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WE'RE RADIOLAWN. The origianl PAWdcast, before internet radio shows were called such. Our program is designed to entertain. We do it by taking years of recorded highlighs and lowlights, combine that with current comedy and editorial comment, mix that with a bit of music you have one hell of a mess. We do it all for you Rod.

WHY SHOULD I LISTEN? Every program is different and has it's own special "lowlights". The hip people will see. Or, some of the shows are done to just do the damn show. We're a rolling warning/guarantee of quality. Extended warranty available from Warrenblech. If the current show doesn't dip your chip, there are always past episodes.

WHAT WILL I BE LISTENING TO? The 40+ years of audio madness, including Amok In The Morning, Under The Shelf, Lester Guy Show, Testwave, Gush Limbarge Show, Brainwash. Comedy Spots from WWWE, WIOT, WERE. Music from Spudlok, Boring Industry, Rick Tiffrenzin, Unedible Two, and various bands. PLUS all old tapes are fair game. The crap recorded on Certron or Swire quality in beautiful MONO will be brought to you as well. Oh yeah, there will also be new crap from Gush Limbarge, Carrie Alice Allen, Daniel Pentastar, Dad , Patch Natchahandaboo and any other fake characters I can come up with.

WHO? The show is hosted by Quince Edward Flatulence III because what self respecting avante-garde show wouldn't have someone with a cockneyed British accent hosting the show. The show largely comes from the mind of Toad Leaderpiece . You'll also hear stuff from a supporting cast of peeps who would not like to be named for fear of having lunches ruined.

LATEST INFO : New shows air live on the Rabbit Hole. http://rabbitpaw.weebly.com/ (Midnight Sunday night-Monday morning.) With show 242, we started our 2017 season of shows. Could be 8 this year, could be 30. Who knows. With this entry, here they are! The Radiolawn shows that haven't been heard in 13 years. They air on the Rabbit Hole first, so hear the latest remasters LIVE. Gosh! I could S*** a BRICK!



Features: Tribute To Jay Thomas, Leaderpiece's 250 Statement With Tribute To The Funday Pawpet Show, You One Malt Liquor Picker, Carrie Alice Allen Love Column, A Brief Visit With Daniel Pentastar, Endscape.

(Recent shows...)


Features: Toads Trip To Louisville: I took a mid summer drive to go to the amusement park Kentucky Kingdom and visit old haunts when I used to live in Louisville. I decided to made recordings while I was driving with my new smartphone which was just a tablet at that time. Sound quality is a bit distorted , traffic was crappy, Kentucky Meat Boot, live Dying Mall, road food, not so sleepy Inn, KK thrills, Mutt's bad reviews, throwing a shoe rod, iced tea doubt, Endscape.


Features: Voice Of Woof, Boomer And Ricochet New Years Highlights Part Six: catsup and celeb pies-n-fruitcakes and speedways and buh-byes, Under The Shelf Highlights: and that's dead hightlights and Alain Jourgenson band count and Shelf O Meter, Endscape.


Features: Term Automotive, Statement By Toad Leaderpiece: Finding Lost Crap And Adam, Boomer And Ricochet New Years 2017 Highlights Part Five: gifting the Boomski and hiding woofs and New Years junk, Endscape.


Features: A Statement By Toad Leaderpiece: The Way We Did It In 1999, Boomer And Ricochet New Years 2017 Highlights Part Four: learning guitar and BS&T/ELP and the mic is still live and fake champ-a-gnya and shrimp and foodstuffs, Endscape.


Features: Old Lawn Outtake: When remastering old Radiolawn shows, there was a lot on the master that I didn't use for time, this is a Gush Limbarge show outtake, Boomer And Ricochet New Years 2017 Highlights Part Three: Zappa talk and OH NO ITS DAVID BOWIE and Gilbert and Norm, Endscape.


Features: Intro by Toad Leaderpiece-Doggy Radio Highlights 022717: Toad's intros sound strangely like the intro that Ricochet writes for Doggie Radio. Hmmmmmmm. This intro is a parody of the oscar debacle as I was watching and working on adding my part to Doggy Radio. He was in Bullworth!, Boomer And Ricochet New Years 2017 Highlights Part Two: A Song By Hobnose and Cheap Beer Excursions and A Visit To The sMall, Endscape.


Features: Boomer And Ricochet New Years 2017 Highlights Part One: Geeze, I waited one new ep until retreading the usual poop. Myself and Boomer the Dog spending a whole evening in Zippsburg celebrating the new year with an open microphone and fireworks on the radio. It's exciting! The Voice Of OOOPS!, Endscape.


Features: Spudlok Minute, Spudlok Minute II With Guitar, Gush Limbarge Watches The 2017 Inauguration Of The President- This is an old idea from Negativland when they did the same with Ronald Reagan. Ours has less fun noises, Daniel Pentastar Willy's Parkway Perspective Live In Studio- before I was officially part of WXUT I had to call in. This was a rare exception, 2 Minutes With Anton "Zipp", Mike Keneally "HAT" album highlight, Endscape.


Features: A Tribute To An Old Boss, Dying Mall Commercial, Toad Leaderpiece Announces The Remastered "First 42" Radiolawn Shows- re-editing the first 42 episodes of this show from the original cassette tape masters. They won't be exact dupicates of the Real files of the show but they will be as close as possible, Gush Limbarge POST POST Election comentary, Endscape.

(Old Shows For New Listeners Who Like This Crap)


Remastered from the original tape. It's not an exact copy of the air file that was a Real Audio file of low bandwidth, plus the file suffers a bit from tape echo, otherwise, here it is. Never been heard for 13 years.

Features: Message From Quince, J+M Recycler, The Cosby Mysteries, Home Clone Kit, Gush Limbarge: Ross Perot and Larry King have a chat, Song by Spudlok-"Video Recorder", Radio Babble, Under The Shelf Highlights: "Barbara Mandrell Country", Song by LeahState- "Pheonix Arizona", Daddy Was An ATF Agent, Endscape...


The sound on this RADIOLAWN recording features the "Radiolawn Stereo Super Monophonic Web-Blaster 3D System Plus 2017" (*_*@!+17) and is the updated final product of years of research and development by the Radiolawn Studios Retail Investments And Bankrupt Store Consolidation Sound Foundry. All original recordings are made with microphones of some sort in various locations including the massive new RADIOLAWN studio somewhere in an abandoned storefront in Cleveland.

Web design assistance and HOSTING by: BOOMER The Dog .

Thanks to Romeo Rabbit and The Rabbit Hole for the weekly internet broadcast: http://rabbitpaw.weebly.com/

You can also hear Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog with their live streaming radio show DOGGY RADIO from 3am to 6am (or so) Sunday Morning/Monday at http://radio.boomerthedog.net/ and if you can't stay up and hear it live, download the podcast there as well, when available :) Great music and witty doggy chatter.

THANKS TO SMASH GREYWOLF FOR BEING THE HOST OF THIS MESS 1999-2013. This show just wouldn't have made it without your genorosity. Also THANKS TO YAPPY SLYFOX FOR AIRING THIS MESS FROM THE BEGINNING BEFORE THE FUNDAY PAWPET SHOW (Now ended 1999-2017) You aired my show as long as you could until you had to work on Sundays. To the both of you, I'm forever greatful.