It's a 227 Chess Board!  (That's an old line from one of my radio bits. Obscurity. We do it all for you Rod.) I'm guessing this is older than most my favorite rock bands. Likely it's about the same age as when rock and roll began. No idea why I need to bring that up other than this was passed down to me. It's not worth a thing because I don't believe there was a value put on plastic.

100_3762.JPG...or this fine material covered case with a snap to hold all of this fun chess set in place. I know how to play chess but I haven't played it in 30 years or so. Therefore I don't remember anything about playing chess. I may have played chess with my brother once with this set, but I doubt it. I wanted to play chess like they did in Futureworld. (Sequel to Westworld.) The players were "holograms" and they really lanced each other!  Oh no, all we got here is plastic and magnets. However, in 2016 we're closer to  "holograms plaing chess" being reality.... or a robot that sounds like "UhhhOOooooUhhhOooooo"  when you steal his face right off of his head. (Jerry Garcia was pushed...)

100_3764.JPG Lowe. Staunton. Web search. Staunton was a chess player? Lowe was E.S. Lowe, a game company that put out Yahtzee. Wow. Who cares? This chess board is in really good shape for it's age. Indeed I looked this up to see what this was made out of and FLEABAY has a few of these exact sets. Big deal. Are they made of Bakelite? Maybe? I don't know.

100_3765.JPGIt's E.S. Lowe's finest chess set. It's magnetic for playing chess in a tornado. Never mind "shelter in place". You can sit outside and trust every piece will be just where you moved it on the board. It's got a neat, cheap, plastic holder for all the pieces and when you put the board on top, none of them move. That was a "deluxe" feature in the 50's and I only judge that age by the looks of the lettering.  I know the holder isn't Bakelite. Was Michael Jackson singing about this chess set? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

100_3766.JPGHell Mr. FatHanz (TM) you ought to have that cut on your thumb looked at, or start using some kind of hand cream. Sheesh. Yes, the final picture of this set is the pieces that are without magnets. I don't know where they went and the pieces have been without since I got the set. You know, I'll bet most of these sets became missing pieces as pieces rolled off and into those heater vents with huge holes. Maybe the magnets from these pieces went the same way. The glue on these is that orange color like the plastic tiles in my bathroom. Funny thing is, when handling these pieces, the magnets stay in each piece. Likely these were dug out by the previous owner? Maybe used in a science project for school?  I could measure and replace each of these and get the value of the whole set up to about $5. Ahhhh, forget it. Junk Blog.


Zipperneck - Junk

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100_3636.JPGI love those thrift stores. Love them. You'll never know what you'll find and sometimes, you'll find something you don't really want, but it's something you need. Of course, you could be looking for digital cameras when a friend comes into town and make a joke about how you can't understand who would need a shopping cart when going shopping at a thrift store. "My wife..." was the reply to my comment. Go figure. Ahhh, but then, I'm not a chick. I'm one of the lonely souls who ignores 90% of the store to look over the used electronics for something obsolete.

100_3633.JPGEnter the best winter jacket I've ever owned. It looks like every autoworker's plaid cheap coat. I bought it from a going out of business sale that was being held by a no-name Indian/Wolf Head/Incense/Hippie store. You know the one, in a nearby dying mall. They sell a ton of smelly knit hoodies for Grateful Dead/Phish/Umphrey's McGee consumption. I didn't like it as the pockets were on the top of the jacket rather than down at the sides. I also thought it would be a little small for me. Not true.

When winter struck, something interesting happened. It would get about 20 degrees outside, and I was WARM. All through the winter, I was WARM. No other winter coat did this. Plus, it went on easy because it was completely fiber, not a stuffed coat like I'd been wearing since I was a kid. You put this thing on, you're warm.  Zip it up and within a few minutes, toasty. Plus, I've had since 2000 or so, maybe earlier. For the $17 spent, I just can't find anything else close. Then, something happened. Something wore out.

100_3634.JPGYou guessed it. The zipper. Sort of. The zipper PULL just wore out. You can see where the metal wore through. Wow. Guess it can't last. I knew I could get a replacement for it right? RIGHT? Wow. I tried. I went all over the place. I even found the Fix N Zip (TM) device but I wasn't sure if it would replace my zip properly. Then I boned up on zipper replacement and then tried to find.... OVERSIZED/ODD SIZED/NOBODY HAD IT.

