One Night In Bangkok (Games Junk Series #4)


It's a 227 Chess Board!  (That's an old line from one of my radio bits. Obscurity. We do it all for you Rod.) I'm guessing this is older than most my favorite rock bands. Likely it's about the same age as when rock and roll began. No idea why I need to bring that up other than this was passed down to me. It's not worth a thing because I don't believe there was a value put on plastic.

100_3762.JPG...or this fine material covered case with a snap to hold all of this fun chess set in place. I know how to play chess but I haven't played it in 30 years or so. Therefore I don't remember anything about playing chess. I may have played chess with my brother once with this set, but I doubt it. I wanted to play chess like they did in Futureworld. (Sequel to Westworld.) The players were "holograms" and they really lanced each other!  Oh no, all we got here is plastic and magnets. However, in 2016 we're closer to  "holograms plaing chess" being reality.... or a robot that sounds like "UhhhOOooooUhhhOooooo"  when you steal his face right off of his head. (Jerry Garcia was pushed...)

100_3764.JPG Lowe. Staunton. Web search. Staunton was a chess player? Lowe was E.S. Lowe, a game company that put out Yahtzee. Wow. Who cares? This chess board is in really good shape for it's age. Indeed I looked this up to see what this was made out of and FLEABAY has a few of these exact sets. Big deal. Are they made of Bakelite? Maybe? I don't know.

100_3765.JPGIt's E.S. Lowe's finest chess set. It's magnetic for playing chess in a tornado. Never mind "shelter in place". You can sit outside and trust every piece will be just where you moved it on the board. It's got a neat, cheap, plastic holder for all the pieces and when you put the board on top, none of them move. That was a "deluxe" feature in the 50's and I only judge that age by the looks of the lettering.  I know the holder isn't Bakelite. Was Michael Jackson singing about this chess set? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

100_3766.JPGHell Mr. FatHanz (TM) you ought to have that cut on your thumb looked at, or start using some kind of hand cream. Sheesh. Yes, the final picture of this set is the pieces that are without magnets. I don't know where they went and the pieces have been without since I got the set. You know, I'll bet most of these sets became missing pieces as pieces rolled off and into those heater vents with huge holes. Maybe the magnets from these pieces went the same way. The glue on these is that orange color like the plastic tiles in my bathroom. Funny thing is, when handling these pieces, the magnets stay in each piece. Likely these were dug out by the previous owner? Maybe used in a science project for school?  I could measure and replace each of these and get the value of the whole set up to about $5. Ahhhh, forget it. Junk Blog.