any car I've owned since.


LOSER!  Wow. It's NOT from my Saturn. Therefore, I have NO IDEA where this came from. I had a 1973 Ford Gran Torino with a 351 Cleveland engine, but this ain't from it. That car has me saying "Cleveland" whenever I see the number 351. Been doing that since I've owned it. Never stopped. What's that disease where you count things or need to touch things a number of times? Obsessive Doof Disorder? Repetitive Fart Disease? By the looks of it, likely it was the ashtray from my friend Walt's deceased Ford Tempo. His transmission went blooey and he got the hot and beefy Escort GT. Who knows. Maybe it was something I found by the side of the road. You never know what you'll find. Like the headlight from a 1999 Hyundai Accent? Hmmmmm.

100_3073.JPGButton Box. It's got buttons. This is from a movie on the TNT network and was from 1994. Why do I have this? It's in my junk collection. This is one of the buttons I must have received from a glom box at a video store or radio station where I worked. Gee if I knew it would be an important piece on a computer blog, than maybe I would have wrote something on the back of it. Kinda like Boomer the Dog's mother used to write dates on the cans and spices. He had a can of pineapple blowup dated 1999 or so. It must have sat all blown up for another 5 years. Don't have the pineapple chutney at Boomers. :)

100_3075.JPGI have a lot of keys in my button box. It seems to be the keeper of the keys. When I bought my 1989 Dodge Omni America that I need my mom to co-sign for, they gave me two sets of keys and two key fobs. This is the one that I didn't use.  I loved that Omni because it was my first new car and it added a ton of crap for a price cheaper by $1000 for other cars. I guess it was Chrysler corp's battle against the Yugo's and Hyundai Excels that were catching the budget minded mook's attention. I still wanted an American device. A Kenosha Cadillac. It was still a few years away from the Neon and Saturn hadn't started yet. So, I got my air conditioned, AM/FM stereo, automatic, 2.2 with the leaky gasket 4 door OMNI. It was a 11 year old design, and well, I had a '79 Chevy Monza, so it was light years from the VEGA.

The Saturn SL key chain was the same thing. A duplicate. It does have a few chew marks because I used it a few times. Saturn's used to come with a credit card key. I kept mine and used it several times when I either locked my keys in the car or was too drunk to remember I needed the keys to get my "fursuit" from the car so I used the one in my wallet. Did I say that?

100_3076.JPGHow about this one? A Y! Keychain. Likely , I got this one when the Yuengling beer beverage came to the Ohio market. It was likely given away at a six pack store or an Applebee's or, who knows. Maybe it was from before that, bought at the local where I imported all my Yuengling from before they came to Ohio. Who knows. Better than any other crappy beer beverage.  The tiger comes from a tiger! It's a Exxon Tiger key chain given to me by my friend from Memphis, Growltiger.  Lookit the tiger. He's got lil paws on his pudenda.

100_3078.JPG Here is an Eddie Bauer nameplate that was found on the ground and a pair of keys from my Chevy Chevette. Not much else to sat but look at the wear on that key. It's a wonder it worked at all.

100_3080.JPGMmmmmm....Now the finale of this entry. Everything else that was in the ashtray. Other than the Jeffersonville cop that gave me his card when writing up the accident I was in the first weekend I was back visiting friends..

So in the corner, a chip from "The Money Card" which was the first ATM card issued to me by National City Bank. Of course they were swallowed by a Pittsburgh bank. Add to it my official "Dilllards" name tag. It was when they still printed name tags to give a bit of class to that crappy retail gig. I have one with the name "Bob" on it. Someone left it there, and I used it when I didn't have my true name tag. It's now my Christmas tree decoration.

The Apex Filmworks was a Louisville cineplex that was built in the Mid City Mall that was a former Zayre store. It was a great independant theater that saved a few cinema boxes for showing classic films. I saw "The Big One" and "American Werewolf In London" there, but I remember more seeing "Chinatown" and then seeing "Bullworth" there when the showing of someone that loved a lion was cancelled for a private affair.

The "JVC" came from a rack system in my retail years just like the "kitty" card came from a hot sauce store, likely obtained at Memphis Furmeet 1 or 2. Nice kat.  Then another button. Button Box. It's my pride to say I helped the Meijer (regional discount department store) open in the Louisville/Jeffersonville area. It was the first and only time I was part of a "union". I had to give dues out of my shitty minimum wage paycheck to support the "food workers union" even though I worked on the "hard goods" side. If I wanted the gig, I had to be in the union. The only saving grace is, when I had words with my manager, I could have gotten the support of my union. Feh. The only thing I really remember from my time with Meijer is making a work of art of the "candle" aisle and winning a "cleanest storage" award for $25 for cleaning our storage area. S*it. Retail really sucks.

Arf! -Ric