I could still zip the jacket without the pull, but it was awkward. So, I looked at buying a new one. Since it's such a good jacket, I'll violate this blog's no link protocol and provide the link to what I'm talking about.  http://www.earthfashions.com/main.sc  Well, that's the main page. I just posted it because of Jerry Garcia. :) The actual coat link is here: http://www.earthfashions.com/Surfers-Jacket-BS332.htm   Yep. When I saw that this was a "surfers jacket", I realized, it made sense. It's warm, and there is no padding. So If I'm David Hasselhoff showing off my guns on the beach after an early morning surf, I just slip one of these on while still glistening from polluted surf and call KITT to take me to the drinking place where I lay down on the floor masticating a hamburger while my daughter looks on. Whew. I went really really really far for that one. 

DSCI0055.jpegThar she blows! My fix. You can see the gap where the metal had thinned, allowing the zip tag to fall off. I thought I had to replace and went through all the trouble until I just put a big key ring in between and it worked. Before this however, on a trip to a thrift store, I found a flight crew jump suit with 5 zippers that were....EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. The jacket was pretty used, so I just cut off all the zippers and they reside in my basement as junk on deck. How could I be so mean to the HOFF? I loved his Knight Rider thingy when I was a pup. I loved Dukes Of Hazzard. I loved A-TEAM. Like Adam Carolla says, there were only 3 channels back then....

ARF! -Ric

100_3709.JPGChannel 43 Plays Favorites! Channel 43.... Here comes the neat animated graphic for MASH. After a few highlights the announcer comes on while a little animated truck rolls along and a pair of lips on the side of the truck make a kiss with a *smooch".  7pm to 8pm while Mash was actually still on the air with new episodes. It replaced the Hogans Heroes hour which was top rated. It became the top rated show in local television for a few years.

Meanwhile the Cleveland Indians were played on Channel 43. So were the Cavaliers. This was at the dawn of cable TV  and many many years away before it swallowed up all the broadcast TV airings. Channel 43 had the games. Of course, that meant, MASH wouldn't play. It also meant the Indians didn't play. We had Municipal Stadium. It was a monstrous 70,000 seat house of pain. Other than the home opener which always sells out, the Indians of the 70's and 80's was lucky if they had 10,000 in the cavern of crap. Of course, on Sundays during foobah season, it was Browns Town. Dream crusher. Not housing champions since 1964.

100_3710.JPGNow, I wasn't old enough to drink, but the subliminal advertising for kiddies like me worked. When I was of "legal age", Busch beer was a cheap beer but it had more taste than the cheapest dreck out there. "Popular Priced" I believe was the moniker used. You could buy 40oz bottles of these for 95 cents at the local Revco drug store. Now, I'm not sure why they chose to adorn the other side of this butt comforter.  Maybe because it tastes like A**. I recall at the old broken down palace of tears, the official beer you could get was Genesee. It's a fine burp beer as well. Popular Priced. With who? Yes, we drank that stuff. I had a friend that liked their Cream Ale nick named "Genny Screamers". It didn't grow on me.

100_3712.JPGChannel 43 Plays Favorites! Then, Channel 19 WOIO went on the air and kicked their ass by playing movies pretty much without editing. My video tape of the Blues Brothers with commercials is pretty much the way the DVD came out. With swear words. They also played newer shows as well as better older shows. Ahh, but when the Indians were on Channel 43,  the old United Artists Cleveland outlet was on top. Why wanted to actually pay their pittance to drink watered down beverage when they could be seen at home?  Since the Indians were so "meh", they had a giveaway every weekend and various weekdays. My step father would take us to bat day. We'd have actual Louisville Sluggers which my brother would promptly break playing softball with them. Ahh, the other times we got freebees from the Indians, this was indeed one of them. Could you see them giving a BEER ADVERTISEMENT to an 12 year old nowadays? It was a Municipal Stadium SEAT CUSHION!  A man built this! It's vinyl covered foam!

100_3711.JPGI remember we did use these a few times when we went to the stadium. Likely they got left there and then trashed. I actually looked this up on the Bay and yes, you can buy one for $20! Wheeee, this junk blog is worth something! Of course, it's vinyl with foam inside so that means that it cant get the NERF EFFECT (pat pending). Nerf Effect is, when you pass gas, a really hideous waffles with syrup or cinnamon Life cereal or even Taco Bell bean burrito toot into a foam football...you'll smell it again for years...and years... 

