IT COULD HAPPEN This isn't a short story per se, this is a fake television script written with three furs. I tried to write this as un-biased as possible and from three different perspectives on the furry world. The title is because this show was pretty "nice". It isn't a Springer fight fest. I know the peaceful tone of this interview isn't likely, but it could happen....


MOM MEETS THE FURRIES Betty Nargle is an improtant voice. She's a mom. It's the words of a mom who discovers her son is furry in a BIG way. It was written to describe the true feelings of a mom who "lives" with the idea of furry, but can never understand. Most can't.



Finally! A genuine new (old) story that is an actual story! Just for fun. A dog with morphic desires gets his transformation with a price to pay. It takes the craziness of a furry con to finally Written in 1997, I never put it up because it needed a re-write to make it more enjoyable. Here it is.


ANTHROPOMORPHIC RETAIL The story of a man who finds a way to love his job.

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