MY various furry and non-furry sites...


Finalcom The sister site to the doghouse that tells about retail hell, Photon worship, sneezeguards and The Cars. Goofy non-furry fun!

Ricochets Junk Blog Stories of the crap I have and why I have it

Bergandsheepy Live Journal Good Dog! It's my never forgotten Live Journal

(shaggy) DA Artwork Archive It's DOGS!

Doggy Radio Weekly lunacy from the minds of dogs

RADIOLAWN "Comedy" podcast since 1999 with occasional furry content

Furry Affinity It's a art archive but more for the furry peeps and less for general audiences


Boomer The Dog My best friend and host of this website. Berger Des Pyranees who draws great dogs and doggy morphs with great love and care. A media guru, star of movies, television, and print and a radio guru like me.


Ohio Fur Central Being I'm from Cleveland and I am a fur....

Sunday Funday Pawpet Show Starting out about the same time I started Radiolawn,. Yappy Slyfox and Herbie Bearclaw jumped behind a sofa and did a little show with their furry puppets and showed it live on the internet. Since then it's grown into the largest furry-related show on the net and also the longest running. 4 hours every Sunday for years. Wow.

Anthrochat IRC The splinter group off of Furnet. This is the second IRC Chat network dedicated to furries. This one skews old school with a bit of a fursuiting slant. Most of my old school furry friends ended up here, and so did I.

Furnet IRC Shhhhhh...Keershang is asleep. Oppertunity awaits the stealthy fur! This is the IRC net that was the direct splinter off Yiffnet. I still go here too, usually hanging in #Softpaws.

Furry Muck A huge role-playing network for furries! This is the grand-pappy of them all and simply the best. If you want the news on furry events or topics that relate to the furryverse, this is the most current place to find out who/what/where/when and why. 2010 New Look!

WikiFur The best place to look for furs and their websites!


Sinfest A comic which is the only net comic I read every day. The best car reviews on the web are here. Being a retail maven, I'm fascinated by retail stores that have gone belly-up. This site is a good location for all the malls that have been left behind.

Bill's Box Of Sound A podcast site for my good friend and former bandmate.

BD'S Mongolian It's the best damn eating experience you can have.Get it old style!

Negativland A band that is hard to explain, and wonderful to listen too.

Dollar General RIP ALCO, but here's the Woolworths of the new millineum

Mike O Meara Show Remember Don and Mike? Here is Mike's podcast, (Radio Guam) and it rocks.

Adam Carolla Adam's #1 Podcast and his frequently mentioned Black Labrador Philly Cheeseteak

Beer Advocate The best beer site, period. Be a member. I am.

DEVOAll time favorite band.


Cleveland Indians When I came back from Louisville in 2002, I've followed every season since. Go TRIBE!

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 WORLD CHAMPIONS (Holy S*IT, is this CLEVELAND?)

Cleveland Browns Well...They are the Cleveland team that I've loved since the 80's

Cleveland Monsters 2016 CALDER CUP CHAMPIONS! (Minor hockey, major WIN!)

Last update came 10/24/16 All links are good, for now.

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