Even keeping it in a box with a little mold didn't stay in the foam. This still smells like peanut shells and old Genny and crushed dreams. The old Municipal Stadium seats really needed some padding... Ask anyone that grabbed one when Modell took the Browns away from Cleveland....

Oh yeah, Opening Day 2016 at home at the JAKE, er, Progressive Field  is Monday April 4th at 4PM. GO TRIBE! Indian Fever...it starts from the very first inning!  I'll be sitting on my Nerf Effect resistant Channel 43 plays favorites Busch "Popular Priced" seating while rooting on my team. GO JOE CHAR-BON-EAU! GO JOE CHAR-BON-EAU!


PS: As I live in Cleveland, we have something called winter. That thing called winter can sometimes F**K up plans. Every few years, it F**Ks up opening day. So, enjoy your iced beer and ice cream and $40 parking 2 days in a row. Now Tuesday, April 5th at 1PM. Est. temp at game time? 30-35 degrees....but likely SUNNY.

100_3968.JPGHey! My 100th Junk Blog entry just passed and I had a Pabst, watched some Boston Legal and saw the Rockford Files episode where Jim goes to his trailer and somebody bad comes over and then he talks with his dad and gets involved with a bombshell guest star. Of course Boston Legal followed a formula, Denny shoots something, Alan has intercourse, Odo looks frustrated, Murphy Brown wonders what she's doing on the show. It all comes together in scotch and cigars on the fake balcony on a Fox sound stage in Cali. It was such a great show. Denny Crane. Name on the door.

On with the blogging madness. It looks like a chip/drink holder but it was re-invented by putting little stuffed footballs in it. GOODNIGHT!




Shucks. That's not what this blog is about. It's a worthless document of why I have worthless junk and what it means to me. It also means I have lots of pictures I have to show of this worthless junk. Therefore, on with the show.

100_3967.JPGSee? Nacho cheese in the little portion, and nacho chips in the big portion. Oh, wait, I've got a better idea. You know  how you watch your favorite team blow the game at the very end or get slaughtered all game while you swill beer and eat stuff? How many times have you worked up such anger at your team that you've wanted to throw a piece of misc. concrete that you have laying around in your MANCAVE(TM) at the television? You think twice and then you end up dumping in your drawers as you pass out and your best friend steals your framed Jim Bibby Indians baseball card.  There should be a better way to take out aggression over your team or a lousy episode of "7 Brides For 7 Brothers".

100_3971.JPGYou think I'd take the advice of the tag and clean this damn thing. You see the layers of dust on it. The " big football" is a bean bag that is designed to rest on the arm of your favorite football watchin' chair. Ooops! Where is the official NUFFEL tag that would indicate this is for my favorite NUFFEL team?

100_3965.JPGYay! The Hoboken Television Blitzers.  No, not an official NUFFELL product. Makes it worth a lot less to TV Blitzers collectors. You have to go to a TV Blitzers convention to get one of the official NUFFELL TV Blitzers.  Of course, the pocket hangs down from the side and is designed for remotes, TV look up thingys and condoms. If you put in a quarter, it turns on the vibrating chair because ...well...you use that chair for other things in front of that 50" big screen don't you. DON'T YOU???? You're so VEIN. You prolly think this BLOG is about you... Sorry. Broke into song two blog entries in a row. This should be a MANLY blog about manly things like MANLY stuffed footballs that are fluffy and cuddly and you want to snuggle with them and...

100_3970.JPGOkay. Here's what they are for if you haven't guessed. You throw them at your TV when you are angry at what is happening. Simple.  I'd assume most of these ended up like a Connect Four checker that rolled under the fridge. What MANLY MAN actually can move his fat ass off the couch and actually get a vacuum and clean up the years of dust, chips, game pieces, Jim Bibby cards and Bic(TM) cigarette lighters to retrieve a damn TV Blitzer? 10 to 1, these did get used for the nacho thing and then were ousted at the end of another losing season like various managers of the losing team. Go Hoboken Television Blitzers!!!


Screw It - Junk

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100_3640.JPGHere is the bottom of the basement junk well. You're asking, come on! This isn't junk! This is full of all sorts of useful random hardware! It is filled with left over wood dowels used to put together years of pressed board furniture. It's screws and bolts that don't fit together. It's odd sized washers and old nails and even drill bits even though I don't own a drill. Therefore, it could be described as a piece of junk. It's not. However, for the blog, it's a good place to talk about something I've had forever and will likely continue to have forever.

