Welcome to my doghouse. We started the doghouse in 1996 in an attempt to explain the furry world to a public that didn't want to know. Well, the furry world has exploded and so has the media coverage of furry which is generally amusing to just plain bad. Here at the doghouse we're just going to keep it light and fun. That's what we've been all about for all this time. Who am I? I'm a anthropomorphic sheepdog named Ricochet. "Anthropomorphic" being a combination of human and animal characteristics. Sound strange? Well.... Please click Q:ARE WE NOT MEN? A:WE ARE FURRIES! ...if you want to know what exactly furry stuff is all about.

I designed this site to be all about/for those who are finding/or are enjoying the furry world. I have tried to make this site a very informative and funny place. I also make it quite personal. I can poke fun at my furriness and furry in general and mean no offense to you when I do so. I make light of some very serious things, it's just my nature. Why not? I call myself the furry nutjob. I can snap and start barking any second!

I am open to chatting by e-mail with any and all who wish to question me about this site and furry itself. To understand why anybody would call themselves "furry" is too hard to describe in a public forum. It varies for every individual. Let's just say that the person I was before the internet and the FURson I am now are completely different, and yet, much the same.


Actually, I'm the biggest, shaggiest, cuddly puppy-wuppie you've ever seen. Sound sickening? It is. Need a barf bag? Click here

Anthropomorphics is all about taking the best features of humanity and animals and putting them together to make an almost "alien" life-form. With the animal sensibilities included in one's personality, material issues and trivial things that used to upset, don't seem to be that big a deal anymore. Pieces of your personality that you may have suppressed come alive. For me, the world became a little brighter.

I don't play a "character" when I visit my my cyber home, Furnet (an IRC chat server specifically for furries.) Many furs create elaborate personas of their ideal being. Sometimes the persona helps express things that person can't in a human setting. Sometimes it's to explore things they couldn't in their outside existence. What I am however, is what you get. Ricochet's "player" is Ricochet.

RICOCHET isn't a fictional character?

Actually, it started out as PUP a long time ago when I wanted to try my paw at costuming. I was always a big fan to Disney's Shaggy Dog movies, and one night, I saw a commercial for a dog food company. Well, that gave me an idea for a dog costume (called a "fursuit" in the furry world), and a short story. I also had the idea to drive a car while wearing a dog costume just like the movie. So, I built A REALLY CHEAP "fursuit" made of paper! This costume was eventually dismantled however, when the mouthpiece of the suit actually made me sick. I made a few dumb mistakes while making it. Then, about 1994, I was shopping in an discount store when I saw small packets of VERY REAL LOOKING FUR. I was bitten by the costuming bug again. (See my "Worlds Cheapest Fursuit" page for more info.)

Upon getting the internet and surfing furry web pages, I decided that Ricochet could be a logical full time creation. After several years, I spend most of my "relaxing" time chatting with other furs on Furnet. I have attended several convention gatherings of furries as well as many smaller furmeets. There's a lot more out there now than there was in 1996. I'm glad to still be part of the fun.

There's plenty I can say about being furry. Some silly, some not. If you linked here, and you're not already furry, decide for yourself what furry is all about. If you are new fur looking in for the first time or a "greymuzzle", welcome friend! Come on in!

Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE FURS! What this furry stuff is.

FURRY Q & A The lowdown on the dog.

FURSUITING! All the fur, and experiences making/getting them.

FURMEETS AND FURCONS My experiences meeting furs off the net for the first time.

DOGHOUSE STORIES Fiction Written By A Dog

RICOCHET'S JUNK BLOG Stories of the crap I have and why I have it.

BERGANDSHEEPY LIVE JOURNAL Good Dog! It's my never forgotten Live Journal.


DOGGY RADIO Weekly lunacy from the minds of dogs

RADIOLAWN "Comedy" podcast since 1999

LINKS Here are a few cool furry sites to see.


That's Boomer The Dog's image of me toiling over this website. A whole mess of the dog served up on a neat internet platter with all sortsa mustard on the side. Hot Pretzels are great. Have you huggled a fur today? A plushie? A fursuiter? A werewoof? Time out fur fun! -Ric

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