Awwwww...but we're so CUTE us sheepdogs....


Feel better? I thought this would be a nice place to get away from overly sappy crud, and chill with the furry barf bag. Inside the bag is nicely lined and will fully prevent any leakage. You can literally lose the most soupy puke, and it simply won't drip. You have my word on it.

While I have yer butt here, why not mention that I like a lot of really strange stuff. See what you think. You clicked on the barf bag, that must mean you knew this wasn't gonna be a very serious page of furry stuff. I like a good barf bag. I like escalators, sneeze guards, cheap pens, PV119's (K&M Division, Torrence CA. R.I.P.), wireless neatbooks, microbrews, BD's, digital cameras, Kuhns, and many other stupid things.

Did you know that one out of every five airline barf bags go home and never get used?

The Inventor of the barf bag was a one Adolf Ralph, who called early versions "Pukeys" before it was given a more dignified title of "refuse bag".

Okay, wipe off yer muzzle, and go back