100_3642.JPGHere's a reason. It's my classic retail senses tingling. As I grew up, we had one place where we could get hardware and appliances. Forest City. An evil chain seller. Sure there were independents, every city had one. We had independent appliance and electronics stores. Every city had one. However, all I remember was going to Forest City when we needed above. Of course, the big box revolution came along and we soon had three big box chains selling same and lots of electronics and appliance chains as well. Forest City got bought by a bigger chain, Handy Andy. I worked for them for a bit and I worked for the eventual killer Builders Square.  I bought this before they changed to Handy Andy mainly to house the bags of hardware culled from my grandfather's garage when he passed.

100_3643.JPGIt's typical. Believe me, I've worked for chains about to be bought out or in bankruptcy, and if you wanted to sticker something twice, by gosh, you stickered twice! Woooooo! Wow! Civil disobedience! Attica! Attica! Whistle blower!

100_3644.JPGIt's meant to be hung on the wall. I think my brother took his hardware and did same. Actually, the back of this kinda looks like an apartment block somewhere in the Soviet Union. Where am I going with this? If I had any 70's era Fisher Price little people, maybe I could play apartment with them. Some of this is useful right? Didn't I say that already? Let's have a look at some of the hard wares... If anything, some of it could be over 60 years old...so it's antique junk...waiting to be used....

100_3647.JPGDowels. Actually, these aren't the surplus mentioned. These were purchased for something and you couldn't buy just one. Gee, wasn't that what a local hardware store would be for? One wooden dowel, .6 cents. In a tiny bag. These may come in use again when I strip a big screw in some of my cheap press board furniture and need to make a new screw hole. Um...junk.

100_3646.JPGActually, for years and years, this has been the place to look for a screw or a nut that "may" work or "may" fit. It's also a place for anything I may have taken apart or screws from a tape recorder I've tried to fix. It's a junkyard for hardware that may get reused if it will fit. Too bad none of the screws are those "micro" screws for the electronics or cameras. I know a few of these screws came from my furniture. The little black wheelie looking thing was likely from a plastic choo-choo from way back when in my plastic choo-choo appreciating days.

100_3648.JPGSo, even though I took a few more pictures of this storage device, and I could wax poetic on all of this junk that may be used tomorrow or in 5 years, I think I'll end on this one. I remember giving half of this hardware to my brother which meant, yes, I had to make an exact split of stuff. Which meant the copper nails, the screws, everything. My grandfather was a bit of a handyman and could fix anything around his house or his car. My brother can pretty much do same. Me? I need a nail to piece together a split stereo cabinet. I need a bolt to fix my Monza door when the latch fell inside the body. I needed the plastic choo-choo wheel for when my plastic choo-choo went off the track, to which the engineer, naturally, started pulling back. Get DOWN to your ROCKIN' SOUL.

Junk blog.


100_3751.JPGThe title of this post comes from one of the best RAP music lines ever. It's "Insane Clown Posse" and had me lauging for ten minutes when I first heard it. A truly brilliant verse. Up there with the Beastie Boys and Ice Cube. Meanwhile, here's one of my favorite never played games. I love it. It's simple to play, needs a little skill, very little, and essentially a vertical DOUCHE' with none of that fancy plastic and magnets.

100_3752.JPGI believe it was invented in the seventies and was a huge hit for Milton Bradley. Why? Simplicity. It was get 4 in a row. It was Tic Tac Toe with checkers and plastic and none of that DOUCHE' smell. It's why there still are many ways to consume Connect Four, but only used copies of Douche' or the new/different versions of the game that are for sale nowadays.

100_3753.JPGA man built this. It's a "assembly required" playing field and some plastic checkers. You think they would include a half assed checker board just in case you did actually want to play checkers. There has been a ton of variations on this design, but you can still buy it as it is. They made video game versions and travel versions, you can even get it as a key chain game. Oh hell, imagine how long it would take until you lost the checkers from that one....


Whoops.... I dropped all the checkers. They are round. They roll. They roll and roll. They roll, Jimmy roll. They are Rollin', Rollin, Rollin on the river. They rock and rolled. I love rock and roll. Put another dime in the Jewish bagel.

100_3759.JPGSure enough one rolled under the basement beer fridge. Well, not really. The checker did roll under the fridge. It's not a beer fridge. I like beer. I like fridges because they contain the beer...and the food. This one was "donated" when my brother needed a place to store it. I thought about making it my main fridge, but my house is so old, they had "iceboxes", and it won't fit under the cabinets. I mean, look at the flooring! They haven't made that kind of linoleum tile since K-Mart closed all of their in store delis with their 2 for 3 dollar sub sandwiches stacked with luncheon linoleum loaf. On with the blog now....

100_3757.JPGHere it is. All set up. Loaded with checkers. Fake win as there are 5 black checkers across the bottom. Surely that would have been blocked unless you were playing your dog. Dogs don't know nuffin. They know where to poop and pee, and when it's time to eat. Sometimes the eat checkers and poop them out. Holy hell, there isn't much else to say on this blog. I'm at an end for silly crap to say. What can you say about this game? Simple.

100_3754.JPGSee, I took way more photos than I needed to take. I got the point across in the first two photos. You know what it is, you know how to play. The rules were printed on the lid. Simple. 2 Players needed. You can't have much fun with one. How do you outsmart yourself?

100_3758.JPGLookout! Earthquake! Oh MY GOSH! Run for your LIVES! The checkers are on the LOOSE! They won't linger as much as foam beads from a cheap laptop desk, but SAVE YOURSELF! It's gone SIDEWAYS! LOOK OUT! ONE OF THE CHECKERS HAS ROLLED UNDER THE NOT A BEER FRIDGE! Really, I don't store beer in this fridge.....

I drink it too fast......


Okay. I'm done. Junk Blog.


100_4005.JPGI just felt like quoting one of the all time best comedies. Actually, Poloponies is almost pillow pets, or copies there of. So, I like the dogs. Big ones , small ones, even little yappy ones, I'm a fan of the pups. I also like DAWGS. That means, Browns fans. Wow, I'm a DAWG! Yay! Woof woof new manager new owner many many many many many new quarterbacks, only one over 500 record  since 1999. Tough to be a Browns fan. Easy to be a Browns stuffed "pillow pet esque" toy stuffed dog fan. Or something.

100_4006.JPGSee? It's the Cleveland football team. Big orange helmet with stripes. No mascot. No logo. No advertising from a large AKRON utility. You can tell this is an authentic piece of crap by the authentic piece of crap silvery logo on the tag. It has to have that for NFL purposes. I assume. I could go look...but who cares. Is this truly junk? It does have use. Dust collector. Umm.... Dust mop.... Umm..... I need some help here....

100_4008.JPGOh! It really is an official "Pillow Pet"! He's got a little docked tail. Of course, why assign a gender to this? Women like football as well. They might even drink beer, fart, burp and hope for that field goal in the last seconds. So okay, this pillopet of no fixed hair style has only one purpose. Look like a stuffed dog wrapped up in a Browns blanket given as a Christmas gift to someone who likes Browns and Dogs. Simple.

100_4007.JPGSo, this would be a great gift for kids. It's not exactly an adult sized pillow. It's not an overstuffed pillow. I question even calling it a "pillow". It rolls up and the Velcro closes it. You can use it as a door stop or a mailbox or a lounge singer. Why do they make this junk? Browns fans love to see their canine loving kids with a pretty much worthless comfort device that is better for how it looks than actual usefulness. Now, if you have a cat or a really small dog, I see it being used as a bed, otherwise, more Browns junk. Maybe it's a promising new quarterback. McMuttsters. Hey, he isn't going to beat anybody up or go on a drinking binge. Of course, his owner may throw up on him after drinking heavily and watching another losing season... Iddint he KeyOOOOte?


Where It All Began - Junk


100_4052.JPG.......... This thrift shop find means so much to me..... as this tape recorder was my first way to express myself.... *sniff* *sniff* I'm getting a little VERKLEMPT.... Talk amongst yourselves.... I'll give you a topic.... Baggy Pants and The Nitwits was an obscure Saturday morning cartoon. Why has this never been released.... discuss..... Look at the way the chrome still shows up on the tape cover, This one is so clean compared to the eventual wreckage that was the end of my first tape recorder..... I recorded records and recorded off of the radio with this. "Hold on, big talking woman, you got me searchin, dah dah dah, dee dee dee and whatever the hell else you want to put in there."

100_4055.JPGA little history may be in order. You see, a portable tape recorder was fairly new when this one came out. They had small reel to reel "rim drive" tape decks that used a system that relied on the balance of the reels one more, one less, to produce sound. When these went out of favor, most of the small tapes recorded on these devices would eventually get played on a direct drive recorder. The tapes sounded like they were oddly sped up or slowed down. There had to be a better way right?

Enter Norelco's new "compact cassette". It was a self contained cartridge meant to be played on a direct drive device and it had improved smaller tape. A series of pulleys and pads contained within the cartridge helped the tape play effortlessly and sounded way better than rim drive portables. You could even record on both sides, doubling the time you had to record. Flipping the tape and recording on the other side was only available in the reel to reel world on hi-fi decks that cost a ton and were far from portable. Pretty shortly thereafter, everybody had jumped on the bandwagon and they were made cheaper and cheaper and the tapes became cheaper and cheaper. The closest thing to the rise of cassette tape would be the rise of video tape. Decks cheaper, recording medium cheaper. Everybody adopts. Recorders and medium improve through the years and gets cheaper still. Videotape never got to the really cheap, portable, "watch anywhere" level because they still required a viewing system. Tape however, be it through cheap orange foamed headphones or through  8" battery powered boom box speakers or through a $10 Unisef  car stereo in your 1979 Chevette, could be enjoyed everywhere.

100_4054.JPGThis was GE's current entry as a really cheap, mass marketed  portable cassette. It's a thing of beauty to me to own again something I beat the hell out of as a kid. I was a fan of all things GE for years after. This one could take a beating because there was little to break on it. Note the door you manually opened to put your tape in. When the door broke on mine, it didn't matter (except for the little bit of extra motor noise heard on the crystal microphone.) You set the tape in manually. You "ejected" the tape by pulling it out. I wish every tape deck was built to be as simple as this was. (IE: Cheap) 

The "IC" logo, was "Integrated Circuit". (IE: Cheap) I didn't know what it meant but I guess a lot of electronics from this era advertised on their units that they were too "IC" or "Solid State". I also remember that the fast forward button on this had no "lock" control. When you wanted to go forward on the tape, you held this down and it went until you let up. (The rewind button stayed down.)  It truly was the bargain basement tape recorder, and likely was barely affordable to my mom when she got it for me.

100_4059.JPGEven the strap you carried the tape recorder with was cheap. A band of plastic/rubber/space age material that fell to earth. It never got brittle, or snapped and stayed flexible. Fiberglass resins maybe?  If it was just plastic, it would have broken by now. If it was rubber, it would have dried and cracked. Technically, it still is my favorite part of this machine. Simple. Efficient. Made in Korea.

100_4058.JPGGeneral Electric Model No. 3-5001A Portable Cassette Recorder.  They even printed the details on the molded plastic. Never could figure out what they vented this for. It never really got hot. I think it was to keep the motor cool. I'd imagine this worked up a sweat. Of course, when I used the little two pronged crystal microphone with the on/off switch to capture my farts, the recorder itself was at a safe distance from my ass. I don't think I used that on-off switch too much as it was an imprecise/analog/electric way to pause a recording leaving a "gonk" on the tape. (Thank you Orsen Wells.) The wires were really cheap on the microphone anyway and I had to rewire it several times until it gave up the ghost.

100_4057.JPGAh yes. This is where I fed the beast. 4 "C" batteries. Now, there were "alkaline" batteries back then, but it was thirty years away from getting dollar store cheapies that worked better than any other battery. We had "general purpose" or "flashlight" batteries that were pretty cheap and lasted okay. The "heavy duty" batteries lasted a bit longer and cost more. I used to use the silver "Eveready"  batteries because they held up the best. RayOVac or Mallory batteries seemed to leak the second they were used up. The silver ones with the red cat leaping through the number "9"  took a few months until they did same.

Funny thing is, when the batteries wore down, the tape motor would still work, allowing you  to still be recording. Essentially, this flaw created the same effect of a rim drive reel to reel deck. Listen back on a fresh set of batteries and I sounded like a chipmunk. However, the music I recorded, with this effect wasn't so funny.  Yes it is.  Slip Sliding Away at 78? Hahahahahahahahahah.

Understand, there was no amount of saving I could do on my allowance back then where I could feed this "beast" regularly. So, when I didn't have batteries, mom bought me a cheap power adapto that failed as much as the microphone's wires. It wasn't until a few years later when I got NiCads that my dependance on these "pieces of silver" waned.

100_4056.JPGAt last we have the "money shot". This is where the business happened. You had to use an external microphone and it was designed with the small electrical "on off" jack next to it. There was a earphone jack for that little flesh colored wire with a crystal speaker with a plastic "Vicks Vapoinhaler" end on it that you stuck into your ear. (Available from GE directly, part # 5-1082 for $1.50.) Strangely, you couldn't get a power adapter through their catalog. There is NiCads (GE's Perma-Cel(R)) and  a car adapter...

Of course, gosh bless Certron Low Noise C-60 tapes (in orange) and C-90 tapes (in blue) for being the cheap media that all the discount stores sold in packs of three for usually about a buck. They still, more or less play fine in the more modern tape recorders that I own with built in microphones and auto eject tapes and are powered with a simple common boom box cord.

My original GE? The microphone gave up the ghost when the wire went bad at the base. The cover was broken off of it and lost to the wind. (I think my mom might have sucked it up in the vac.) Crushing end to this came when the "Play" and "Record" buttons had worn out so they would not stay down. I went to "no money manual" mode which was to unscrew the case,  take out the buttons and work a way to force it to record or play by using magic markers for leverage. It worked for bit until it didn't. I wanted a  new recorder with a radio for my birthday. K-Mart was sold out, so I got the MacDonald Industries piece of dung blogged about previously here:  http://ricochet.boomerthedog.net/blog/junk/2015/07/macdonald-industries-finest.html

I found this GE in great condition in my thrift shop travels and went home with hopes that it would work. It suffers from slow playback likely because the belts inside are worn or the motor needs replacement.  I don't care. An important piece of my child hood is now in my junk collection.


Games Junk Series #2: Douche' - Junk

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100_3728.JPGFooled ya, didn't I? It's a game. A man built this. It's Tic Tac Toe Toe with magnets. Yes, everything in this game can stick on your fridge. Maybe they should have marketed it as Tic Tac Toe Yellowed Fungal Toe. That would sell tens. More on the yellow in a moment.

100_3729.JPGThis flashy flash with the crusty dried masking tape gives a view to the purveyors of plastic. Gabriel. Gabriel Industries. They made a ton with a little game called Othello. Don't know much else. Look it up. I'm watching Boston Legal season one and Denny Crane has a broken needle in his head.

100_3731.JPGYou got a board. Plastic. You got a boxy playing field. Plastic. You get magnetic sub floor. Plastic. Then you get plastic circles and squares that all fit into the game board neatly. Each one with a little magnet that flips to a different color if it's placed on the wrong magnet. Holy crap! I'm going to enjoy playing this mess? I hate skill and memory games. I'd hate Othello. This seems to be the major plastic and magnet dump piece with a name that always became DOUCHE.

100_3732.JPGThese all used to be a nice clear color.  They have aged. We all age. I suppose I could buy a bottle of that headlight restorer and get the color back but something I say a lot with this junk collection...why?

100_3734.JPGAhh, when we still had indie game makers, based in the U.S. with all their patents pending, and not selling so why have the patent? Hell, I don't know if they had a hit on their hands with this game. Like anything else "published", few hit, few are respectable, and the rest are cult reads used to prop up tables at coffee shops. Oh yes, did I mention that games like this were "published"? That's what the technical parlance was. The board game, largely paper and required reading to learn how to play, was a "published" game. I don't know. I don't care. Donny Crane.

100_3736.JPGTechnically, this blog uses software that when I finish and want to put this crap on the web for the few of "yewts" to see, I push a "publish" button and my turd is immortalized. I was in a band called "The Immortal Turds" once... tribute too? "Turds Of Misery" (Look up that obscure reference.) So, I'm now going to explain the operation of "DOUCHE." (or flooring techniques to capture the Tin Man.)

First, you have the above board or sub floor or heating vent. Isn't it a pretty piece of non yellowed plastic? So UN recyclable.

100_3737.JPGSo, you need to place the supporting strata down and that's what we've done. Can't walk on a floor with holes, because you fall through to another dimension. The yellow plastic square and circle with magnetic hockey pucks painted orange and white dimension. Holy crap! It's President Trump. Hahahahhaha Just kidding. This isn't some political...moving on....

100_3738.JPGThere. We put the cap on the roller coaster. We put down the laminate. Let's play Tic Tac DOUGH. Where's the dragon when we put a piece on the wrong square. Look at that nice Douche logo on this eternal plastic ice rink. Advertising. Bud. Pizza! Pizza! HOCKEY FIGHT! Whoops, the magnetic puck changed polarity on it's own. GoAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL....er, that's soccer.

100_3740.JPGThe chess pieces are in place. The players are waiting to tee off. You're asking, so how does it work?


Get four in a row, same color. Tic Tac Toe Yellow Toe. Whoops! These are magnetic yellow toes. The sub floor we put in has tin man catchers that love to flip those toes to a different shade of puck. Clear as mud right?

100_3741.JPGYou don't need to win by having all your same sized yellow toes in a row, you need to have the same colored hockey pucks in a row. The magnets make this a thinking toe's game. If you're not a thinking toe... I didn't ask for this game when I was a kid, it was thrust upon me. Well, this was the game that I played the most with friends because it was easy to learn, easy to play and all you had to have was a memory. It was Husker Du! Do you remember?  Game over, place the yellowed toes on the color to change them back, tear up the subfloor to change their polarity and you've got a purple yellow toe telling you about the side effects of using Douche. I'll stop now. Nonsense should end sometime. No fungus was harmed in the making of this post, but we are vinegar fresh. Smart ass. Think you're so cute when you do a blog entry almost about nothing? Go back to writing unfunny jokes about boltin' bumpers or doing radio promos for an investment advisor just to hear your voice on the radio... Edwin Poole was pushed.


100_3670.JPGI have a few board games which at one time got played, or not, otherwise, they went into my closet. I used to want some of these games in hopes that my family would have a game night. Nope. I even had a game company and I'd paper over original games and make my own cards. I was a game TYKE-ooon. These are the few that didn't get thrown away. I kept them in a Curtis Mathes 20" television box and they were sitting in my basement. Trouble was, I didn't notice the bit of water that was wicking off the floor. Humid in the summer. When I went to get something from the box, surprise! Mildew... Thankfully only slight and only the games that were at the bottom. I went out and bought a plastic box and stuffed them all in there. I do have a friend that likes games a lot, but I don't. I can't give these away.... someday... nahhh. Lets play poker.

100_3672.JPGThis is the bitchin edition (TM) of the game for spelling lovers. I never had a scrabble game as I was growing up. I preferred the simple games or flashy games or electronic games or video games. This is SCRABBLE! It's a DELUXE EDITION. In the great film "Roger And Me", they showed a national Scrabble convention at the downtown Flint hotel. They used these boards which swivel so that every player can see the front view of the board. Kind of makes traditional Scrabble boards seem silly. Plus, they each have a place on the board where you place the tiles, in case there is a hurricane or earthquake. Really, Roger and Me is the only reason why I bought this version.

100_3673.JPGI can't even quote anything funny about this game. Triple word score for "Dey"? Hahahahaha. Really, I never played this version. I did play the regular Scrabble at my friend's house that loves games. He keeps the tiles in a Crown Royal bag. We might have played 1/2 or 3/4 of a game, or he beat me and then the poker chips came out and pizza was ordered. Can you tell I really don't like the game much? However, when this deluxe edition was at a thrift store in nearly mint condition, why not buy it? One less fizzy pop drink or 2M Kodak camera...

100_3674.JPGYep. I knew this would be useful. Lookit that. Of course, JUNK BLOG shares no letters so I couldn't make it cross over. Hell, you get the idea. Truth be told, I was actually a fan of the Scrabble game show with the "Two and Two" guy. I think it was on before or after The Price Is Right so when I was a kid and had the summer to waste away watching television, it was what I watched. Then, after graduation, I watched it almost every day. I even remember when it came back in a revival. "We were away, and we're back now" was what I remember ol' Chuckles said in the first show of the revival. I always loved when they picked a letter and it made a noise while it scanned across the screen and the "stoppers" had a nasty moaning buzzer noise. Just look on Wiki for more info.  I just did and found out something I didn't know!  Howard Stern just did a tribute to Charlie Tuna on his Monday show. It seems that Charlie was a famous deejay that recently passed away. Turns out that he was also the announcer for most of the game show version of Scrabble.  A Koo-Inky-Dink that towards the end of this junk blog post, I looked up the Scabble game show on Wiki and found out this fact? Honest INJUN. Now it can be told.  What's the best tuna? NO. I won't go there.



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